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My explorer 8300HD hooked up thru Cox Cable in Santa Barbara was unused for most of the summer and I've come back to it and now its non functioning.

I am getting 4 dashes across the front. COX sent signals while on telephone with tech support which have failed to "wake up" the unit.

Another 8300 unit (not marked as HD) works fine in the house. Bringing the bad box to the working location--the bad box still fails to reboot and get a time--only the 4 dashes.

A technician will come to the house tomorrow and Im sure will want to switch out the unit--it's the easy fix.

Problem is I want to save, or failing that, secure a list of what is on the DVR hard drive.

I tried a overnight reset (unplugging) as per instructions on this forum and also looked at the screens in diagnostics mode. The page which shows info on the hard drive with the recorded shows seems to indicate all is intact with no bad blocks.

So my question is can i access whats on that HD without having the box getting a signal from the cable company.

Can the HD be pulled out for example and read on a computer?

Again if I could just get the list of what's on there it would help me even if I cant download or watch anything...

Any help would be appreciated.