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Which screen?  

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Hi guys,

My first post.

I am looking at getting a Sony CRT, but the set up in my lounge means that the screen will need to be pulled down in front of the existing tv, speakers and reciever.

Can anyone advise if a special screen is required so that my remotes work and sound gets through OK?


Original Beejay
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Come on guys- Someone must be able to help!


Original Beejay:D
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If your speakers are going to be directly behind the screen, then you may want to look at a perforrated screen. I believe all of the manufacturers sell them. Stewart , etc. Perf screens will not yeild image perfection but I know the Stewart microperf has such small holes that it looks quite good. If the speakers are going to be to the side and below, then a regular screen material can be used. You can call Stewart directly and then can recommend a screen material and size.

For your IR issue, you can always buy an IR repeater system. You can get a small Xantech IR receiver and small distribution block with emitters for $100-150. You could then put the IR receiver anywhere in the room.

How big of a screen are you getting?
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Thanks for the info.

I am looking at a 100" screen if possible.

Still trying to find a cheap Sony projector:(

Original Beejay
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As noted, you have lots of options. IMHO, Stewart is the best, but they tend to be priced above other options. As for the side comment on microperf screens (this type of screen allows sound to travel through the screen so that speakers can be properly mounted behind the screen), if properly installed, the only impact on picture quality is a 10% light loss...keep in mind, every commercial movie theater out there uses a perforated screen. There are LOTS of "anti-perf" people on this forum, though, so you might want to do a search on "microperf" or something and do some reading/researching. Another common objection is that the holes are visible...but not at a proper seating distance.

I would have to add, though, that you may NOT be able to "properly" install a pulldown microperf screen--one of the gotchas with improperly installed microperf'd screens is light "splashback" where light travels through the screen and reflects off of any non-flat surface behind the screen...in a pulldown screnario, painted walls, etc. may cause problem behind the screen.

Here's a good place to poke around and see some mounting options--it's the homepage for Stewart's Ultramatte 150 (1.5 gain screen). The StudioTek 130 is the gold standard for CRT-based systems...the 150 is a higher gain, which can be useful if you're using a microperf'd design (which again will cause 10% light loss).


I have no idea what your budget is, but be forwarned that for Stewart, you're talking at LEAST a few $K U.S. Microperf bumps the price up as does pull down tensioning. If that's going to hurt, take a look at Da-Lite, Vutec, etc., but again, with the options you want/need, this is going to be a relatively expensive purchase no matter what route you go.
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