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Want to get a universal remote...

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But it's to be a gift. Here are the requirements.

Needs to control a cable box, TV, DVD player (might be upgraded later on to Blu-Ray, unsure as of now), and a surround system. Reason is that the surround system is owned yet, so it's not here and won't be until sometime next year at the earliest. Ok, here is more info about what's needed :
TV has this thing where when it switches inputs, the menu of inputs stays on until you press exit. I waited 5 minutes, so I need a macro feature to hit exit after each input switch.
It needs to be able to have custom buttons, as they use features with the cable provider that needs special buttons. Something where the remote can "learn" will work just fine, but most are just number combinations I can macro in.
It needs to be relatively easy. The hit input, put it on the coaxial input, and are confused and think they messed up the TV. (No, it can't be disabled)

Other then powering on devices, this is what will be needed :
It will be used to control the volume and input selection of the TV, which will eventually be replaced by a receiver for simplicity. Again, not for a while... I wish sooner to prevent issues. I need to have it so the input selection can mimic pressing "Source" and then "Exit" for the TV to eliminate the menu.

Cable box needs all basic buttons, and some advanced ones. Macro controllers are fine, as I will be setting the controller up and can deal with the technology.

DVD player needs basic controls.

The receiver will hopefully be something where it handles the signal's and has a single output to the TV. Then I would like to be able to set it up so they press one button for say "DVD" and the input switches over for video and audio immediately, but the controller allows DVD functions until another device is selected. Then it switches over everything for that device.

Obviously having a master volume (where no matter what device is selected, it only sends the volume signal to whatever device I set it to) is best. Also, decent battery life is good as well, like 6 months minimal. But I think the battery life thing is no longer an issue with remotes these days...

The biggest problem is cost, I can't spend a lot, not even $200. I was thinking about the Universal Remote RF30.

I have a few weeks, the more help/info/input the better.
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I just purchased a refurb. and it is like brand new. I do not think you can do any better on a great remote

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Perhaps you should post in the remotes forum:


Also, check out Remote Central: http://www.remotecentral.com/
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I was unaware of a remote forum...
Could a moderator move this into that area for me?
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Go with a Harmony 880. You will find it lots of places well under your budget, and it will do everything you are looking for and more. Programming is very easy on the web interface.
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Pronto. A bit more expensive but definately the most programable
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The Harmony 880 seems to be the best choice, so far.

The Pronto won't work because of the scrolling wheel. It sounds dumb, but I know who will be using the controller and they have problems using the TV's native remote when it's needed, and that's just to turn the TV on or off...

Forgot, refurbished is NOT an issue with me. I tend to prefer refurbished items, as they seem to last longer. My theory is that the company spends more time testing the product as they don't want to see it again.
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I forgot, the way things are now (and possibly will be later) have the IR receivers in multiple places. A RF to RI adapter is not possible right now, but might be in the future.
Does the Harmony 880 have a good signal angle?
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Does the Harmony 880 have a good signal angle?

I can point it backwards at a wall covered with floor to ceiling drapes and it works fine.
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well that does it. I'm getting the Harmony 880.
Thanks for the input everyone.
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Ok, I got it today (ordered it for an early present, and they know it) and it's all set up. My mom actually is able to use the TV without being confused now! I can honestly say it was a great investment, and it' hasn't even been here for a full day. Thanks everyone for the input and advise!

Because of this remote, it was reveled that the TV can have the inputs changed on a direct ID base. IE : It can be told to go directly to HDMI3 instead of going through the input list, as well as avoiding the input menu. This allows the whole TV to be much more user friendly with the remote!
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