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Official Playstation Magazine Info:


-'Magnetism' in your attacks draws them more towards enemies rather than allies so as there is no 'friendly fire' in bigger battles.
-Taverns will play a large role in getting information, gossip and rumours from a town as it's naturally where most people go after working and you can listen to peoples conversation and learn more about the town and/or skyrim itseld - it's a lot more natural.
-Quest givers won't be so specific, an example given is say in Oblivion a QG would say you'd be paid 200 gold for doing something, they've tried to make it more natural so the QG would say something more along the lines if 'I'd happily pay if you could do this for me'. (Maybe your payment is dependant on how well you pull off the task?)
-There will be some enchanted weapons which don't tell you what they do - so you'll know it's magical in some way but you won't know how exactly, you'd have to find out yourself - (this would most likely apply to the things you find in dungeons, ie people wouldn't know about it so the PC wouldn't either untill it's used)
-People will be more vague or specific when talking to you or giving you quests depending on how much they like you.
-If you are using a two handed weapon then you use Left Trigger to block and Right trigger to attack, however if you have a one handed weapon in one hand and a spell in the other, you won't be able to block - left trigger will then be a spell and right will be attack - it is done to make you play more stratigically - be more offensive, defensive, magic based etc.
-They mention some new spells such as one which acts as a shield against magic
-They talk about dungeons; one in specific which they go to on a quest called 'Bleak Falls Barrow' - it is inhabited mainly by the Draugr (the undead guys in the screenshots we've seen), a 'ghostly dragon priest' who bursts out of a sarcophagus to attack and startle the player and the 'boss' of the dungeon - a giant 'Frostbite Spider'. They said that they were proceeding through the dungeon when it dropped down from the ceiling where it was hiding, it was said to be terrifying.
-A rune that you can throw down and it fires out shards of ice, similar to the flamethrower one we've heard about.
-They describe a finishing move they perform on a bandit - they 'plunge the sword into his chest' and the bandit can be heard gurgling his blood as he dies.
-Outside of quests you can perform; Woodcutting, Cooking, Mining and metalwork
-They mention some of the 18 skills although I don't know if they're being specific or general (ie they could be grouping a few skills into one, and these are probably not the names of them): Combat, Magic, Stealth, Conversationalist.
-They mention a Dragon Shout that acts as a sort of 'Bullet Time'.
-Riverwood is described as 'A smattering of timber buildings, including a sawmill'
-They get the quest to go to Bleak Falls Barrow from a shopkeeper called Lucan who has had his antique golden dragon claw stolen and wants you to retrieve it.
-Radiant Story is in part inspired by the random encounters in Fallout 3.
-The game apparently looks amazing in motion, with great environment effects such as the wind making the water swirl and make waves.
-Some Dragon Shouts are found in dungeons.
-It is possible to raise all skills to 100 but not possible to get all perks.
-The King of Skyrim is dead, which has sparked the Civil War.
-Dragon Encounters aren't scripted and they will 'Merrily ravage towns without warning'/
-NPC's are said to be improved, having proper jobs and routines now and some will even take out a vendetta on you and will come to find you if you killed a loved one or relative for example.
-"Every big settlement is unique. The city of Markarth Side, for example, is set into dramatic stone cliffs, with buildings teetering on the end of sheer drops"
-Haarfingar is said to be home to the largest trading port in Skyrim.
-They mention breaking and entering to find out more about people, but I'm not sure as to what extent - "Because of the open world set up you can even progress by snooping around - following people, looking out for strange behaviour and even some light breaking and entering".

There is one screen that I haven't seen before, It's a dragon standing on top of a large mountain (not the one looking out at mountains, thats in here aswell) - the dragon is seen from the front very clearly and I must say looks very badass. The animations seem to be pretty good from the shots aswell, as the dragons feet are positioned correctly depending on where he is standing in the 3 shots they appear in.

There is also some concept art of what appears to be Dwemer Ruins? possibly, I'm not entirely sure. It looks cool though

Anyway, thats most of what I can remember from the main article and interview, I haven't delved too much into the surrounding screens captions or the massive annotated map of tamriel, but if there's anything else I find I'll add it in.
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this thread has forced me start an elder scrolls replay. I'm going to send you a bill for 100 hours of my life, reaper.
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Originally Posted by gab2409 View Post

this thread has forced me start an elder scrolls replay. I'm going to send you a bill for 100 hours of my life, reaper.

