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2:55 Just checked again - still nothing up here in Stuart.
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Are you using a VHF/UHF antenna or just UHF? (We're on VHF channel 13.)

To All,

I continued to experience some freezing, pixelation and lip sync errors after the engineers had made some corrections. It was only after I tuned to a different channel (4-1 in this case) and then back to 12-1 that I saw the fixes. Go figure...
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Does anyone know if the silver sensor is vhf as well as uhf??

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Thanks for the hint. Of course I am using an RS double bow-tie, which does not pull in VHF.

I've tried a few VHF set top antenna's I have laying around, but the best I can do is just a trace of signal.

Guess I have to commit to the outdoor antenna now...
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I have another question which is completely unrelated.

Right now on the east coast it is 5:04 pm. Why does the time of post show 5 hours later??
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You're looking at Greenwich Mean Time (GMT.) That's the time in Greenwich, England. You can go into "User CP," then "Edit Options" then "Time Offset" to select your own time zone.
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The Silver Sensor, pictured here: http://www.antiference.co.uk/sensor/?KeohiHDTV , is for UHF-only.
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To All,

We are discovering that the receiver at the studio is decoding fine now but that my Mitsubishi SR-HD5 ATSC receiver is still getting occasional freezes and pixelation. This is something that might be correctable via adjustments at the station, if that should prove to be neccesary.

I say "if that should prove to be neccesary" because I'm debating whether the problem might be on my end. Since I'm using a very large roof-mounted, high-gain VHF/UHF antenna (the reportedly now-discontinued Radio Shack VU-210XR, which I installed in order to get reliable reception of Miami DTV stations), allbeit with no preamp, and since I am only about 11 miles from the WPEC-DT transmitter, I'll experiment with a variable attenuator (which will allow me to selectively reduce the signal level from the antenna reaching the receiver) in an effort to determine whether my problems may be due to receiver overload. It has been documented that excessive signal level can cause poor DTV reception. A high-gain antenna close to a high-power transmitter might conceivably overload a receiver.

Over the next day or so I will test reception of WPEC-DT with my Zenith IQB64W10W ATSC receiver and my RCA DTC100 ATSC receiver in addition to my Mitsubishi SR-HD5. If I note any reception anomalies amongst these I will report them to our engineers and to all of you here.

Audio Issues: I'm still getting variable lip sync performance. We'll have to look into that, too. Also, if you are finding that your Dolby Digital decoder won't let you use Dolby Surround ProLogic and that you can only get the main front left and right channels, we are aware of it and will address this, too.

Please continue sharing your observations with us. Thanks!
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Update from zip code 33409:

I'm experiencing solid signal, good video but intermittent lip sync issues during Everybody Loves Raymond on WPEC. ABC 16 does the same however, but FLX 28 is fine in the sound area.

Can anybody else confirm the ABC 16.1 sound issue? I have never have the syncing right on that channel.

GT Smith
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Well, they're running Monday Night Football right now and you seldom actually see anyone speaking in TV coverage of a football game, but I'll give it a gander. (FatVision sucks! )
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i totally agree. With football the syncing is not _that_ crucial :-)

I do see it during the commercials though.
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Just FYI, I checked at about 7:30pm, and I was getting 73 signal strength on WFLX-DT but only 5 on WPEC-DT.
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I was getting 94 from WFLX but 0 from chanell 13
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I am having large freezing problems with 12-1 / 12-2. Decided last night before the football to check them out since they went live, took me a half hour to get unfroze. I finally had to switch channels from the guide. I have also had problems like this but not as bad from 39-1. My stb is a samsung t150 set at 720p. This also turns my fp xg852 into a light show, loses sync. Any ideas?

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We're still making some adjustments in an attempt to fix this. Most decoders now seem to be getting some pixelation or a very brief freeze once every few minutes or so. We'll continue to try and fix the problem.
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Since the silver sensor is only uhf can anyone recommend a vhf/uhf indoor antenna??

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I can't recommend a VHF/UHF indoor antenna but, I have one question. Why do you want VHF? The only stations in our area broadcasting VHF would be WPLG (ABC) in Ft Lauderdale and WSVN (FOX) also in Ft Lauderdale. I am fairly confident that you would not be able to receive either station with an indoor antenna. The great this is WPBF (ABC) and WFLX (FOX) both broadcast UHF and are currently up and running.
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Originally posted by ANSEK
...I still can't get WPBT PBS 2.1 but with all of the others who cares.

