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Apex DT250 question please

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HI. I am new here and I hope I am posting this in the right place.

Okay, here is the deal.... I bougth the APEX DT250 digital converter box (well, my boss bought it for me so I had no say in it). Anyway, it has been hooked up for approx. one week. Everything was working fine until yesterday.

My daycare lady said when she went to turn the volume up, using the remote that came with the box, that it would turn the volume up, but would not turn it down. Well, I did not have a problem with that last night (she is here during the day and that is when her problem began).

Tonight I turn the TV on (but did NOT turn on the DTV box because my daughter wanted to watch a movie and I did not think I needed the DTV box)

Anyway (sorry so long) when I went to turn the volume down ON THE TV ITSELF, my TV turned off!! I turned the TV back on and again tried to turn the volume down and the TV turned off. I then pushed the volume down button again and it turned the TV ON!! I have never had this problem with my TV before. Now, it will occasionally let me turn the volume down without turning the TV off. Although I just tried it again (turning the volume down) and it turned my TV off!!

What the heck is going on? My TV is not quite two years old. Also, the TV is an APEX so I thought the APEX converter would work just fine with it.

Has anyone else had this problem? Can someone please explain to me why this is happening?? (Also, I DO NOT have the remote to the TV ~ daughter chewed it up good)

Thank you in advance....

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suggest calling apex support >
866 427-3946 m-f 6a-6p pst
(not verified, number from apex manual, warranty page)

also can email customer support at apexdigitalinc.com, but
have to create an account, and
if your PC doesn't have FLASH 9, must either d/l it OR be VERY fast with mouse clicks
(quickly redirects you to download site....baaadd)

at website you really should register your box
warranty 90-day plus 1 yr parts

as a pure guess, the apex DTV-box remote with an apex TV may be signaling the TV as well as the box (shouldn't, but might)

for your chewed TV remote, try a "universal" remote, but be sure it lists apex TV as a option OR,
you might get support to send you a TV remote (ask, won't hurt)
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