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Happauge PVR-150-MCE freezes after 10 sec in vista! Please help

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I have a 150 pvr mce that worked fine when installed on Windows XP, but when I Installed Vista, I get all the channels recognized, but I start live TV in media center and about 10 seconds in the broadcast it freezes my whole computer forcing me to do a hard reset! I did install the driver from happauge website and performed the "clear" program that came with it. Could this be memory related? I had 1 gb of memory and now it says 768 mb for some reason, thinking of getting 2 1gb memory sticks for an upgrade. If you have any idea what is happening, please help!

My specs:

P4 3.0 ghz hyperthreading
768 mb ram (was 1 gb)
ATI Radeon 9800 pro 128 mb
asus p4s800dx motherboard
Happauge pvr-150-mce
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Anyone? Also same problem freezing up when playing a DVD in MCE or in WMP.
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Vista likes 2g's of memory to run properly.
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So you think it's a memory problem and not a codec, video card, or motherboard problem? I was also thinking of flashing my bios with latest firmware, you think that would help?
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Search function is your friend. Your system was running fine before your upgrade to Vista, flashing your motherboard Bios can be more harmful than good as it has nothing to do with the problem.
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Since you have the same problem with a DVD it has nothing to do with tuner card or its driver. It is most likely related to your graphics card and/or its driver or your decoder software when it is using hardware acceleration to decode the video.
I certainly do not think it is a memory problem.
What ccc/driver release from the ATI website are you using for the 9800 card?
Have you tried using another DVD player other then MC or MP?
Do you have SP1 installed on Vista
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Thank you both for responding, I have had a problem when I moved from indiana to michigan about a month ago and when I tried to start up the HTPC, the video card was giving me a problem, it would not recognize my 47" HDTV until I used my 17" LCD to get to recognize the 47" (by plugging the DVI cable while turned on!), that was on XP still. I Installed Vista SP1 with the latest driver from ATI. So this could be a video card problem?
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Make sure you installed the latest driver from the ATI Website since the one that came with SP1 may be way out of date or incompatible with your system.
Yes it appears to be video card/driver problem since you have no problem with DVDs.
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Thank you once again Walford, but I just installed XP MCE again and everything works great! I did install the lastest driver from ATI a week ago on Vista and that did not work, I see there is another release dated 11/12/08 which I MAY install it with Vista if I can get some patience from this unstable OS. I feel this new OS is a piece of crap as I have been working on this system for over 5 days now and threw away $150 for it! At least I know it's not a hardware malfunction and just a software conflict with Vista and a codec/driver issue.

Thank You once again!

P.S I do like the "eye candy" of vista and would really like this OS to work with my system!
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I have been using Vista for over 2 years on my different computers and I and my family are very pleaed with this much more stable and secure OS and cetainly would never go back to XP due to its lack of built in protection not to mention Vista's increased funtionality.
Also I have had no Codec problems with Vista an my Nvida grapics card and Hauppauge tuner card.
With Vista you do have to confirm with device manger that new drivers that y0u install are actually being used.
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Ok I will try it again, with your advice on confirming drivers in device manager. I really like Vista and want it to work with my HTPC, if it doesn't work I guess I can install it on my mac mini via bootcamp!
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Sort of the same problem here with HVR-900 and ATI Radeon 2600. After 2-10 seconds of good video file playback, or live TV through the hvr-950 from Media Center , the connection to the monitor ceases with "No signal".
However, WinTV6 plays live TV programs fine on its own and video files play fine via stand-alone players. So, I can't see this as being a Hauppage problem. That also suggests it's not a video card problem either.
In passing, be sure you're running SP1 version of Vista. There was an hauppage-related hotfix that was incoprated into that release.
I seem to be making some progress after deleting the K-Lite and Vista codec packs that I had previously installed. So, I have a feeling this is all a codec-related problem. I also noticed that the sample wmv videoclip that came with media centre played fine,as did an HD wmv file that I had.

BTW, at first, Media center kept dying with the message "Media Center has stopped working" before I could even make a menu selection. Another post elsewhere suggested creating anew User Admin account and running from there. That worked.
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