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Ask Todd Howard a question:

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From ca.tchoup on ES forums:

Just bought the last Playstation Official Mag in France (although I'm a PC player), gonna try to give you all the new elements I could gather from it :

-if a weapon and a shield or two weapons are equiped, you cannot cast any spell (quite logical indeed)
-it seems that smithing can only be done in forges (you cannot repair your equipment everywhere like in morrowind or oblivion)
-new screenshot (i think so) with the PC facing the camera in a cave, wearing an elven armor, a sword in his right hand, and a kind of torch or light staff in his left hand.
-incredible level of detail such as : blood vessels on skin, modelling, animations, clothings (not sure what "clothing" means here))
-meteorological effects : clouds are gathering in real time around mountain peaks (sounds pretty cool), snow affects textures (so again pretty much confirmed that this isn't 3d accumulating snow but I'm fine with that anyway).
-a major inspiration for snowy landscapes seems to be artists like Brom and Frazetta.
-Matthew Carofano (artistic director of Skyrim) : Dwemer ruins (we know that already) and a Dunmer city!!! (yeah you heard me : Dunmer ) ;
-again from M. Carifano : "after Oblivion where every place looked alike, in Skyrim you'll find once agin the excentricity of Vvardenfell. Here every Nord Clan has its own colors, its own identity."
-For consoles : the "block" action is performed by pressing both trigger buttons at the same time. Each separatly correspond to the action of what you equipped in one hand or the other.
-80 spells (the journalist might have picked a rounded off number since I remember GI said 83 or so?)
-new spells confirmed : Detect Life, Fury (force ennemies to fight between them), Circle of Protection (hurl ennemies outside a magic circle), Snow trap (triggers only when an ennemy walks on it), Lightnings, Fireballs.
-Concerning finishing moves we'll see stuffs like : Axe blade planted in the neck, dagger in the chest.
-Concerning skills : Athletics doesn't exist anymore (to prevent the player boosting this only by jumping on stand)
-AI : NPCs have day and night activities like cooking and brushing the ground in front of their houses.
-dialogues : most "inimportant" NPC like simple villagers won't have any dialogue tree (instead they'll directly comment on rumors or on what they're doing) ; only important NPCs will actually exchange dialogue with you, you can cut short the dialogue only by walking away.
-Every city and town is bound to some particular resources meaning if you burn their mill or mine, you affect their economy and they'll be forced to buy flour or mineral somewhere else and when you'll want to buy these resources here again it will be more expensive. (good thing for evil characters )
-the Dragon Shout key on PS3 is R3 (don't ask me more since I'm a PC player)
-archery : when aiming at something, you can hold your breath (consuming stamina) and the action is slowed.
-Dark Brotherhood is again mentionned to be in (the reason beeing that the devs had a lot of fun developping it in Oblivion)
-Dragons can be unpredictible in their behaviour, they will fly in the air, crawl on the land, they can crash when wounded.
-Todd Howard Interview :
-"a cause-consequence tree for each mission",
-each mission will be a bit different according to which mission you did before and the path you play.
-If you meet a Giant on the road he might totally not attack you unless you attack him.
-it seems he says that when most NPCs give you a quest, they'll give you precise directions or accompany you to the road showing you which direction to take to go on on you quest.
-rumors spoken by NPCs between them : they can speak vaguely about places of interest around the village and it's all up to yourself to find them if you're interested in.
-in Oblivion there was only 1 guy working on the dungeons, this time for Skyrim, 8 devs are working on them.
-Speaking of jobs : woodcutting, weaponsmithing, sells stuffs you made to the forge or to the mill...

Overall, the journalists seem pretty enthusiast and optimistic with the game and they can't wait to play it in November.
Personnaly I'm very excited with most news about Skyrim, except the fact we don't get much news on the UI for the PC version (I'm a bit scared if it's the same Apple thingy), and I hate the fact w'ell get Oblivion style fast-travel again (here also hoping they'll include travel services as well to please everybody). Anyway, I'm not here to start another war and on the other side I'm so releaved that the magic quest markers seem to be gone once and for all (at least according to what I read in the french mag).
Let's discuss the news now!

