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Help With Onkyo 606 Audio

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Hi All

I have recently purchased an Onkyo606- it is my first receiver and I am quite new to this type of thing.

In general, I am happy, but could do with some advice on the different sound settings. At the moment, I have a HTPC, Sky +(notHD) and standard DVD player. All are connected using digital audio cables.

At the moment all is set on auto and for DVD's this is fine as it sets to DD or DTS depending on the source. What I need advice on is the recommended for standard TV. At the moment, I usually use All Ch Stereo and occasionally Dolby Pro Logic II for movies. Both are good, although voice is sometimes a bit quiet - I need to ramp up the volume a bit.

I am also finding that when I view a Sky program that is supposed to be in Dolby Digital, the receiver is not detecting this - all the usual checks have been done, using optical cable & Sky Box output set to Dolby Digital.

Could also do with some suggestions on the SUB set up. Done the Audessy thing, but have Input, Crossover and Phase dials on the sub itself, not sure exactly what each of them do.

Any advice gratefully received.

Many thanks in advance!!
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When running Audessey set up, set the sub's gain (volume) somewhere between 1/3 and 1/2, set the crossover to the maximum, and if you have Auto On, set it to On for the set up only so it will be sure to detect your sub.
As for the best setting for TV, just switch among them until you find the one you like best. Sometimes in PL II mode, I find the dialog is weak and switch to something else. As you've already discovered, just let it auto detect for DVD unless you find something you like better.
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