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32" LCD recommendations

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Appreciate any insight on recommended 32" LCD options, meeting the following criteria:

- Quality brand
- Price range of 600- 800
- 720p / 1080i resolution is sufficient
- Decent built in speakers, no HT connected to this set
- Set to be connected directly to cable coax

This will be used in a bedroom, with cable QAM signal input direct from coax. Was heavily considering the Samsung LN32A330 or LN32A450 as have had good luck in the past with Samsung, but am concerned over the "robot" sound issues noted elsewhere on this forum when using cable HD signals without a cable box.

Thanks in advance
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Bump - 100+ views and no comments?
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Originally Posted by jblow View Post

Bump - 100+ views and no comments?

OK, you asked for comments, so here goes even though you're probably not going to like it. Before I bought my Samsung 46A650 in mid-April, I researched the heck out of it and other TVs on my own without asking the other members of this forum to make a decision for me. I read the Sony threads, I read the Sharp threads, I read the Toshiba threads, etc., etc., and I read the Samsung threads. Now, about half of the new threads on this forum are from newbies asking what kind of TV they should buy. Then, when advice is given, it's more often than not ignored. To me, the purpose of this forum is to ask technical questions and questions about performance, not "What kind of TV should I buy?" Only you can figure out what you want; we can't do it for you. Good luck. By the way, if you think you'd be satisfied with 720p, get the Samsung 32A450.
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The Samsung and the Panny seem to be the most highly recommended 32" 720p LCDs, but you need to go see them for yourself. I'm looking at them myself for my bedroom. IMO, 1080p is not worth it at this size (we're unlikely to see any difference from a 720p display at 32").
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I just posted in the other "what 32" thread to check out Sharp in that size as well--you see some great deals and they are still a top brand and without issues in that size to my knowledge. They also have better sound than most of the other major brands in my experience.
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