PS: Sorry for synthax and grammatics, I'm not a native english speaker.
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Skyrim Italian Coverage:

-Skyrim size is equal to Oblivion's Cyrodiil

-There are 5 major cities, 20 minor cities and 100+ dungeons (but we already know that)

-the creation engine is totally new, it's not based on the game bryo

-graphics look a lot better than the oblivion and fallout 3 one

-there are fishes that jump out of the water

-the hud appears only when you fight. you will see the three status bar and the compass (sigh)

-the UI is really user freindly but it's not intended to be mouse-used

-every weapon has a damage stat and a block stat

-it appears that there are no birthsigns

-there is a separate control system for the pc

-there is a "local map" for every zone of Skyrim

-there are 100+ subquests

-it will be possibile to play after the main quest

-Steam, not gfwl. they're are disappointed with LIVE!

-you can't create spells. WHAT THE HELL??

-there are houses which you can buy

-there are many puzzles in the dungeons

-cities, dungeons etc will be added to the 3d map as soon as you encounter them

-water physics

-every town has an economic system

-minor cities contains 10+ buildings

-75% of the quests are dynamic. even the rewards and the quest giver are randomized

-snow is not a texture (I don't get it, why a magazine says that is a texture and the other one says the opposite?)

-bandits in the dungeons are alive and not puppet-like

-soulgems are also used to regain magicka

-"turn undead" spell confirmed

-you can set oil on fire

-there are birds

-there is NO multiplayer

-the npcs which give us the main quests are immortal

some answers to questions asked in the previous thread:

-The article says that you will not be able to combine and create new spells. yeah, this really sucks, I hope it's some kind of mistake...
-I said that it appears that birthsigns are not in because when the article talks about character creation they are not even mentioned.
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Thanks for these updates, reaver.

The best part of Skyrim is that there won't be any bad parts. Modders will fix or roll back any changes that are too console-ey or streamlined, and add everything else that we can imagine.

I'm currently obsessing over Oblivion and modding the bejeezus out of it, and it's seriously one of the most immersive and impressive things I've ever experienced in gaming.

Not that I won't be buying both the PC and 360 versions, playing Elder scrolls games on consoles is still a lot of fun. Sometimes I prefer playing vanilla Oblivion on the 360.
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German article coming soon...
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Not much new coming from Germany:

They descibe the start of the game (where you go first storywise, so "spoiler" and I haven't read it myself, so no info on that :P)

- Questgivers are not marked, so you learn about quests by listening to them talking with another NPC or by talking to them.

- Greybeards live on the highest mountain, they know about the dragonshouts and how to use them.

- Dragonshouts will let the player use special effects like slowing down time, but you need to restorate some kind of energy to use them again.

- Killing dragons and get hold of there souls will make the shouts even stronger.

- All the environment (trees, gras, snow, wind) looks extremly detailed and handmade, not generated like in Oblivion, same with the dungeons.
"8 Leveldisigners created all of the environment, handmade."

- Also the Third- Person- View looks very good.

- Radiant Story. Nothing new here, there is a management that keeps an eye on the progress, and eventually leads you in to some direction.

- Some new Pics in there (sry, no link)
In one picture you can see the player in a fight, just finishing of the enemy (bandit). And you can clearly see the blood spread all over the place.
Well, at least in germany, that points to a 16, more likely 18+ rating.
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Keep it coming Reaper! I don't know how you are finding all of this info, but I am glad you are.
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The GI Skyrim podcast is up!!


