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My Theater setup and A/V distibution Video featured on Cisco site.

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Check out my Digital Crib entry at the following link.


Fully distributed HDTV, Movies, Music and Photos plus home security, caller-id on TV and Automation all through Media Center, 3 xbox360s and 2 Linksys Extenders. Plus a DIY Dedicated Home theater setup.

The Quick 3 minute video gives the complete rundown, please have a look. leave your comments and rate my setup.

Thanks, long time lurker,
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So what does everyone think? Feedback is welcome!

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Man I would kill for a setup like that... well not kill but you get it

I could really use that tv caller ID. I'm tired of getting up to see who's calling to only find out that it's a freakn' telemarketer.
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Yeah, the callerID is one of those little things that ultimately adds more value than some of the other big items. With a modem installed the software to do that was $30, and it pops on the other PCs as well as the TVs via Media Center Extenders.
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195 views and 1, correct that..... 2 replies/comments of the wonderful presentation of your home automation system.
Let me tell what's really happening.......
By the time you've introduced the second or third configuration (Master Bedroom), heads are exploding! It's just too much for the average guy to comprehend! And you did it yourself!?! Wow!
Your whole home audio/video system is without question, outstanding!
How long did it take you to configure/plan the whole system before actual install?
And how long did the whole job take?

Kudos for days! You've done an excellent job. A job that a top flight custom installer would be proud of.

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ldgibson76, I am flattered! Thanks for your kind words.

It has taken a while to get this far. The theater was first, thats been done for about 2 years now, although components have changed. The majority of the time now is spent dealing with the ever changing Media Center environment, not that MS changes it often, but it seems I am always running accross another feature I can add!

I did my planning for several months before deciding to go the Vista Media Center and Insteon routes. They were the most robust offerings based on my requirements at the time, and continue to prove wise choices.

What I am looking at now is integration of touch screens in the main rooms for control. I am seriously leaning towards ipod touch for this, for the price they seem like a good bet, and they are mobile. No direct VMC integration, but I can get all of my automation and security stuff on them, and with mcontrol can control the extenders.

Thanks again!
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That's a highly impressive whole-house system! Amazing, really. It's like the home of the future was supposed to be years ago - but only a few people have gotten it thus far. It's amazing what you can do yourself these days, though I imagine this has taken a huge chunk of your time.
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Hi everyone, the contest is almost over so have a look if you have not already done so!

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I am with ldgibson76 on this one, this is mind-blowing!! Excellent job vicrose...
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wow, thats all I can think of at this moment.
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Thanks everyone. We will see what happens!
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thats amazing man, i wish i had your talent to set up mine like that. you must enjoy walking into that nice house knowing you did all that hard work. good job and if your in Michigan help a brother out! haha
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