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Originally Posted by mikepier View Post

I think you're right. I think it would be a letterboxed on a 4:3 TV ( bars on top and bottom). Then from the menu on the converter box you can zoom in to whatever you like.
I don't know what I was thinking, I got confused.

OK, I checked it tonight. We have 4:3 SDTVs here at work with analog cable connected direct to the TVs. The broadcast appeared normally on the TV with an undistorted picture filling the entire screen without any black bars. I don't know if the same would be true with an OTA source or not.
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WQPX is now broadcasting ION TV in HD. The cable company I am connected to is passing the HD signal through. The Motorola box claims that the video signal is 720p at 60fps. There are only infomercials on now, will have to check Criminal Minds tonight for improvement.
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Tango and Cash is in OAR right now; and it looks nice!
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At least as long as nothing moved too fast.
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life and Qubo HD in the future. ISHOP and QVC what's next? Comcast Olathe looks like it has Life.
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