Summary of podcast from official ES forum:
Questions asked multiple times :

- Skills and weapons: One-handed, two-handed, archery. No spear in the classic spear sense [note that the french mag talked about throwing weapons, tho, so variety is there]. Each skill has a skill-tree – one-handed skill, perk for sword. Perks are a way to specialize on a specific weapon type/speel school within a particular skill.
- Werewolf /vampire : they're fans, no commitment, but they’re messing with that.
- Mounts : attempting things with that, can’t talk. Trying to improve on the Oblivion horses, different than driving a jeep.
- Crafting : a lot of attention is being paid to crafting. Smithing, alchemy (it’s in stealth) ; enchanting. Also crafting not associated with skills, cooking... But can’t talk about it now, will later.
Spell making : Not sure. Magic must feel like a powerful thing. Cool talk putting emphasis about multiple effects in fire spells, rune cast on the ground, fire lingering on it, fire sprayed as a flamethrower, fireball charged and thrown... The old spellcrafting felt somewhat spreadsheety. Opportunity with combining spells, exprimented with that.
- Perks : 280 perks (even max-out chars wouldn’t have them all ; two overpowerful chars could not have the same). Some power still in the skills, most in the perks.
- Character creation : pick at the beginning what you look like (race), no class anymore. Some races are better at some skills + beginning spells + racial abilities are in. The Oblivion tutorial apparently was long to leave the player play in a way, then recommendation : no more that, so shorter tutorial ?
Faces : templates, then mess around. There is a bit less control when it comes to editing your appearance, but the result looks much better. An example: you can select one of the preset noses and then adjust it's size/position. All races look better and more distinct. No more fiddly sliders.
- Dragons : A dedicated team has been working on them for 2 years to make sure they can fly/land/go anywhere, look natural and do cool dragon things like divebomb, breathe fire on the streets underneath them. Todd describes fighthing them as "very difficult", "something between a big daddy and the helicopter from Half-Life 2". Multiple types of dragons confirmed. You can't ride dragons : P
- Companions : different way from Fallout (no low number, deep personality). More dynamic, more people you can decide having with you : they sacrifice the personality and depth of them. They experimented even with anybody can become your companion (dropped it).
- Radiant story : they’re trying not to oversell it. Just a tool to make any quest : doesn’t do a story. Take parts of a quest, and conditionalize it : one person likes you in town x, dungeon z hasn’t been explored, Radiant Story kidnaps his kids = Quest taylored to you, what you do before. Radiant story allows them to create little random quests according to your playstyle or make parts of the bigger quests more tailored to your character. They are trying to avoid the "it's the same random thing again and again" effect.
When he talks about how Radiant Story works, if a dynamically quest is made, a quest for example involving a dungeon, it (the radiant story) can pick a dungeon which has a higher level than you, if it feels you need a challenge.
- Factions : Talk about Dark Brotherhood, not confirmed. Some factions are returning, some are new. Old ones are different from what they were before.
- Release date : very confident.
- Why character start in a prison : sort of a tradition. Little bit of conflict, not told why, so you immediately tell yourself a story (you're set for a good char, you think “oh, that’s a mistake”).

Handpicked questions :

- What would appeal to a Fallout fan, if didn’t play TES (Warbuff). Skyrim has a unique style to its world. Grittier, lower tech, ruins feeling ancient (don’t feel like any building built the same day, layered).
- Multiple endings : not ready to answer.
- Geography (Bioshocker). Size of Oblivion, much more detailed, much more unique style. Mountains make the world seem bigger. You can go across, around, through them. A lot of dungeons there. Different regions, not just snow everywhere. Five or six regions, unique look.
- Rating aimed for ? (Tenlevel). Pretty sure be M, not aiming at it. Doing the content feel is appropriate for Skyrim. More realistic violence, not over-the-top like Fallout.
- HUD (glevelwhat’shisname). Small compass is always on the top of the screen, HP/mana/stamina appear only when needed(combat, low health, etc.)
- PC direction (BootySweat). They are working on PC and console versions simultaneously. They've always done stuff like higher res textures on PC and it's very likely to be the same with Skyrim. There is uniqueness to the PC UI. They are focused on the main game right now but later in the development they may add more graphical features on PC.
- Achievements and trophies : Balance between important quests, and general gaming stuff (level, gold, etc)
- Kinect, 3D : Not gonna happen. Focuse on the game.
- What’s going on / dragon born :
char finds out he’s dragonborn in front dragon, didn’t know. The Greybeards find out, shout your name through the world, moutains grumble to call you.
7000 steps, they counted, they know we do.
- Levelling / max. level : there’s no “max level” coded in, only a "theoretical maximum". You level faster. 1 to 50 ; perks are handed fast. More fun.
- Gameplay : not too far off.
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Awesome stuff reaper. This might be the best thread on AVSForum.
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One man's reaction to the Skyrim announcement teaser... MUST WATCH:

