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Curved screen available with other than silver surface?  

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I did a perfunctory search of the forums but really couldn't find an answer to this question. I'm thinking of a moderate gain (~3) whitish surface with a somewhat shallow curve about 5 to 6 feet wide for my bedroom. 4:3 preferred.

Is anything like this available to purchase? I am not interested in constructing my own screen.

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Vidikron sold exacly what your looking for at one point.
I have no idea if they are still in business!
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Thanks Alan!

I was thinking about a possible problem with the lower gain surface (lower than silvered surface) and lo and behold in the DIY curved screen thread I found Don Stewart addressing this concern:

"I recently read where someone was making a unity gain curved screen. A matte white curved screen will simply cross reflect on to itself and wash out its own black level."

I am going to read through the curved screen threads and see what I can learn about this washout problem.

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You definitely want a high gain material for a curved screen.

After all the purpose of the curve is to keep a unity hot spot across the width of the screen. This is not a problem with a unity gain material.
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Yeah, I was thinking about something like ~3 gain but then you would still be getting *some* washout from cross reflection, while the silvered surface is approaching a mirror in reflecting qualities and would not scatter the light as much to contaminate other portions of the screen. I'll bet this is discussed in the DIY curved screen thread and/or the Iceman's screen simulation thread---I'll check them out tonight.

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You are right, this is discussed on page 3 of the screen simulation thread:

With an optimized radius circular screen you have to balance high gain with brightness uniformity. You cannot go too high with gain as the vertical brightness uniformity will suffer and you cannot go too low because of cross reflections.

I believe you probably should not use a gain lower than 2.0 to avoid cross reflection problems. The 2.0 gain Stewart Ultramatte 200 will give you a minimum cross reflection rejection ratio (CRR) of around 25 for a 3.5 m wide, 4.4 m radius circular screen, 5 m viewing distance and horizontally centered viewer. This means that a bright area to the very far left/right of the screen (worst case situation) will produce a "ghost" with some 4% relative illumination on the other side of the screen. Under the same circumstances, the 3.2 gain Stewart Silver 3D would give you a whopping minimum CRR of >700.
What the above means is that you will have no practical need for a higher gain than around 3 when it comes to avoiding cross reflections. This is true for spherical screens as well as the circular one discussed above even if the actual numbers may differ slightly.
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