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I'm trying to hookup my PS3 on my Denon AVR-788 by using the optical cable for sound and the HDMI for video, instead of using HDMI to transmit both audio and video.

My reason for doing this is that my denon's sound management unit is kind of busted, I have issues with it making strange and distorted sounds once in a while, but with my PS3 through HDMI, the sound is ALWAYS blurred and static-like. The image signal is fine though, I don't have any issue with it over HDMI. I know this isn't a cable or hdmi slot issue, I've tested both with all my other components and it all works fine (save those scarse "episodes" when all sound goes temporarily to hell for no reason).

I've set up the input to HDMI and Optical 1 and everything is hooked up normally, but it seems the receiver "overrides" the optical audio input when it's also set to HDMI, so no sound is output to my speakers (since my PS3 sound is set to optical output). Obviously, if I unset the HDMI input in my receiver, sound is output correctly to my speakers via optical, but I don't have any image then.

What can I do?