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Luxman L-480

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I have a Luxman L-480 integrated amplifier that is in excellent condition and up until recently I have used it in my stereo setup. The unit is nearly perfect, the only defect being one of the indicator lights on the wattage meters is burnt out. The sound is perfect and the unit is extremely clean other than a needle sized chip in the wood on the front top lip.

My question is, what is this Luxman worth? I haven't seen another one for sale anywhere else to compare but it's a very solid unit. It powered my Polk R50s well and sounded very clean. I'm not much on vintage equipment like this that is Pre-80's so I'm not sure of it's value. I would appreciate some suggestions on its selling value!

It looks like the pictured unit except I do not have the manual.
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Nice, largest audio thread on the internet and no one knows anything?
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$100 - maybe less, maybe more.

I found a Luxman 505X listed online for a similar amount. At the end of the day it's a matter of a) finding a buyer and b) determining if the amount their willing to pay is equal or more than what you're willing to sell for.
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The only reference I have is one that sold for $182 on eBay. I saw another on eBay for an outrageous $400 which I don't think he'll ever get. I saw this Integrated Amp on someone's list of most desirable Integrated Amps which is why I thought it might be worth more than your average vintage piece.
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Well, desireable doesn't mean much if you can't find someone to service it or if you can, it exceeds the price you paid. You can try a place like Audiogon to sell it and to get an idea of potential prices maybe try AudioKarma. As to it being in excellent condition, without a professional checkup, you might be right on or it may be wishful thinking. Myself, I'd look to see if I could fix the light myself and I'd probably just hold on to it.
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Well, I have no use for it at all. It was a temporary unit, I now have an Adcom amplifier and an NAD Preamp so I have no use for this integrated amplifier. I used it quite regularly and everything worked so I can't see how it isn't in great shape.
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This amp consistently goes for well over $100 on fleabay and elsewhere -- I've seen it go for close to $300 but never under $100.

I run mine with much more modern Silverline SR-15s and DCM Time Window 3's and a lightly modded Thorens TD-166 mkII with a Denon DL-160 HO MC cartidge.

Performance has been flawless since I bought it used 3 years ago. Low noise floor, no scratchiness in controls and it sounds as good as I need an amp to sound.

I recently had it looked at by a technician (it was last serviced in ~ 1988 per the records the original owner gave me) just to make sure it was up to spec and it was spot-on, which I thought was amazing.

Particularly for playing vinyl, and the great looks, I'd take it over any NAD integrated or pre/power I have heard (granted I haven't heard the new expensive stuff, but I have heard quite a few and at one time owned the 3020) both because of the sound quality and the fact that the build quality and looks are about 10x of NAD.
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