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Sabayon Linux distro: have you tried it?

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I'm downloading Sabayon Linux (http://www.sabayonlinux.org) right now. I just heard about it tonight, and it looks pretty interesting as it's based on Gentoo (love me some portage ). Here's a quote from the wiki:
How is Sabayon Linux different from other distributions?

* Sabayon offers a complete out-of-the-box experience, it comes with pre-installed media codecs, drivers, and games.
* New versions are released in a short amount of time. This means that you don't have to go through the headaches of updating by hand to the latest and greatest software available. Also, you don't have to fiddle around with updates, making this distribution that much easier.
* Unlike most other distributions, it's completely independent from commercial interests. No big firm stands behind Sabayon Linux and dictates what it should do. The developers of Sabayon Linux are all users from other Distributions, so they started to make a distribution "from users for users".

I'll load her up in vbox and if it's tasty, goodbye kubuntu on my quad! I was gonna put gentoo on it, anyway, but this will be much less time-consuming and I should still get all of the gentoo goodness.
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This is officially my new favorite distro.

Below are screens of the install in vbox. Pay no attention to the times: it was late and I forgot to refocus the install a couple of times and it just sat there.

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LULZ, I HAVE used Sabayon before, because I remember Entropy:

About Entropy

Entropy is the name of the Sabayon Linux binary package management system. This is the name for the complete infrastructure, composed by Equo client (textual), Spritz client (graphical), Reagent and Activator server applications.

Some highlights:

* Gentoo Linux compatible
* Takes the best from Portage, Yum and APT
* Fast as lightning
* SQLite Powered (embedded)
* Smart and User Centric
* Powerful Packages: multiple packages inside one single archive (Smart Packages)
* Supports self-contained applications (Smart Applications)
* Backward Compatible Packages: they can be used on Gentoo Linux after a quick conversion
* Multiple branches support (each branch is a release version)
* Database corruptions aware: rescue and system health scanning tools included
* Easy to deploy and use in a Network Environment
* Multiple repositories aware: everyone can create one
* Extensible and Human Understandable API
* Strongest Artificial Intelligence (Entropy has a brain)
* Great sense of humor, and much more...

What are the main goals of Entropy?

There were multiple reasons that led Entropy creation:

* Providing better efficiency, extraordinary speed, less power consumption to Sabayon Linux systems, bringing Sabayon one of the TOP leading Linux distributions.
* Unlock Gentoo to resource constrained hardware or where CPU power shouldn't be wasted by compilers
* Provide an easy and modern way to handle a Gentoo-based systems while keeping independent from Portage codebase and at the same time being 100% compatible
* Providing a higher grade of AI in package managers arena: Entropy guesses users' need and acts consequentially
* Proposing a new POV for developers: Web 2.0 revolution applied to package managers, being Desktop-wise, user friendly and bringing new ideas for a key component of a Linux desktop system
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I tried it only 2 days back. ... it has many apps. But it is not as usable and as fast as PCLinuxOS is.
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Quad-core, 4GB, RAID0...not concerned about speed. What do you mean by "not as usable"?
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Originally Posted by digitaldesperad View Post

I tried it only 2 days back. ... it has many apps. But it is not as usable and as fast as PCLinuxOS is.

LOL, spam.
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OK. Gonna back up some stuff and see if the installer likes my software RAID 0...

* Takes the best from Portage, Yum and APT
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Originally Posted by mythmaster View Post

OK. Gonna back up some stuff and see if the installer likes my software RAID 0...

* Takes the best from Portage, Yum and APT

Are you going to install MythTV on this OS/system?
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Originally Posted by kwisher View Post

Are you going to install MythTV on this OS/system?

Why, yes. Yes, I am. I am also going to install XBMC.
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Originally Posted by mythmaster View Post

I should still get all of the gentoo goodness.

I have only been on ubuntu for about a year. What is all this gentoo goodness you speak of? As I understood Gentoo it takes about a day to install as you have to build and compile each aspect.
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Actually, it can take up to a week on slower equipment! KDE is a monster.

The "Gentoo goodness" of which I speak is mainly the portage system. With portage, you have 100% control over how your binaries are built. Configure options that you don't need won't be built, resulting in slimmer, more efficient binaries and, therefore, more memory for you to run more stuff. When you install something, you don't get the generic build with ALL options included, you get a build that is customized for your hardware, over which you have 100% control.

The cool thing about Sabayon is that it installs and configures itself with as little effort as *buntu, yet it gives you the full power of portage.

This is a very good thing.
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OK. I'm up and running

A few things to know if you decide to try:

(1) The /boot partition should be at least 75MB.

(2) The graphical installer's manual partitioning program *does* allow for LVM and RAID setup. It looks nearly identical to the one in CentOS.

