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Are there any silver Blu-Ray Players?

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Hopefully, I am not posting something that has already been posted. However, I have looked high and low and can't seem to find the answer. Are there currently any silver blu-ray players? Everything I seem to find is black, which unfortunately does not mesh well with my setup. I've seen the Denon 2500 in silver, but that seems to only be available in Europe and the Cambridge BD-640 won't be out for quite a few months.

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The Sonys have that bluish-silvery look. You're right that the Denon players are only available in black in the U.S.
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The Sharp player is predominantly silver, at least the face is.
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Sony BDP S1 is silver with blue glass face
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Any other players? I'm interested as well.

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I've seen the silver ps3 from Japan (region 1) but I'd also like to see a silver standalone
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Originally Posted by goodjello View Post

I've seen the silver ps3 from Japan (region 1) but I'd also like to see a silver standalone

Ever since E3 2005, I've always wanted a silver PS3 in the US. Or at least a silver Japanese one that would let me play some imported japanese PS2 games (and Region 2 DVDs).

I made a choice to buy my Denon 4306 even though the 3808 and 4308 were due because Denon customer service told me that they were going to have the 4308 in silver for North America.
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these http://www.blu-ray.com/news/?id=2267
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Does anyone know of a silver colored Bluray player that's made? Just want something to match existing audio equipment. Not looking for anything special.
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I'm going to stand firm and not buy another bluray player until I see a silver one. I have HTPC's with aluminum cases I use right now, but frankly I don't like using an HTPC to play blurays HTPC cases arent' big enough to get proper cooling and use noisy little fans doing a watercooling rig is just more work and really for nothing. I use PS3 as well, but I don't even like the way that looks I wish everything was made in a stackable configuration so every component just neatly lined up. No big moronic logos, just keep it simple.

I hate the way companies play these games which just end up leaving us all with ugly ass racks and even limit our options in terms of how we can arrange our systems. They make so many different players etc. There should be a standard. Stackable components, and then all the trendy stylized crap they all sell to the brain dead monkeys. All it ever does is put me off buying stuff, because I don't want to blight my home which I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and effort putting together just to buy some piece of crap 200 dollar dvd player ps3 whatever that mucks up my peaceful and nice home. Such wasteful idiocy is just everywhere. So annoying.

The only solution seems to be to build ventilated cabinets and hide all this hideous crap. Just makes me wish that RF or bluetooth was the standard for remote controls instead of IR.
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I am another one who would love the see a nice silver Blu-ray player. I do not see why Onkyo did not offer theirs in silver and Denon had abandoned silver all together. My Sharp BD-HP20 has a silverish reflective front. Probably the closest to a silver player there is.

I agree HTPC BD playback is not worth the headache. I have a great silver HTPC but still have not but a blu-ray drive in it because the software issues.
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Cambridge Audio will soon be releasing the BD640 Blu-ray player in silver. It may be a little pricey but it's bound to be a winner. I have the Azur 640R AVR in silver. Top notch Brit machine.
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The upcoming Arcam BD transport and player are FMJ.
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I'm looking for a high quality silver blu ray play anyone know of one? I see Cambridge use to sell exactly what I'm looking for in it's older models, just it had 1.3hdmi.
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What about the Panasonic dmp-bbt01?? I love this thing !! It's silver faced brushed aluminum with black and has a stand! Looks like Star Trek!
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Old thread, but I'm looking for silver as well. Oppo 105 but don't want to spent $1300, why didn't they make the 103 S?
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Same sort of issue with me Oppo 105 not available at the mo in England

Found Onkyo BDSP 809 and Matantz if that helps

Let me know if you find any please smile.gif

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^ OPPO is no longer making the BDP-105 in silver. However their newer BDP-105D (Darbee Edition) *IS* available in silver, and should be available through any of the authorized dealers in the UK. OPPO Digital in the US show it as In Stock on their web store page for example. If it is backordered in the UK, that would be only a temporary situation.
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Hi Bob

How odd the 105eu seemed to have stopped about 9 months ago the 105D EU in silver according to the official dealers is not available nor will they accept a deposit maybe that would change in the future but it's would they said today..

Thank you anyway Bob, unless I contacted the UK importers I seem stopped


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How odd. Are you sure they knew you were asking about a 105D, and not the older 105? OPPO UK shows the 105D in silver on their web site:


You might want to send an email to OPPO UK directly, and see what the say about availability.
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Hi Bob

My request was for an Oppo Blu ray player in silver of any model which as the D is the newest I would hope the main dealers would count it

I found tonight an odd thing on eBay UK that is Silver 105D selling from London but only available to various specific European nations UK not included, they had a price just over a hundred sterling each more than rrp here.

So no not sure whats going on but I am "disappointed" that Oppo seem to condone the behaviour and don't appear to supply UK dealers with stock

Can the silver model be sourced ok where you are, in addition do you know of other good brands that do silver please?


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Don't have advice for you in other brands. You really should email OPPO UK directly and ask them what's up. They handle all of Europe. OPPO Digital here in the US does not sell the European models.

What you found regarding Internet purchase is probably nothing more than typical local dealer protection.

If the unit is available in the UK, OPPO UK will know.
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Hi Bob

Well probably my last look at Oppo brand last night on Amazon UK I found what is classed by Oppo my local dealer and the first of many I spoke too had advertised the silver Oppo unit.

I wrote them a mail asking if they do have them but I am almost certain something is broke in the official oppo network here and don't think I will buy one

I have bought hifi for well over 40 years and never found such a strange dealer network and it concerns me greatly that if something went wrong with the machine I could not expect much in way of support

I don't doubt they are great machines but what a carry on trying to buy one

Enjoy your player

Cheers and thanks for your help

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