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Hahaha - that vid is both awesome and disturbingly applicable.
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That was funny.
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I sunk more time than I care to admit into Morrowind and Oblivion. Everything sounds amazing so far, but what I would absolutely love to see return in Skyrim is a transportation system of some kind in addition to fast travel, and levitation. Seems like the steep mountainous terrain would present some unique opportunities for a spell like levitation.
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Game Reactor cover:

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New info from OXM:



The cover story of March's OXM (Official Xbox Magazine) UK is Skyrim. There are 10 pages about Skyrim with an additional interview with Todd Howard, Bruce Nesmith (with the help of Matt Carofano). The article covers all the key points such as combat, Radiant Story, skills and the world. For an eager fan who has read the forums and other magazines such as gameinformer, there isn't a great deal of brand new information about key features of the game but it is an excellent preview and I highly recommend it.

I'll try to keep this topic brief and mention things I haven't read elsewhere.


There is a perk that will lower the sound of your footsteps.
Perk for Axe that enables deeper cuts, which means prolonged bleeding. You can hit someone once and they will eventually bleed out.
Eventual perk upgrade for Maces that will allow you to hit for full damage, ignoring armor stats.
The article mentions placing runes on the floor (that we know already) but in particular talks about 'lob a frost rune down and if an enemy wanders over it, shards of ice will be launched through its body'
Telekinesis is an available spell.
'No more agility to build up so don't have to keep jumping around to level up' (I assume they mean no longer skills like acrobatics and athletes but they use the word agility)
When you kill a dragon you're able to absorb its soul which will make you learn a new dragon shout.
There is a dragon shout called 'Unrelenting Force' which pushes anything standing directly in front of you backwards.
Dragon shouts have cooldown periods after each shout performed. Individual shouts will have their own cooldown time.
In the northern parts of Solitude is the Bard's College. The city is a busy port and there's event similar to bonfire night that has the burning of an effigy of King Olaf.
Windhelm is the largest city. It has a palace that should look spectacular. This is also apparently the hangout for the Imperial Guards who monitor the path to Morrowind.
Bleak Falls Barrows is a dungeon, with ancient Nord catacombs which features rivers, tree roots coming through the ceiling and light coming through odd cracks.
120 Dungeons and they claim that 'no two areas will be alike'.
Just to re-confirm this fact straight from Todd Howard. Oblivion had 1 dungeon designer with artists doing the rest. Skyrim has 8 dungeon designers.
Whole world is hand-crafted. Oblivion had some generated landscapes and there is NONE of that anymore used in Skyrim.
The Shivering isles expansion inspired the team that unique, hand-crafted cities, where no two buildings look the same, was the way to go.
Example of a 'Radiant Story'. OXM UK recieved a quest to go to Bleak Falls Barrow and retrieve a golden dragon claw antique and take it back to shopkeeper Lucan. If you killed Lucan, the quest would change to his friend Camilla instead.
The Snow. Has been a lot of confusion about this. OXM UK says that snowfall is dynamic. Instead of a texture with a bit of white added, landscapes realistically get dusted with snow landing in appropiate nooks and crannies.
There are one-off puzzles in certain dungeons.
Example of new AI: 'Wolves have a den. Few times a day they go out and do a patrol and hunt in a pack. If they kill something then they'll hang out there. If you go outside and they're on patrol they will come after you. If they've killed something they will guard that and not chase you down as they want to look after it.

Dragon Shouts

The fact about the 'absorb soul of dragons to learn new shouts' has caused a little bit of confusion.

