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Hi, I'm looking to buy some HT equipment and wanted to run it buy some regulars of this forum before making any final decisions. I've been reading a lot of the threads around and have come up with this. I current have a HK AR 247 receiver and primarily use it to play xbox 360, watch digital cable and listen to music. Right now i have two custom made speakers (dont have any specs sadly) they are alright but not built specifically for home theatre (i got them built more for a PA system. Keeping in mind im on a tight budget I was thinking about getting the Klipsch Quintet II from vanns and the Dayton SUB-120 from partsexpress. Those would be about 450 after shipping. Does that sound like a good deal. Is there any other combination of speakers that someone else would recommend (around the same price range)? The room is medium sized. sorry thats really vague but i dont know the exact measurements and dont have a tape measurer to figure it out.