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5.1 Speaker Recommendations - $1500-3000

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I'm researching which 5.1 speaker system to buy for my living room. My budget is $1500-$3000, so I'd like to hear a few different recommendations. I also need to get a new AV receiver, but that's not included in my budget. I've been looking at the Denon 3808CI.


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check out Salk Sound - Song series. I think they will hit your budget. Outstanding performance for the dollar. There is a thread here on AVS dedicated to this internet direct company, that you might want to check out. Also, click the link in my sig. I auditioned quite a few speakers that would fall into your price range for a 5.1 set-up (I was looking for mains for less than $2G). Since you are in the LA area you might find some info in this thread useful as well. After all getting out there and auditioning speakers can be a lot of fun, and is really the best way to choose them.

Good luck in your quest.

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