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Originally Posted by pizzaman79 View Post

Thanks. I swapped the Scythe shuriken on my cpu for a Scythe big shuriken and the Antec NSK1380 case is now replaced by a Lian Li PC-V351B. This alone brought the temperature down to around 60', without an active fan.

Gigabyte had a great tech support and confirmed that these are quite normal temperatures, so i'm gonna accept them for now. I'll probably replace the internals for ivy bridge as soon as gigabyte brings out a nice htpc/server uatx mobo. Already bought my DDR3 memory, as prices are about to rise :-)

My chipset runs at about 39 degC using one of these:


The fan pulls air down and then out over the components around the CPU including the chipset heatsink. If your CPU fan doesn't direct air over your chipset heatsink, you will have a hot chipset. I started with a passive CPU cooler, but found out quickly that it didn't cut it for this chipset. There was a lot of hot chipset discussions in this thread when this board was released. Take a look.

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I just installed Windows 8 PRO on my HTPC and now my PC randomly goes to sleep or hibernate. Windows 8 installed fine, it found all the drivers except for the coprocessor driver which I had to manually point to the windows 7 64bit chipset downloaded folder I got from gigabyte website. So the computer boots up fine, I have it connected to HDMI to my receiver-->tv and a touchscreen VGA monitor. Now I try to do something and it randomly will make my tv and monitor go blank (I get no signal on tv). The PC is still on, then shuts off but it either goes into sleep or hibernate because when I turn it back on, the login screen comes up. Even before I can logon if I press a key to logon and enter my password it shuts down again.

Has anyone installed Windows 8 and what drivers did you use? I am sure it is a driver issue but in Gigabytes website there is no windows 8 drivers.

I hope there is a fix if not I will go back to windows 7.
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I haven't tried Windows 8 on my HTPC with this motherboard but it always had issues with the Nvidia graphics card and its drivers. Always seemed to be very temperamental. I would look towards those as a first line of troubleshooting. Either make sure you have the most recent and/or rollback a few versions and see if you have better luck with them. I seem to remember it being so bad I thought about getting a dedicated graphics card even though the very reason I choose this motherboard was because of the integrated solution. It eventually started working and I have made sure I haven't taken any automatic updates since to those drivers since then. Eventually, I'll swap out the motherboard for something better as there are much better options available nowadays.
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I have had problems running windows 8 Pro on this board too. Runs fine on another computer with a later motherboard including WMC but not his board. Have tried several different drivers including a later nvidia drivers. I have also run into another problem that is not mentions - extraordinarily slow copy process to my windows home server 2011 - Painful
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An update on this motherboard, which I retired from HTPC use to Server use. I just added an IBM MegaRAID M1015 controller. First I was concerned it might not be compatible due to the nvidia chipset usage. Well, it worked fine.

Then there is the whole process of flashing these cards with an LSI firmware. Again, this too worked fine. I just disabled the onboard SATA, IDE, and LAN in the BIOS prior to flashing. Up until I received the card I could never find info that it would work on this board.
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Any other experiences on running it with Windows 8? Mine has been running Windows 8 for last month. I'm so disappointed. It reboots at random at least once a day. I've made some basic tweaks mentioned for Windows 8 to avoid reboot issue, but no success yet. Since I use it as a Media center, I don't think there is any advantage of running 8 - seems like it's a mistake. Will probably be going back to 7 over the weekend.
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I discover that the cause of my windows 8 problems and file access was the lan drivers. After I replace the motherboard drivers with standard lan drivers the file access problems and other related problems went away. Windows 8 now performs well on this board and there are no problems accessing files over my network and server. I almost gave up and went back to windows 7 but am glad that I did not as I like the on-line interactive interface of windows 8 and the clean music app...
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my htpc is running on windows xp 32 with 2 Go RAM.
I would like to change (Windows seven 32).
Could you clearly tell me if Gigabyte GA-E7AUM-DS2H works well with seven ? all functions are available ?
Do i need 4 Go ?
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The MB works great with Win7. Win7 is a major improvement over XP. You will be glad you upgraded.
Regarding HTPC use, the on-board graphics is too weak for running MadVR (at its highest settings) but a cheap NVidia GT440 or GTS450 add-on card is all it takes to handle that.
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The board will run either windows 8 or 7 - personally, I would recommend the 64 bit version.
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I installed seven 32bits. Everything seems to work correctly.
But windows tells me that the driver for multimedia video controller (PCI\VEN_109E&DEV_0350) is missing.
I don t know if it is important.
Have you seen this problem ?
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Originally Posted by laurentluberon View Post

I installed seven 32bits. Everything seems to work correctly.
But windows tells me that the driver for multimedia video controller (PCI\VEN_109E&DEV_0350) is missing.
I don t know if it is important.
Have you seen this problem ?


Google tells me that it is your AVerMedia Capture Card.
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Nice to see people still using thiese boards

I have 2 of them running stong with cablecard tuners and win7 32bit

not a single issue with either of them.
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Today, after having zero problems with this board for a few years now, I turned on my PC and it sits at POST for a long time (10+ minutes). When it finally tries to boot to Windows (7 x86) it has an onld system and one of my current ones listed. I have Windows 7 / Windows 8 dual boot - but it shows Windows 7 / Windows XP instead. I'm rying to figure out why its taking forever to boot to post, and secondly why my systems are not coming up correctly. There is also an error related to winload, and Windows 7 will not load.

Update: I found the Windows problem - after updating the BIOS the SATA drives were running in IDE mode instead of AHCI. I switched that and WIndows now loads - but the long waiting period at POST is still there.
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try EasyBCD, should fix your boot issues.
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my boot times are very very very long on this board too

although it depends on my FSB speed .... some lower speeds and it takes forever, some higher speeds the same, some inbetween much quicker ...

"quick" is prob 20 seconds (to initial boot), slow is 40+ seconds

seemed to be when I added the discrete graphics card

never had a PC take so long to boot to bios
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ouch - just tried (as was lent one) a IR temperature detector

measured the northbridge heatsink on my 9400 .... 79.4C - ouch
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