Ouch, you are missing some of the best demo loop programming for showing off your HDTV! Although I have watched every minute of WPBT 2-1 HDTV programming at least five times, I have not grown tired of seeing it. I tend to watch a few minutes, (and sometimes much more), every evening that I turn the set on. The shot on HD video is specifically designed to show the color improvement of digital and to show the resolution improvement of High Definition.

When I have folks over, the "wow" factor is definitely with the PBS demo.

(I put a $25 RS in the attic pointed 185 degrees true from west Boynton.)

I don't have sat, but I would guess that HDNet would put me in the "who cares" category for WPBT. Since I don't have it, WPBT is really the best.
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I have been conducting a few experiments with the location of my antenna and a small RS VHF/UHF/FM amplifier. The weird thing is I can get 2.1 at night but I can't get it during the day. At night the signal strength is in well into the "Good" range on my HD200 but during the day I can't get enough signal to receive an image. I wonder why that is? I do agree with you that the PBS demo loops are some of the best HD content around. It certainly rivals what I watch on HDNet.
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After reading this thread yesterday, I went home last night and scanned for new OTA stations, sure enough I now have CBS.

Dave, I am seeing the radar picture on .2 (you asked).

This is great!

BTW, I have a Sony HD100 if that matters.
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Originally posted by ANSEK
I have been conducting a few experiments with the location of my antenna and a small RS VHF/UHF/FM amplifier. The weird thing is I can get 2.1 at night but I can't get it during the day.

I, (and a few other Boynton area folk), had to add a VHF-Lo filter to reliably get all the Miami stations. The filter eliminates the overload from the channel 5 antenna at Lantana and 441.

BTW I don't use an amp. Bought it but since I got all the stations without it, I don't use it. I have been thinking of trying it back in the line because I seem to be the only one complaining about occasional retrace lines on channel 4 Miami. I'm thinking that a marginal signal might be choking the bandwidth, but only visible at image changes with maximum data transfer.

If you need the filter specifics, start here:

and note the different part numbers in my post a few messages down:


For anyone contemplating building the filter, the combiner/splitter RS Cat.# 930-0061 David listed may be an online order number only, but the store has a 15-1237 ($9.99) which exactly fits the spacing of the VHF-Hi and UHF ouputs of the three band splitter, and the 75-Ohm Coax "F"-Type Terminator needed is Cat. # 15-1144.
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We (WPEC-DT) are broadcasting on VHF channel 13, remapped to 12-1 and 12-2.
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What is the range for ch. 13 ?
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Dave - I don't have a uhf not vhf and right now I am receiving wpec on 12-1, signal is around 85, picture is great but no sound at all??
Also, I am trying to get abc - WPBF which maps to 25-1 on my e86 hughes. I get a signal in the 80's but no picture or sound. Any idea's?? I sure would like to get abc.
I also get 4-1 wfor and 29-1 wfox both are really good.
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Originally posted by David McRoy

We (WPEC-DT) are broadcasting on VHF channel 13, remapped to 12-1 and 12-2.


My error. I forgot that UHF starts at 14.

On another note I was able to get WPBF and WFLX last week and this weekend now. I am unable to get either. Am I the only person with this problem?
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I just solved the problem with no sound for wpec. I turned the dolby digital to off on the stb box and the sound came on. I guess the audio is not digital.
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Watching PEC tonight, still have lip syncing issues and pixelation from time to time. sub channel .2 looks great though.

Any updates David?
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We are, in fact, transmitting Dolby Digital audio...all ATSC DTV audio is Dolby Digital. We are currently only transmitting DD 2.0 at the moment and we need to adjust our DD encoder to send metadata that will instruct home DD decoders to allow Dolby Surround ProLogic processing of the DD 2.0 stream. I believe we'll be working on that today.

We continue to try and get rid of the freezing and pixelation. We are still trying to determine why lip sync is good sometimes and bad at others. We have noticed that sometimes commercials from CBS are coming into our facility will bad lip sync.
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WPBF had the lip sync problem too when they started their digital broadcast. I remember them running a loop with someone clicking a movie scene board (I forgot what you call them). I only get occasional pixelation but the picture is very watchable.
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Ayone install an attic antenna recently? I'm going to try it and would love to discuss the details with someone...
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