I tried going back to Oblivion yesterday and I couldn't do it. Even though I haven't played it in years, I can still remember the majority of the quests and outcomes. It just doesn't have the magic that I so fondly remember. Oh well, Now I just have to wait for Skyrim!!!
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I took a break from Oblivion for a couple years and then grabbed the Shivering Isles DLC and went through that with a new char. It was worth the time. If you haven't tried it, I recommend it.
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Wow it is still 2400 MS points!?! I can buy the GOTY edition for the exact same price! Maybe If I can get it on sale. May have to check the used game sections around town (If the extra content is on the disc and not an insert card). Worst case just sell back my copy of Oblivion and buy the GOTY edition which has ALL of the extra content. I just don't get the pricing on Live.
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That's what I did... sold my original game and bought GotY.
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I was looking around on Live to see pricing on other things. They are selling MW2 for $60 still. Who is in charge of pricing? It just seems idiotic to me. You can buy MW2 BRAND NEW for $20-$30 anytime at all. if anything it should be cheaper to buy through Live since there is no case, disc, or pamphlet in the deal and it can never be resold.
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My guess is that downloadable games are not meant to be competitive... they are targeted toward the lazy person with disposable income. It's all about convenience.
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New Bethesda podcast just released (episode 7):

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New background and more info coming in less than 24 hours!!!

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From the link:

"Visit ElderScrolls.com (at 10:00am EST tomorrow by my math)

for the first, in-game look at The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim."

IN GAME ACTION!!!!! (hopefully ) Man I want this to be actual gameplay so we can see how it really looks. I guess I will still be happy with a tour of the world seeing the NPCs and such. We will find out tomorrow morning what they have planned.
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Hopefully your head didn't explode! We need you to find all of this info! AVS depends on YOU!
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Animated wall, that was it? Guess I was expecting a lot more, oh well...
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you're too early... check back tomorrow :P the update is not there yet
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Today on The Elder Council, we provided a link to an all-new Dragonborn wallpaper. In addition to the wallpaper, we included a link to a mysterious countdown timer — mysterious only to those that immediately started doing a dragon dance around their house. Those of you that were able to keep your wits noticed the countdown is leading up to the “first, in-game look at The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim!!”

So in less than 19 hours (10 AM EST), the world will see Skyrim in action. How will you prepare for tomorrow’s trailer? We suggest the following: 1) Join The Elder Council, 2) Gaze upon your new wallpaper, and 3) join the folks doing the dragon dance… and maybe let them know what the countdown is all about.
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Trailer is out but elderscrolls.com went down. Check it out here:


IT'S EPIC!!!!!
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Looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Some stills from the vid:

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That trailer certainly did rock.
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Oh dear sweet baby jesus I need this game now!!
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New concept art:

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Thanks for the link reaper! There's a certain cinematic feel to the gameplay vid (duh!that's what trailers do) even the part where the character was just strolling thru the forest/town.

I've got goose bumps watching this. Skyrim>Epic...
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Watchman with a torch: http://i.imgur.com/u4oGX.jpg
A horse: http://i.imgur.com/MKm9O.jpg
Buildings on the natural bridge: http://i.imgur.com/CS3Ue.jpg
A look at the face of an old person: http://i.imgur.com/0b6xa.jpg
The face of evil: http://i.imgur.com/7vRUn.jpg
"That guy's being killed, who cares?": http://i.imgur.com/JiSve.jpg
Badass Draugr: http://i.imgur.com/iJise.jpg
Where'd his head go?: http://i.imgur.com/9TLt3.jpg
Armor lock: http://i.imgur.com/7QTq8.jpg
Scars on this guy's face: http://i.imgur.com/WdRNf.jpg
Golden pillars: a Dwemer ruin?: http://i.imgur.com/qJghR.png
Lots and lots of spiderwebs: http://i.imgur.com/mgTG7.jpg
Blood splatters on weapons and characters?: http://i.imgur.com/KpDuw.jpg
Dragon skeleton and destroyed landscape?: http://i.imgur.com/wfjOG.jpg
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Originally Posted by reaper View Post

Scars on this guy's face: http://i.imgur.com/WdRNf.jpg


Looks like ninroot on the rightside of this pic. The very 1st task I picked up after leaving the sewer in Oblivion...ahh the memories.
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Look at the head in the woods:

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Some of landscape shots look pretty darn close to the Chrome4 engine vid. reaper posted earlier..WOW!
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Best part for me:

More art and screens:

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Nick Brickon said on twitter:
"Glad people got to finally see some Skyrim animation in this trailer. All that dragon stuff actually happens dynamically in-game."

"To answer many questions at once: the Skyrim trailer was captured entirely on Xbox 360. Also, none of the draw-distance was faked."

Pete Hines said on twitter:
"@OutlanderDF Yes, in-game. Only things not in-game are the shots of the wall from the previous trailer. Dragon fights are pretty epic"
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I take it Reaper that your really into this game . Thanks for all the info that you have posted. Can't wait for this game!!!
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