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Onkyo Vs. Denon help

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So I'm in the market for a new receiver, in the $1500 +/- price range. After weeks of research, I'm pretty much down to the Onkyo 906 or the Denon 3808 (or maybe 4808 -- I have a line on one for under $2k). At this point, dollar for dollar, the Onkyo seems to have the leg up on features. The only complaint I've really seen by anyone is that Onkyo receivers apparently run hot enough to cook eggs.

My questions are, is the Onkyo heat issue overblown? Do they really run that much hotter than an "equivalent" Denon?

If you were able to pick one of these amps for free, which one would you choose and why, the Onkyo 906 or the Denon 3808 (or 4808 if that's a no brainer).

I'm mostly interested in getting the most bang for the buck and reliability is high on the list of importance for me. I don't really need any of the video processing features (all my sources are 1080p or 1080i HD through HDMI) so a close-to-as-perfect passthrough would be ideal, but I want the networking, streaming, and HD radio and the ability to make good use of my current 5.1 speaker setup until I install two more speakers for 7.1.

Its really hard to get a feel for these products from their web pages and doing direct product comparisons for features is almost overwhelming. Any assistance in pointing out pluses or minuses would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!
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Yes, the heat issues are way overblown.

Most people that complain about the heat issue are the ones that insist on stuffing the receiver into an enclosed cabinet with horrible air circulation.

If you are not part of this group, then you will not have an issue.
I have owned the Onkyo 905 receiver for over a year and it has been performing flawlessly.

ps. You are on the right path for leaning towards the Onkyo, especially if you have speakers that have any low impedance dips. The Denon receiver struggles with low impedance loads. However, if your speakers do not have low impedance dips, then Denon is a very fine receiver also.
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Thanks for the insights! I had a bit of worry about Denon when I saw they were selling a cat-5 cable for $500.
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