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Please read rally post.

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Originally posted by David McRoy
I've been told to look for on-air testing from WFLX-DT within the next few days. Try tuning 28-1 from time to time, guys.

So, what's the story?
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Damn if I know. I haven't seen them testing yet, either. I'll delve...
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Welcome to the forum

I like your idea of the rotator, unfortunately my antenna is in the attic and there isn't enough room to safely rotate the thing.

I'll have to wait and see if I have to get a rotator, 'will know once WFLX-DT comes on the air.

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TitanTV shows WFLX-DT going live on April FOOLS day.
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has filed for an extension and their application attachment is a real laugh. They try to claim that all of the efforts by Viacom and CBS should prove how committed they are to DTV however this station won't be on the air. This is a real laugh considering I spoke to Joe Garcia at WFOR a few weeks ago about WBFS and WTVX and he told me that they simply were not going to turn the transmitter on until the original deadline. I guess they have a reason to keep it off even longer.

WBFS-DT has also filed an almost identical application for extension. Very interesting!

I am starting to fear the same thing about WFLX!

In other news WPEC has also filed and provided no exhibits

WPTV has also filed as expected and claims that they expect a building permit from Palm Beach County by March 30th.
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Originally posted by satpro

In other news WPEC has also filed and provided no exhibits


While it's true there is no exhibit attached to their application, the application itself states the reason for the request for extension: delays in equipment delivery.

Here's their application:


If you look at digital TV CP Extension applications from other stations you'll see a lot of this. In many cases it's a "CYA" thing. The FCC is saying that the majority of the stations that are filing for DTV CP Extensions are estimating that they'll only need a few extra months to get on the air and most won't be needing the extra 2nd or 3rd extensions that were provided by the Congress.

Here is WPTV's application which claims technical and legal delays as reasons that an extension is needed, and features as an exhibit a statement on the history of their efforts to build a much needed new tower and all the lengthy and costly delays that they have faced since 1988:

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I was able to get 39-1 tonite on my rabbit ears. They are showing a 4x3 window in a 16x9 frame.

The digital signal looks like a bad analog signal, I even saw analog noise. When channel four shows regular programming it looks as good if not better then the directv l2l.
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About Channel 4...

I have Dish6000 and the Channel 4 coming off of it makes me want to close my eyes, it is that bad. Their OTA digital looks fantastic compared to that when they are broadcasting up-converted 480i. 1080i is fabulous.

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Only 8 more episodes of 24 (ever, probably)...any chance I'll get to see it in widescreen?
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Once again this website is reporting 3/20/02 at 7:30pm http://www.broadcast.net/~sbe88/
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Antenna and feedline installation to commence in the middle of April, followed by air conditioning equipment installation. Transmitter manufacturer Harris has rescheduled transmitter testing to begin May 13, as a result of the delay on AC installation. Still awaiting delivery of new digital microwave STL, format converter, CBS HD reception equipment, etc., all on order.


Meanwhile, the local SBE Chapter is, indeed meeting at the WFLX transmitter site tonight. The Chapter's website, the link to which is in satpro's post above, seems to suggest that they might sign-on WFLX-DT tonight! Time to get ready for a fresh channel scan tonight! (Channel 28-1.)
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So...did tonight's grand event get cancelled? A channel scan turned up nothing on 28-1. Oh wait....maybe they too applied for a change to their channel assignment.
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I have been waiting for some time for WPB to get some stations up, I'll be looking tonight as well.

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I was not able to detect anything, anyone else?

I have a Sony HD100, do I have to scan for digital stations everytime a new one comes on-line or is there a way to directly tune one in?

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I just called WFLX and spoke to someone named Rick in engineering. He said they haven't turned the transmitter on as yet. He was unable to give me a specific date as to when they would.
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I just learned this morning that they're having problems. The two computers inside the transmitter aren't communicating and the manufacturer, Thomcast, is sending some engineeers here to troubleshoot the problem.
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Dave, good to know that WFLX is trying... if only one of the NBC stations got their act together.
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Dave, anything new?

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I haven't heard anything yet. Don't know when the guys from Thomcast are supposed to come or whether they're already here. I'll look into it.
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WPEC-DT now shows "FCC Extension" on the titantv site.

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Originally posted by Roger Clark
WPEC-DT now shows "FCC Extension" on the titantv site.


See my post from 3/20/02 (second post on this page). We had to file for an extension because of delays in air-conditioning installation and equipment shipping.
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Does anyone know where or if WFLX plans to announce their initial digital broadcast? It seems funny that a TV station would throw the switch and we would have to "discover" that they have started broadcasting.
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TitanTV now shows WFLX going live on April 8.
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Here's what I just got in the email!!!


Thanks for you interest in DTV broadcast. We should be testing on air this week . I don't know the exact time. We will be running the DTV transmitter from around 5 pm until midnight until we get more DTV viewers
Call or email me with and comments about what you see.
Angelo "Butch" Figurella
Chief Engineer
WFLX FOX29 West Palm Beach FL.
561-845-2929 X 117

This is exciting!
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Thanks for passing this along, pogo!

Time for more channel scans...keeping my fingers crossed.

In case anyone's wondering about the "..5 p. m. to midnight" remark from Butch, yes, the FCC does, indeed allow DTV stations to operate during limited hours (for now).
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I emailed them and this was their reply today 4/1/02:


Hi Rohan
I glad to hear you are ready for DTV. We will be testing this week. I don't know exactly yet. Our DTV channel is 28.
We should be on every evening starting next week.

No this is not an April fools joke.
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I did a scan last night and didn't see anything. I will be doing one each night now.

Thanks to all for keeping track of this!

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Despite the fact that WPBF-DT has been granted a CP extension on 3/26 they have told me today that they will be on the air on May 1st and the plan is for 720p.
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