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Thanks for the help here. Just thought I would chip in my bit.

The Curve and ACT have the following in common. They have exactly the same carbon fibre composite construction / drive units / Xover design / internal wire

The key differences are:-

The A.C.T. has a much more complex top that is angled at 20 degrees. (Wilson Benesch accredited with this innovation)
The internal bracing is made from much thicker steel
The front baffle is much more complex and made up of multiple materials that are visco-elastically bonded to one another to create a lot of mutual self damping
The Curve exhibits a 1 to 2 dB higher output in bass around 40 to 50 Hertz which many people enjoy even though it is less accurate than the A.C.T.
They are both extremely easy to drive and have no filter on the mid range drive unit so the transient response is limited only by the drive units capabilities and the Tactic is no slouch! See Wilson Benesch TV for information on the drive unit and other animations.

As for Dealers in the USA. We have a small group of very passionate and enthusiastic dealers who have remained loyal to us since we parted company.

I hope that this is helpful.
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Hi all,

Just purchased the WB Vectors. They will need some time to break in I guess, as they sound quite different to the demoset at the dealer.

Anyway, I'm planning to upgrade my amp now. Tubes will be difficult, the amp will be on all day. Or maybe just a pre-amp with tubes will work and last for a couple of years.
I prefer a bit stronger bass performance. Any recommendations?
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I've tried several ( linn, Marantz, Octave, VTL, Resolution Audio) amp's on my Trinity's, but only Audionet is the amp I'm completely happy with. Lot's of pressure and drive, sheer power and full spectrum - i believe they go to 1000000hz. WB was/is the distributor of those amps.
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I have been using a pair of Vector driven by a Devialet D-Premier and it is a combination made in heaven.

I am listening to Keith Jarett Koln concert in high res version playing through wifi as I type this... And realize that I may in fact never have heard anything as good elsewhere, whatever the price point (think a lot more).

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Hi WB owners -

I just heard the Arcs for the first time and came away pretty impressed with their realism. The dealer will be getting Vectors and Vertex in a couple weeks which I will check out as well.

Can anyone chime in regarding your recent experience with Geometry range and comparisons to the older Odyssey range?

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The Vector/vertex are in a whole othe range then the Arc, although the signature is the same. Both the vector/vertex own the new tweeter, and are thus more full range and if i may say less neutral ( in a positiv way) in comparision to the Arc, which i happily owned.

I'ts a good idea though to try the discovery or trinity , I prefer them both with regard to the vertex; and they can be bought for less
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Thanks zegel.

When you say the Vector/Vertex are "less neutral", can you clarify? I'm looking for neutral or slightly warm. Unfortunately I don't think I can hear the Discovery or Trinity, only the Arc, Vertex, and Vector.

I gather you have the Trinity and are pleased with it? How is it better than the Arc? Ultimately I'm looking for more of a full-ranger, so the Curve, ACT, and Vector are probably where I would end up if I go with WB. Thoughts on these?
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Hello yyz67, I'm not that good in describing what I hear, but less neutral is ment positive; as the new speakers have a less lean sound signature, and are more lively. I cannot say they sound warm, but at least warmer then the Arc. Good matching with speaker cables of course can make a big difference in sound. In Holland, the Arc was positively revieuwed with Nordost Red Dawn2, but to my ears this was unbearable as over neutral and liveless. The Chord Signature, what I have now was an enormous improvement.

I'm very pleased with the Trinity, i used in combination with two torus infrasonic generators. I cannot comment on the full range speakers as I have not heard them; I'm a believer in the managability of a speaker-sub system - and do not believe a full range speaker can generate the same fast and deep bass a torus can. However, I'm anxious to hear the new Square 5
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Thanks. On Agon there's a floor model Trinity for $8400 (and an ACT for $10,000). So that's still a lot for a stand mount... but I haven't heard it.

Impressive that you have two Tori. Did you start with one and then get another? For integration, do you place them near your mains or the same distance from your listening position as your mains?
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Yes, started with one, and could buy another one a few months ago. I placed them near my Trinity's as WB suggests in their Torus manual. With my Audionet DNP ( a 2.2 preamp with room corection and bass management) I was able to integrate the whole seamless, and am a happy man.
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I saw the thread topic and thought: "Hey, maybe I'll see posts about the WB Circle turntable!" I bought one off eBay in 2011 but have yet to put it in service, though it's a beauty.
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