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Dual Epik Castles vs. Single Epik Conquest

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Im pondering a sub upgrade and I'm having a tough time deciding. I currently have an Epik Castle in approx. 2800 cubic ft. room. It definitely performs well but I've been struck by the upgrade bug. It won't be until January so the wait time if I go dual won't be an issue, and the Conquest is available now.
I've got a friend that will take the Castle off my hands if needed, so the second Castle or the Conquest would cost about the same. If I do go with duals, they won't be co-located if that makes a difference in opinion. I'm going to send Chad an email or call to get his advice as well, but I thought I'd check here as well.
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I'm sure you could make some money off that Castle right now
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It has bee stated before that Chad has designed them so that two of a model will outperform a single of the model above it. So with that in mind, dual Castles allows you the flexibility to find the best room location for the best FR in your room. All the while you will/should be able to exceed the output from a single Conquest. If it were my money to go dual Castles or single Conquest I would get the dual Castles.

Not a bad problem to have, eh?

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I'd think dual co-located Castles will have a good deal more output than a single Conquest above 30hz or so. If they aren't co-located, two Castles will likely at least match a Conquest above 30hz (probably still come out ahead) while smoothing your in-room frequency response - especially helpful if you have several seats and want them all to have a better bass experience. The one area in which I'm guessing the Conquest would come out ahead is in the really deep bass. I don't know how deep your Castle digs in your room, but mine drops off around 15.5-16hz. The Conquest will likely dig deeper than two Castles, but for everything else, I'd prefer dual Castles. Either way, you'll be experiencing some SERIOUS bass .
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Looking into the future, do you think you have space for Dual Conquests?
I think after you have tried the dual Castles or even a single Conquest, you're gonna be wondering about how dual Conquests sounds. My point is you're gonna be curious. In any case, you'll be able to make back the money if you find either is too much.
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It sounds like the general consensus is to go for the Dual Castles. I think I like that idea better myself. The Castles are big but at 120lbs I can move one around by myself without too much effort. Also I like the symmetry of one sub on each side.
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You have 2800 cf room and 1 castle is not enough?!
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Dual castles, but the last I heard you'll be waiting a while...until Epik gets some parts in to build the subs. All of their subs are out of stock except for the Conquest.
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Dual Castles non-colocated, (per your original post), will give you 3 db more output under ideal conditions. Three db is not that great a difference. And, yes, two can smooth your FR some. Question is, have you measured your current FR and how much smoothing does it need if any?

Also, seems to me that adding a second sub is a hit-or-miss way to EQ your bass.

I think that until you can put into words what you think you need to satisfy yourself for the long run, you might want to sit tight. Do you want the ability to reproduce 10 Hz? Folks with the Conquest can achieve that. Remember, the Conquest did 103.8 db at 12.5 Hz in a 7,500 cubic foot room. Or, do you just want more of the same as you have now?

Right now, a number of folks who had been satisfied with ported subs are selling them and going with sealed subs for improved sound quality. The Ascend/Rythmik, the HSU ULS-15, and the J L Audio subs come to mind as having better sound quality than most ported subs, while also being pretty powerful.
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