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Audio but no video when playing blu-ray

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I have a problem that has been giving me fits for a couple of weeks now.

When I play a blu-ray or HD-DVD disc, I get audio but no video. Also, the overlays are shown (Play, Scenes, etc.), but not the video behind it. It's just a black screen. The really odd thing is that it worked before, and then just stopped. I had bought the drive and was able to play both blu-ray and HD, but there was stutterring so I updated the vid card to the 4670. After that, everything ran fine for weeks. My suspicions have turned to some sort of codec like problem since it affects all players, but I can't think of anything that changed.


Gigabyte GA-MA69GM-S2H
AMD Athlon 64 x2 4600+
2 gigs of PC6400 DDR2 SDRAM
ATI Radeon HD 4670 PCIe through a DVI to HDMI adapter to HDMI port on my Samsung 32 inch flatscreen.
Windows Vista Ultimate

Here are the things that I've tried with no success:

Several different players, including Pdvd, TotalMedia Theater, and Windvd, all with the same result. This includes un-installing and re-installing them all.
Complete re-install of FFDshow
Changing all cabling and adapters
Trying different power-on steps such as TV on then HTPC, HTPC then TV, etc.
Updating video drivers

The problem persists throughout all trouble-shooting steps, on all discs and on both formats. It's even present when I try to play a BD ISO that I made with Anydvd. Also, the PowerDVD "Blu-ray advisor" thing shows all green. Regular DVDs play just fine.

Any ideas?

I'll update this as I remember other steps that I took to try to remedy this. I'm sure I'm forgetting something.
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Which release of the ATI CCC package and drivers did you update to from their Website?
Do these drivers show as the ones being used in Device Manager?
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I started with 8.09, then went to 8.10 and finally 8.11 (the latest build as of two days ago). I was careful to completely uninstall the existing drivers before trying a new set. I had the same results with all of them.

When I purchased the card, I installed the 8.09 drivers and everything worked fine. Only when I started to get the black background did I update to 8.10.
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Small update. The question about the drivers prompted me to re-examine them again. I found that the device manager was indeed showing an earlier version, so I uninstalled it directly from the device manager. This led to the whole PC shutting down unexpectedly several times, so I then uninstalled the whole card from the device manager. Once that was done and the PC was stable again, I installed the 8.11 drivers manually.

The net result is mixed:

Star Wars: The Clone Wars = Perfect in WinDVD, audio but no video in PowerDVD.

The Godfather = ISO rip - Would not play in WinDVD, audio but no video in PowerDVD

Indiana Jones and TOCS - The beginning Blu-ray splash message plays in WinDVD, but then audio and no video, audio and no video in PowerDVD.

So, needless to say, I'm even more confused now. I'm seriously considering wiping it and reinstalling.
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I have a similiar problem.

Everything was ok with 8.10. I've installed 8.11 and

1. DVD blank screen with audio
2. live tv blank screen with audio
3. Blueray green screen with audio.

Went back to 8.10 and everything seems normal.

Remove whole driver and try 8.09 again....

I tried a log of stuff and suggestions but could not resolve it.

I've tried ccleaner and drivercleaner.net but still had same problem.
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i recently updated my "powerdvd 8 ultra" when prompted too.......which brought on a big headache......i kept getting not HDCP compliant message.

After much back and forth with cyberlink tech support i finally solved the problem by.

I managed to solve my problem........i uninstalled power dvd 8 ultra and deleted the cyberlink folders from C:/program files/cyberlink.
than i installed the cyberlink install PDVD8_2021U_DVD080814-02
weighs in at 104mb

so far all is well....even plays my iron man supplemental disc.....which it would not play before.
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same problem here, everything worked fine with "old" version 8.6, updated to 8.10, no picture with bluray but can hear sound. Updated to 8.11 same problem.

Does anybody have a solution?

I updated the ati driver because of gaming problem so rolling back to 8.6 is no option.
May be it's time for a real Blu-Ray Player!!! :-)
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Same situation here. Solved by downgrading ATI driver from 8.11 until 8.5 when BD iso picture starts coming back. I have the latest pdvd ver 8.0.2217.5
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I have a broad suggestion for anyone experiencing Blu-ray playback issues, whether they be from .m2ts or straight from disc: FORMAT AND START OVER!