The dragon shout phases, of up to three words, can be found inscribed on the walls of ancient Nord dungeons. When uttered by the Dragonborn (the player) the words invoke powerful magic powers. For many of the shouts you can learn more phases which in turn will allow you to unleash a lengthier or more powerful version of the shout by holding the shout button down.
This appears to be the main way of learning shouts, by finding the word inscriptions. However the OXM article also mentions that you can learn new shouts in the process of absorbing dragon souls. The article doesn't mention anything else about this, maybe not all dragons give shouts, we don't know yet.

Key Map Locations visible on page 34
Winter Hold

edit - These map locations may very well be outdated as OXM have used the old skyrim map with a new colour scheme.

Confirmed Skills

New Screenshots
Page 31 - We see a dragon on top of snow covered ruins. There is a huge backdrop behind it showing off mountains, new clouds and fog. Draw distance looks great.
Page 34 - There is a picture of the skyrim worldmap which lists the locations listed above. On 2nd look they've used the same map as the one on the UESP wiki, so it may be outdated.
Page 38 - A player appears to be wearing Elven armor and dualwielding a sword and staff. The staff is able to cast light along a corrider. (Was in gameinformer but bigger shot here and addition info)
Page 39 - 2 new screenshots here, we see a hooded stealth character performing a stealth execution (Assassin's Creed style, blade to the chest up close). We see a new dungeon called the 'Hall of Stories' which features a locked door and a puzzle to open it. Stonework looks fantastic with spider webbing across the walls.

I believe some of the screenshots I've mentioned are in the gameinformer, however different quality/size in OXM UK. The page 31 shot I believe in gameinformer was covered in text and colour tinted. In OXM UK it is a clear ingame screenshot.

It does appear all the screenshots we have seen so far have been from the xbox build.

I'll have another look through but I believe I've covered most of the brand new info. Enjoy.
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Direct images we've seen before in scans:


New image:

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The last pic screams GOTY 2011.

The 1st pic makes me wonder if remove clothes will still be an option..
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Originally Posted by reaper View Post



The last pic screams GOTY 2011.

The 1st pic makes me wonder if remove clothes will still be an option..

. Oblivion was a great game. With a new engine, this game could redefine Fantasy RPGs.
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Man these screen caps looks amazing.
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Why can't E3 be sooner than June 7-9?

I don't know when we will get some really good official info (Reaper you are still the man!), but that day can't come soon enough.
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So Gamereactor is finally in stores here in Norway and we Norwegians too can see the splendor of Skyrim. I guess we got it so late because we can just look out the window, but let's see what's new:

There's a screenshot I think is new showing a wide river with woods on either side, some small islets in the river, and mountains shrouded in fog in the background. The river appears to end in a waterfall, but you can't see it clearly. This screen is quite awesome, actually -- it's a beautiful landscape... still, the water isn't top notch, but it's better than in previous screenshots, and the trees look kinda fuzzy. Well, maybe not, they're not bad.... (edit: It's not the picture featured in Gameinformer... that picture was just plain bad)

You've all seen the cover I guess, it's the usual nord warrior seen in other European mags. On the first page of the skyrim article inside the magazine is the same guy standing on a rock with a dagger in one hand and a sword in the other. It's pretty dark, most of the pic is almost black, and there's a dragon's tail stretching from the center of the picture and up behind his back. It's not a screenshot btw.

Todd says they're not giving us multiplayer, because they'd rather focus on shaping the best possible singleplayer experience.

The rest is just the same info we've gotten elsewhere, but even though there's no new info, some people might be interested in hearing the info from a new source, in new words.

According to the article:
'Shouts' are always longer sentences which are divided into smaller parts. The more of the sentence you get to pronounce, the more powerful is the effect of the activated ability.

Dragons.... can appear anywhere in the world. Some times you might see a dragon in the horizon, other times you might find find a dragon in a remote cave, nothing is predetermined.

Different enemies get better [as you level] at different speeds, and different areas have different level ceilings.

[Skyrim] is markedly different from competing games, where we get to see neon-sparkling armours and swords that could be mistaken for jewelry.