(3) Proprietary video drivers are automatically set up, no questions asked.

(4) I installed everything, and after boot was notified of over 600 updates! I'm letting it update right now (it's been running for 3 hours and is at 25%). So give yourself a full day to install and update.

Whenever updates are done, I'll go about setting up MythTV and XBMC...
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I got MythTV setup a while ago per instructions here --> http://wiki.sabayonlinux.org/index.p...e=Setup_Mythtv (same as Gentoo)

Also, I think there's an overlay for XBMC, but Gentoo-wiki is down Maybe I'll check out the svn, but an overlay would be better.

Gentoo-Wiki, Gentoo-portage Down
What's Happening?

At approximately 1:00 AM October 17th both websites went down. heres what i know:
Saturday, October 18th 7:57PM EST

No news yet, still no word from skiplink, and only some 2nd hand knowledge from inside the building. I have to head out for the night, if anyone has some important info, email me i'll have my phone with me.'
Saturday, October 18th 1:01PM EST

Update: well a guy who knows a guy has informed me that the entire building is down. (thanks Jeff) No real specifics on why, but everything is down and I'm waiting to hear back with more information. at least i can be relatively sure the data is safe, just unaccessible.
Saturday, October 18th 10:19AM EST

when the server went down at first I dident think anything was wrong with the site. I attempted to call Skiplink (my server provider) to find out if anything was wrong. They dident answer, but it was 1 AM, so i left it for the time being.

The next day In the morning the server still was not up, so I gave them another call, they did not answer. It was at this point I noticed that my 2nd server (same company, different carrier, different physical rack) was also not up. And I this is where i start panicking... the 2nd server was the backups for the first.

I have emailed, txt'd, phoned (5 different numbers) and I have yet to get ahold of anyone. If anyone knows anyone that works at http://www.56marietta.com, this is the building where the servers are housed.. could you get them to find out if anything is going on there and shoot me an email. I would REALLY appreciate it.

I'll go freak out on my own now and update this page whenever I find out anything new.

P.S. come back for updates if i have any.

Mike Valstar mikevalstar@gmail.com
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Nope. No overlay. An ebuild is available here, though --> http://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=198849

I've attached the current (as of 2008-10-09) ebuild and the patch to remove some XMMS tests.

So, I'll go play with this and come back later to continue talking to myself

Actually, I'll probably "update world" first, so you're rid of me for awhile. EDIT: LOL, maybe later -
Total: 564 packages (484 upgrades, 70 new, 10 in new slots, 7 uninstalls), Size of downloads: 1,904,081 kB
Fetch Restriction: 1 package (1 unsatisfied)
Conflict: 15 blocks (4 unsatisfied)
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Just cause you're talking to yourself doesn't mean noone's reading...
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No successful build of XBMC for me yet

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XBMC is successful!!!

If you'd like to play along at home, here's how I got it to work:

I first ran the ebuild, and the patch failed; but it pulled in a few dependencies. Attached is a newer version of the ebuild and patch that I used. Go to the directory where you downloaded it (I used ~/downloads) and run the following as root:
mkdir -p /usr/local/overlay/media-video/xbmc/files
echo 'PORTDIR_OVERLAY="/usr/local/overlay"' >> /etc/make.conf
unzip xbmc.zip
cp xbmc-8.10_p15940.ebuild /usr/local/overlay/media-video/xbmc
cp xmms-deprecated.patch /usr/local/overlay/media-video/xbmc/files
ebuild /usr/local/overlay/media-video/xbmc/xbmc-8.10_p15940.ebuild digest
echo "media-video/xbmc ccache mms xrandr" >> /etc/portage/package.use
emerge -av xbmc
I haven't tried this particular one, so it may actually work for you. At least the dependencies get installed.

Next, I built from svn (revision 15943) by running the following commands in the same directory as a normal user:
svn checkout https://xbmc.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/xbmc/branches/linuxport/XBMC
./configure --disable-debug --prefix=/usr
cd xbmc/visualizations/Goom/goom2k4-0
automake --add-missing
cd ~/downloads/XBMC
make -j5
sudo make install
The trick was the automake command which I discovered by digging through the compiler output.

Note that "make -j5" is what I used because this is a quad-core, if you have dual-core, try -j3 or -j2.

I haven't had much time to test everything out, but it's playing shoutcast with pm visuals real nice at fullscreen, and it feels stable. This is a 32-bit build, btw, as I'm running 32-bit sabayon.


xbmc.zip 2.7685546875k . file
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I've been reading along as well.. Thanks for the updates!!!
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I just noticed that when you google "sabayon xbmc", this thread is on the first page, so maybe it'll be of use to someone.
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