Let me explain a little more...

I built my HTPC back in March. I immediately threw onto it everything that I had on my desktop computer (Nero, Photoshop, video editing programs). I also initially installed a codec pack (Community Codec Pack, I believe). I later added Lite-On Blu-ray drive and installed PowerDVD 7 and later 8.

I had the most frustrating, inexplicable, and sporadic issues related to lack of video or audio when trying to play .m2ts files in either PowerDVD or MPC. Sometimes the audio would work in MPC and not in PowerDVD. Sometimes I wouldn't get video in MPC. I tried uninstalling the codec pack and installed Vista Codec Pack instead. It fixed some of my problems, but I still had random issues ALL the time. Most of the blu-ray discs I tried would not play in PowerDVD without my going through AnyDVD and ripping out the individual streams. Just as many of you have, I tried uninstalling every last video program and reinstalling. I did several clean installs of PowerDVD, trying different releases, but I could never get consistent playback.

Like many others in this forum have, I considered giving up, as I didn't see all the hours of frustration as being worth it (seeing as how cheap standalone BD players have gotten).

At the advice of a post in this forum, I ended up trying once more with a *fresh* install of Vista. All I installed was Media Player Classic Home Cinema, PowerDVD, Haali, and AC3 filter. I also followed the excellent instructions here to get MPC-HC to use DXVA. (Just realized that I can't post links yet... ranpha.wordpress.com/page-1/ is the site.)

I can't even explain how well my system runs right now. It is like night and day. Every single BD disc and .m2ts stream I've played has worked flawlessly. I'm sure you've all heard it before, but I can't stress enough how many unseen and unfixable problems those GD codec packs cause. They even affect programs that bring and use their own filters (e.g., PowerDVD).

I have tried to install the ABSOLUTE bare minimum on my HTPC, and I leave Photoshop and all my other editing programs to my desktop (where they belong). Also backed up with Acronis when I got everything running perfectly. I haven't even needed to install ffdshow as MPC-HC and its internal codecs have played everything I've thrown at it so far. I don't use Media Center for anything but TV anymore. MyMovies looks nice, but I haven't really found it necessary since I use a mouse with my HTPC. I just added a link to my movies folder to the taskbar so it pops up with a menu (w/ folders for DVD, HD, TV, etc.). I like the consistency of playback in MPC-HC anyway (you can also set it up to control it with the number portion of you VMC remote).

I'm starting to ramble...but my moral of the story is that, when it comes to HTPCs, the simpler, the better, and avoid codec packs like the plague.

PS -- I'm running a 4670 and have had everything working well since the 8.9 drivers (currently running 8.11).
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Hello onetraakmind,

of course reinstalling vista is always a "good" solution, and less programs and codecs installed the better. But for example I am using my computer, not only as a HTPC, I work with this pc and sometimes play games. Besides that I want to watch bluray. So it can't be always a solution to reinstall the os.
In my opinion the problem is at the manufacturers cyberlink and ATI/AMD in that case. They must work together to solve our problems, in my opinion. What do you say? :-)

Looks like we have to wait for ati driver 8.12 in December and see ....
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Yes, but if you have a computer full of third party software, you can't expect ATI, AMD, or Cyberlink to sort out all the potential conflicts. It may be difficult or impossible to pinpoint the issue on a system with so many other variables. If a fresh system with ATI drivers and PowerDVD installed has problems, then I agree that it's time to start bitching.

I also agree that companies like ATI, NVIDIA, and Cyberlink, whose products depend so closely on each other, should try to iron out the bugs amongst themselves so that we don't have to deal with the hassle. The point of my post was just to emphasize what so many before me have said: codec packs screw up your system. If you are having constant video problems, starting fresh may save you a trip to the cardiologist. If you can't blow away your whole system, reinstall onto a spare hard drive to test the water.

In any event, hopefully 8.12 fixes your problems.
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