[Todd Howard tells about how good Oblivion felt after you came out of the starting dungeon. He went back and played it and walked around and enjoyed the atmosphere then....] "... then I saw one of the NPCs in our game and I froze in terror. What is this thing doing in our game !? What is Jay Leno doing in our game !? We are of course aware that some thing must be changed."

The surroundings are detailed down to microscopic level with dynamic snow, an updated physics engine and living light effects. What strikes me the most about Skyrim is how the game really lures you into believing that you're part of a breathing, organic world. The figures look like living creatuers that continue to live their lives even when the player is not interacting with them. For example: every little community works as a eco-system with inhabitants that do fishing, baking and smithing.... it's a sound goodbye to Bethesda's regular dolls and stiff robot personalities.

[In answer to what Todd thought about the claim that Beth's games had been dumbed down to cater to casual gamers...] "Oblivion's greatest strength, I think, was first and foremost that we had managed to create a game that also appealed to people who did not love roleplaying games. Or at least didn't know they loved RPGs... Skyrim continues this tradition and will be a game for both casual players and hardcore RPG zealots. This is a game for them both."

... the perks can be anything from advanced magic combinations to running [I guess sprinting?] while attacking at the same time.

... you can for instance use a one-handed weapon in both hands to increase damage...

[about Radiant story] If you kill an NPC in a display of blind violence, it might just be that this NPC had a brother. The Radiant Storytelling will then function in the way that it will make this brother come to claim vengeance for the murder. Maybe he'll gather his other brothers to come find you?

Radiant Story also decides the difficulty of the game. If it so happens that everything comes natural to you and the game isn't challenging enough for you, the game might place the kidnapped daughter in a creepier cave than if you'd been a worse player. Given that there is such a quest -- I don't know.

Violence is fun, as long as it's virtual. Bethesda agrees. To such an extent that they've baked in different finishing moves for almost every weapon and every enemy in the game. The attack has no specific purpose or function except for looking cool. Finishing moves will not occur every time you kill someone, only if the enemy's health is reduced to a point where all that's needed to kill him is an extra brutal death blow.

... [3rd person perspective] has gotten a deserved update in the form of smoother animations and less stiff joints.

Also, there's this:
While describing a dragon attack, the writer of the article says: ".... a scream that made the ground tremble, set the sky in motion (not sure what he means by this) and made the snow fall from the ruins above. Fire came."
The part about the snow falling because of the trembling caught my eye. Hope it's what it sounds like.

All of this was translated by me, so I can guarantee you that the original meaning of the text written in Norwegian is intact.
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New screenshot in this video at 0:23

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Originally Posted by reaper View Post

What is the comparison there? I've seen #2 in GI, is the first concept art?
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Originally Posted by WJonathan View Post
What is the comparison there? I've seen #2 in GI, is the first concept art?
Left image is from Oblivion.
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Swedish cover story... similar info as seen before with some user speculation added in...


First off, I'd just like to say that there is this thread that pretty much handles the same thing. Our magazines are the same, but with this is the Swedish version.
The reason I post this new thread is because there are some things the OP left out that I think should be mentioned in a thread of its own. I'm not mentioning anything that's already in that other thread (except for a few exceptions), because it would be annoying with two threads saying the same thing. If you wanna know more, you should read the thread I linked above as well. A few things may already be known by some, but it's kind of interesting anyway

I've underlined the main words in every sentence, so it should be easy for you to find what's important.
(I've put my own thoughts within parantheses.)

1. There is a kind of describing story at the beginning. In that story, there are some interesting things mentioned that I think should be underlined:

- The player had been following a thief for several days. The player had followed the thief's tracks. (Perhaps this means that you'll see your footmarks)
- The player has a fur cloak. (Perhaps this means cloak/capes will be in the game?)
- "It was then the hero heard the wings flap. Shortly thereafter, there was a roar that made the ground to tremble, the sky to open up and the snow to fall from the ragged temple ruins. And then… came the fire." (COMPLETELY real dynamic snow? And possible avalanches?)

