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Saving from FIOS DVR to DVD

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I just got Verizon FIOS tv installed with a QIP6416 DVR. I'll want to move recorded shows and movies onto DVDs for future watching, freeing up DVR space for more recordings.

How do I move the programs from the DVR to DVDs? Can this be done with an ordinary DVD recorder? Are there issues with copy protection on movies or tv programs?

I know I can't preserve HD resolution. If the program is recorded in HD, could I copy to a DVD with SD resolution?
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I have the same need as you. Have you had any replies or found a solution on your own?
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With the Motorola DVR offered by FiOS, you can also use a PC to record content from local channels via Firewire, as it is played. Instructions for that can be found this thread. Note this only works for the local (including locals in HD) and public interest channels on FiOS; this does not work for any FiOS cable channels.

If you want to make a DVD of a recording from a cable channel using the Motorola DVR, you'll have to do it the old fashioned way -- connect the composite outputs from the DVR to your DVD recorder, press play on the DVR, and then press record on the DVD recorder.

The TivoHD (and discontinued TiVo Series3) is the only DVR that lets you actually login to the DVR and download SD and HD recordings to your computer over your home network, as seen in the screenshots below. On FiOS, this works for all recordings from both local and cable channels.

Direct recording downloads over your home network using a standard web browser

Once you've got the HD recording on your computer, obtained via Firewire on the Motorola DVR, or by direct web download from the TiVo, you can then automatically remove the commercials and burn to DVD using a program like VideoRedo TVSuite, as seen below.

The red areas indicate the cut commercials. In VideoRedo, select "Start Ad-Detective Scan" to mark all commercials and then "Cut selection" to remove them. Click "Save As.." to save the file as a MPG without commercials, or "Create DVD" to create a DVD with the commercial free program.

After selecting "Create DVD" in VideoRedo, insert a DVD-R or DVD+R and click Ok.

When you create a DVD from a high-definition recording in this way, the video is downconverted to 720x480 (widescreen) resolution, but you preserve the Dolby Digital 5.1 audio. If you have a Blu-ray writer, you could burn the full high-definition recordings to disk, although that would require a different program.
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