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Have Strong Antenna Signal (100), but Local HD channels are choppy and pixelated

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I recently purchased a HDTV that has a digital tuner. I live in a townhome (middleunit). Home owner's association will not allow roof antenna. I have hooked some rabbit ears to the TV and I am able to pull in local HD channels (ABC, CBS, NBC, etc...). The channels come in on 3-1, 10-1, etc... When I check the antenna strength on my TV, it states that it is 99-100, but the local HD channels are choppy and pixelated. I have also tried a homemade HDTV antenna that a freind made (see picture). I also went to tvfool, and I should be able to pick up all of my local hd channels with an indoor antenna (see results file). Signal strengh is 99-100 with this antenna, but channels are still choppy. I checked on antennaweb to see how far I am from the broadcast stations and in most cases they are less than 20 miles away. Can anyone tell me how I can improve the quaility of my local hd channels?
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Welcome to the forum!

Please repost your tvfool results. Save your current plot and the post transition plot to your harddrive and repost as attachments. The present tvfool version is unreadable. All we need is the png file, not the other info.

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Are you using an amp? It's hard to read the plot, but the signals appear to be too strong for an amp.

Also, the custom built 4-bay is not wired correctly. The top and bottom bays need to have the feed-lines crossed over. See if that helps.
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The Home Made antenna pic is not the actual antenna i'm using. It looks very similar. I'm actual using my rabbit ears now. It's the old fashioned one with the 2 long metal pieces and the circle piece in the middle. I have reposted my results from tv fools. They should be readable now.
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with a rabbit ears (vhf) and loop or bowtie (uhf) you should be able to aim the antenna.

you may be getting too strong a signal (in that case you would move the antenna so to get a weaker signal). You also may be getting a multipath signal reflected off parts of your building (again move antenna to get best quality).

depends on where the stations are you might have to move the antenna depending on the channel.

make a chart of channel and direction of antenna, angle off vertical (for uhf), length (for vhf). it may take a bunch of data for you to find a solution.
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Here is some more information. While I'm watching my tv now with the rabbit ears, I'm also monitoring the signal strength. I have now observed that when the pictures starts to get choppy and pixelate, that my signal strengths drops to almost 0 and then comes back to 100. I'm going to conduct this same drill with my homemade antenna and see if i have the same issue with the signal strength dropping quite often. Thanks again for everyone's advice.
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With digital OTA signals it is possible to have too strong a signal in which case the tuner will stop or stutter when receiving the signal.
It sounds like all you need as digital antenna is a paper clip.
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I'd lean towards multipath as being the problem. I am not a big fan of UHF loops. People walking around in the room can sometimes degrade the signal. Being in the center portion of the condo, you have to contend with your neigbors, building structure and the possible limited/obstructed view of the x-mitters.

It's quite possible that the 100% signals you receive are actually reflected signals.

Anyway... you'll may have to experiment with different antennas and/or how the antenna is positioned and/or aimed. If you have a good line of sight to the transmitters (though a window or porch), try the antenna at that location and test for stability.

You also try a different type of UHF antenna that is more directional.
As an example:
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Yes, I agree that it is a possiblity that I was blocking the signal. I noticed that when I sat down on the couch, I did not have much problems. The homemade antenna seems to be working good today. It was raining most of the earlier part of the week, but today it was clear (I'm not sure if that had anything to do with the issues that I was experiencing). Well, I watched tv for about an hour today. No pixelation and choppiness. So I am very happy. Thanks again
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