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I meant to say it's the BD-UP5000's association with HD DVD that makes it the most endangered.
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Oh, good, for a min. there I thought there was a predecessor to the 5K like the BH100 to the BH200 in the LG line.
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I have found a solution to the audio drop problems with DTS-MA AND DDTHD that I have been able to reproduce several times now.

If you want to get rid of the DDTHD drops on the 4 known Sony branched theatrical/unrated etc. BDs then simply play a DTS-HD-MA disc first. I'm not sure if just sticking it in and getting into a bit is enough, or if you have to skip forward and back a bit with chapters. That is what I have been doing. Then when you put in say Hancock then you won't get drops. You will however get the skipping type problem with Cream and Eagles HDs when I first start up and play either of those. I have been putting the Eagles or Cream in first. I haven't tried with a movie with DTS-HD yet to reproduce this. I will do that and report back.

Once you have played a DDTHD disc. Again I'm doing this with Hancock and with my case I played Eagles first so, I had no DDTHD drop at the usual place. Then you won't get the skipping problem on the two HD concerts with DTS-HD-MA.

However, if you play the DTS-HD-MA disc again, you will get drops on the DDTHD disc if you put it in after. The fix for the skipping on the HD-HR concerts seems to be permanent until you turn off the power.

And I just tried to fix DDHD drops with Night at the Museum, but that did not seem to work and fix the DDTHD drops. It appears that you have to have at least one of the skipping concerts to fix DDTHD. And I just confirmed with Indy 4 in first before Eagles fixes the skipping on DTS.

I know this is all strange, but was bugging me since at times I did not have one of the problems and was wondering what I did to fix it.

I would like to see if someone that has one of the skipping concerts and one of the audio drop DDTHDs to confirm this so I can report it to Sammy. There seems to be some strangeness with the latest firmware that is linked to those two HD codecs?

And I need to take back what I just wrote about any DDTHD disc fixing DTS. It just started skipping again. So you seem to need an audio drop DDTHD title to fix 'er up.
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ok, I just did this a few more times.

If you want to fix the drops on DDTHD then simply play one of the skipping DTS-HD-MA titles first to a point where DTS kicks in.

If you want to fix the skipping on the concerts simply play one of the audio drop Sony's first. I have been playing to the point I know audio drops, however I usually do it after playing the concert since i forget to play the DDTHD first.

Once you have played the audio drop Sony title, DTS will be fixed, until you turn the power off. However if you happen to re-play the DTS disc audio drops will return on the Sony title. The only sequence I have found that will fix the DDTHD drops on those is to power on, play the DTS then the Sony. I can't seem to repeat the process once the drops on the Sonys return after playing DTS.

I suspect that the other concerts in DTS-HD-MA skip also. I have all of them and will check them as I have more time.

Im also wondering if this trick will fix the random DTS drops that I have read about here and in the owners thread. I haven't experienced that at all and have tried some of the titles mentioned with no problems.

Hey, they don't call me Mr Kludge for nothing ;-)
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I have verified that UFO Showtime locks all 5Ks with 1.3 or 1.4 firmware. My spare came back from Sammy repair today and has the same issues as my original. I was however unable to get the Cream HD to audio skip/sputter on either player this evening, but the new just repaired player audio drops on Hancock just like the other one at almost the exact same spots. I'm almost convinced that the Cream audio drop issue might be interrelated with my receiver since i played a couple BDs prior to HDs since BDs were what were not playing on the spare when I first bought it, but both were power cycled after, but not the receiver. Very strange behavior.

This was the most wonderful repair experience I have ever had. Samsung's communication through the whole process was stellar with great updates at every step of the process. It did take a couple days to ship which I don't know was due to backlog or if it was quality control related. Had this been a main unit with no backup or spare I would probably be singing a different tune, but I haven't been watching much HD/BD recently, I have been watching alot of TV, HD On Demand and regular DVD, all of which I have many options for.

Oh and I think I forgot to report that my problems with UFO Showtime were related to a dirty lens in my A35. I ran a couple lens cleaners through it after I got a replacement UFO and all is well with both discs. Too bad it won't play on the Sammy. That is the only disc I own that I can't get to play on it.
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