2. Skyrim has been in development for roughly 4,5 years (since a few months after Oblivion started).

3. Instead of focusing on neon-blinking armors and swords that look like dinosaurs like some other rivals do, Skyrim focuses on a lot of atmosphere and mystery in a low-fantasy game. Skyrim is a very “Tolkien-like” fantasy, but still, of course, The Elder Scrolls. Kind of hilarious (but true) how they describe their rivals I think

4. There will be different kinds of dragons. They are driven by their very own intelligence. Dragons can be found anywhere at any time. There are no pre-determined meetings with dragons.

5. When the writer asked Todd if Skyrim would have the same ground-breaking (graphical) impression that Oblivion had when it was released, Todd said that he hoped so.The writer himself, who saw the game in motion, agrees with Todd. But he also says that Skyrim maybe isn’t as big as jump (technologically) as it was between Morrowind and Oblivion. Still, the writer thinks it’s an incredibly good-looking game with great atmosphere.

6. The engine is COMPLETELY new.

7. “NO LEVEL SCALING”. Different enemies level up differently fast and different creatures have different “level-ceilings” (in other words, maximum level caps).

8. The environments are VERY detailed; to a microscopic level. There is dynamic snow, an updated physics engine and more realistic lighting effects. The world of Skyrim really feels like a living organism. Every society, every little village is like its own ecosystem with inhabitants like millers, smiths and fishermen. (Perhaps this mean that we can fish too? )

10. There will never be an Elder Scrolls online; at least never made by Todd (so I guess never made by Bethesda Game Studios).

11. When the writer asked Todd how people thought about critics who fear that Bethesda’s new game will be dumbed down and that it would lose its depth in order to reach a higher audience. In answer to this, Todd said that Skyrim will continue to have “deep” games, but at the same time they’ll never exclude beginners. Skyrim will not be a game for a casual, nor will it be a game for the zealous roleplay-enthusiast. Skyrim will be a game for both.

12. New creature confirmed (I think). It’s “undead priests”.

13. The fights are a constant combination of well-thought strategies and swift reflex-maneuvers. (Basically what this means: no more mindless hack and slash )

14. There are different finishing moves for nearly every weapon and enemy in the game (I guess this means that you can’t have this epic finishing move for a dragon as you have with… say a rat).
The finishing moves don’t have any gaming function or benefit. It’s just something that can happen when your enemy is near the final blow (Could this mean that you can’t control finishing moves, and they are automatic?).
They look wicked.

15. It seems that, when in third person, you’ll be able to see all the equipment that he’s having. In exact words, it says: "Great news for everyone who likes to see our adventurer and especially all the cool equipment he's wearing."
I’m not sure if this means that if you have an extra sword, you’ll see that on your body while having another one in your hand. It can be left for speculation.

16. The writer thinks that Radiant Story might change sandbox games forever. The writer thinks that if Bethesda manages to implement Radiant Story in the fantastic way they’ve spoken of, then Skyrim would have no boundaries. Then it’s not about an experience of over a hundred hours, then it’s about the never-ending adventure.

17. There's a "new" screenshot (that wasn't in the GI). It's a really really beautiful picture in the nature. It shows a big river (with small small islands in it), with pine trees and high mountains in the background. There's fog too of course The sky looks kind of odd though, to be honest. It looks like it has way too much HDR and is bright yellow/white. Still, it's the most beautiful screenshot I've seen, I think. The water looks realistic and pretty. Probably the most natural-looking color of water I've ever seen in a game, ever.

This picture can partly be seen in a german video (from their magazine). It looks really blurry though (you can't see much detail in the video). The colors are also WAY WAY off in that video. So don't trust the colors, or the video detail
Kudos to Killfetzer for pointing out the video-link: http://www.computerb...ce-5943802.html
The picture is at 00:23.

Finally, I quote: "[...] to what may be the biggest game of 2011."
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Now how did this thread get all the way down near the bottom of the page. Can't have that. Let's pop it back up with a couple of pics:

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Originally Posted by reaper View Post

Video interview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6Xn0GbweAE

Awesome stuff as always, even a few pics that are new to me.

Thanks reaper!
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reaper, you are the man. Thanks and keep it coming.
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