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Originally Posted by Clint S. View Post

That's also strange, and interesting to know. I've never heard of codes for a uni-remote working partially! Operating more or less buttons yes, but not still working buttons but acting sluggish or like the batteries were weak. That's good to know.

It can drive you nuts, but I've seen that many times with various brands of TV sets.
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Originally Posted by Roy W View Post

Comcast box, and verilux reading lamp. Tried 3m heavy duty transluent tape and regular 3m tape. remote would turn on TV, but box would not receive signal from remote when covered with tape. Any other suggestions?

I have had better luck with paper than tape. Start with a single sheet of white paper. If that is not enough fold the paper, etc...
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Comcast tech just left. Was experiencing the identical issues mentioned above with a new HD installation (New Panasonic 46" 3D HDTV Plasma TC-46PGT24). STB was right next to TV, and about 2" in front of it. Intermittant remote response. Tried the tape trick, did not solve it. Tech got their expert on the phone and he suggested moving the STB back behind the front plane of the TV screen, so we moved it about 1" behind the front of the TV. PROBLEM SOLVED. Also, when using the remote very near the TV, it is still a bit intermittant, but from 12ft away its perfect.
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I have the same problem. Where is the IR port that I need to cover up.
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On the front of the cable box. wink.gif
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Originally Posted by Slick26 View Post

Ok here's the deal. I just switched from my regular digital Comcast box to a new HD box. As soon as I got home from the local Comcast satellite "store" I hooked it up. And immediately started having problems. The box doesn't receive a signal from the remote very well. So I brought the box back the next day and switched it out for another box, and a new remote. Same thing.

So I call Comcast to find out what the heck is going on... no one can figure it out. So they set up an appt for a technician to come to my place and try to see if he can fix it.

The tech showed up yesterday. I explained to him what was going on, and then showed him what I meant. I press a button on the remote and I might get one response per every 50 presses of a button. Very frustrating. So the tech tries another new remote, the 3rd one since I switched to HD last week. Same thing.

Here's where it gets even more frustrating. The tech calls his supervisor for guidance, and his supervisor tells him to find something that would be interfering with the infrared signal. So the tech goes "your XBOX is interfering with the infrared signal." And I go "um... no, the XBOX isn't even on." So he disconnects the XBOX and tries it again, same thing. No response from the remote to the box. So he calls his supervisor back. After he hangs up the phone with his supervisor he turns to me and says "I'm sorry, there's nothing we can do to help you, your TV is interfering with the infrared signal, call Panasonic." And then he gets up and leaves.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard in my life.

By the way, I have a 50" Panasonic PZ77u plasma. The original black digital box worked just fine.

My TV isn't interfering with anything... Comcast is just full of crap.

So my question for you experts is this: what do I do next?

Call Panasonic and see if they will come out and check it out?

Call Comcast back a 3rd time and complain, with probably no results?

I can't believe they pulled this crap on me. Way to shirk your responsibilities and blame the problem on something else just so they don't have to deal with the problem anymore.

I'm so upset and would love to just drop Comcast all together, but I can't have satellite in my apartment, so I'm stuck with cable.

Sorry if this wasn't typed out very well, I'm really tired and upset.

Is anyone else having this problem with Comcast HD?
m kinda having the same problem, new remote replaced all the batteries got a new dvr today still kinda the same i was wondering if my LED Lights from my xmas tree might be affecting it the problem may have started ariund the same time tree was put up. Even tho lights are off during the day i was wondering if they could be the problem. Guess ill have to wait till after we take the tree down to find out
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Even tho lights are off during the day i was wondering if they could be the problem

If you still have the problem with the lights off, I'm going to wager that it's not the lights causing the problem...no need to wait until after xmas.
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I tried the tape to no avail even went to an external ir sensor still the same. I was wodering about the led lights because this only started with this problem about 3 wks ago around the same time we decorated for xmas. Thats why i was thinking something with the led lights. At first it seemed like external ir sensor was working but was wrong. Then figured new box would do it. Wrong again. Thats when i tried the masking tape. Duh!! So ill try the paper tonite after work. Im game for anything rather than destroying my window with the comcast dvr
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I just had this problem with a cable box that I had already been using on my tv and the remote suddenly stopped working unless the tv was off. Couldn't figure it out until I read this post. My fiance had turned the backlight down one night. That was it!! Seems silly but I turned it back up again and the remote worked. Weird but try it!
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Originally Posted by SAM64 View Post

If you still have the problem with the lights off, I'm going to wager that it's not the lights causing the problem...no need to wait until after xmas.
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Well the xmas came down 4 days ago and i havnt had a problem with the remote since. Gotta be a coincidence i guess but whatever... Im happy
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Xmas tree with led lites that i thought for some reason could possibly be causing a problem with remote control functioning properly with comcast DVR seems far fetched but decorations are down and remote is working well again
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I realize this is an old post, but.... Yes, your TV is interfering with the cable box - he was not wrong. I have the same issue with a Toshiba LCD. It has nothing to do with Comcast or the cable box. you can easily prove this yourself by turning off the TV and using the cable remote to change channels or go into the menu or something. No, you wont see anything on the screen, but you will see the cable box respond to the remote (it will display a little dot every time you press a button on the remote). Turn the TV on again and try the remote - that dot wont appear.
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