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D-VHS tape-what brand do you use ?  

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What is the most common D-VHS tape stock do we use ?

1. JVC DF300
2. JVC DF420
3. Maxell DF300
4. Panasonic DF300
5. SVHS (brand/length)
6. Other

Thank you !
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Fuji ST-160 S-VHS. I've had excellent success with this brand, but unfortunately the last case of 10 had one defective tape in it (evidenced by multiple green macroblocking on playback, not attributable to the Panny heads). All in all though, after making 50 recordings so far, I would have to say that the Fuji's are the most cost effective way to archive HD films. I get my tapes from Tape Warehouse.
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S-VHS,TDK XP Super Pro T-160 (2 hrs, 43 min typ.) Hundreds with no problems. I buy from Carpel Video "recycled" at $5.00 each.
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Tapes I use regularly:

TDK ST-120 SVHS, no failures out of more than 500. No head clogging.
JVC DF-300 DVHS, no failures out of 50. No head clogging.
TDK ST-160 SVHS, no failures out of 50. No head clogging.
JVC DF-420 DVHS, one pulled off takeup reel out of 20. Reused many times. No head clogging.
JVC DF-480 DVHS, no failures in 10. Some reused over 50 times. No head clogging.

Tapes I use if nothing else is available:

Fuji ST-120 and ST-160, a few failures out of 40 or so.
Panasonic DF-300. Goofy box, hard to record on.

Tapes I use if threatened with a gun:

Maxell anything. Some have clogged heads.
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Success with:
100% success (zero dropout) with Fuji ST120 and ST 160

5% success with Maxell ST120

100% success with JVC DF-420

I have reduced all my recording needs to these three brands/lengths of tape and will no longer use Maxell based on recent bad experience with dropouts to no recording at all an 20 tapes in my library.
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I use a variety, generally picking the minimum-length tape necessary to record the program. I've used all of the following:
  • Fuji ST-120 (123 minutes) for the vast majority of programs that run in under 120 minutes
  • Maxell ST-126BQ (129 minutes) for a few programs
  • JVC DF-300 and Maxell DF-300 (153 minutes)
  • Maxell ST-160 (163 minutes)
  • Maxell ST-182BQ (183 minutes)
  • JVC DF-420 (213 minutes)
  • JVC DF-480 (242 minutes)
I've had no consistent problems with any of these brands (none that seemed to be related to the tape itself). But the credible reports herein about problems with Maxell are scaring me. I've used the Maxell "BQ" tapes for analog S-VHS recording for a decade and haven't had many problems with them. I especially like the little bit of extra running time the ST-126s provide, which makes it much easier to archive two one-hour programs on a single tape given the before-and-after slop you have to allow for nowadays with most network broadcasts.

I wonder if the complaints that others have about Maxell (especially Roger's avoid-unless-threatened sentiments) extend to the BQ series as well as to their regular consumer line.

I've used a few Maxell DF-300s and haven't seen any problems with them either, but you people are frightening me. I have way too many problems already with these recorders.
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Current use and recommended:
Fuji ST-120
Maxell ST-182 BQ only
Panasonic DF-300

Not recommended under any circumstances:
Any Maxell S-VHS that is not BQ
Any non-S-VHS

Based on the info in this topic, I'm considering completely eliminating Maxell from the line up.
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1. JVC DF300 - no problem 100%
2. JVC DF420 - no problem 100%

Was thinking if by using SVHS tape will do any harm to heads/transport on PV-HD1000 ???

SVHS tapes price-wise are more sound then DVHS. Like this thread of Fuji ST120 (under $5)


Is this tape will work OK in Panny ?

Thanx !
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Fuji ST-120
Fuji ST-160
JVC ST-210

All of the above from Tape Warehouse (great customer service from Tom).

I used to use JVC ST-120s, but switched to Fuji as the shells seem stronger (try the "twist test").

I have a couple of Maxell ST-180s, but don't bother with this length anymore. (Early on I took Don's suggestion to simplify inventory by keeping only 3 lengths in stock.) I've got a handful of TDK ST-120s & ST-160s as well as a couple of Panasonic DF-300s.

Lately I've been doing a lot of timer recording while traveling. I tape several things on an ST-210 & dub them off onto shorter tapes. For that I'd like to try DF-480s if I could find some.
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I looked for pricing on the web today for TDK ST160 SVHS tape and noticed a considerable premium over ST 120. The TDK ST 160 was in the same price range as equal length DVHS. Any advice on sources.
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Originally posted by peterd

Lately I've been doing a lot of timer recording while traveling. I tape several things on an ST-210 & dub them off onto shorter tapes. For that I'd like to try DF-480s if I could find some. [/b]
I was in Tokyo last weekend and I did find the DF-480's but the price is outragous: about $45, so I didn't buy any. But I did buy a bunch (as much as I could pack away) of Victor-JVC XG 120's (SVHS) for only about $1.80 each!

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I was in Tokyo last weekend ...
Bernhard -

Well, timing is everything! I do expect these to be expensive ('though not that much!). Fortunately, I'd wouldn't expect to need many (since I'd be re-using them after dubbing off each new set of recordings).

Do you get to Japan often?
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Contact Milton Henry ( me_henry@sprynet.com )in Tokyo. I'm not sure if he still does this but a few months ago I got 10 JVC DF480's from him with no problems. If there's a minimum order I'll take a couple and maybe others here will want one or two.
They're not cheap. Well over $50 each when shipping etc is included, but I can't imagine life without 480's.
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Does anyone know where I can purchase JVC D-VHS online -- other than TAPE WAREHOUSE? (They won't ship to Canada).

Many thanks,

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I usually buy from Tape World in Butler, PA. Though their advertised prices are higher than Tape Warehouse's I've found that they'll usually match the lower advertised price.

I don't know if they ship to Canada, but it should only take a phone call to find out.
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Why buy from Tape World where JVC DF-420AU tapes are $18.99,
or from Tape Warehouse where they are $17.96?

You can buy them direct from JVC for $16 each.

JVC USA for DF-420AU
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That's a good deal on JVC DF-420s. But it's anomalous: other tape prices on their Web site are higher than Tape Warehouse's. The JVC DF-300s are $11.99 (vs. $9.49), ST-210s are $24.99 (vs. $14.00, or $11.93 in quantity 10), and ST-120s are $7.99 (vs. $5.40).

I suspect that you could get a price match on the DF-420s if you told Tape World (or Tape Warehouse) about it.
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1. TDK ST-120 (~$5) <- good out of the box
2. Fuji ST-160 (~$5) <- good out of the box
3. JVC DF-420 (~$18) <- a one-pass on the tape is needed to eliminate dropouts

I buy from Tape Warehouse. Fast and reliable.

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dahester, what does this mean, "a one-pass on the tape is needed to eliminate dropouts "? Do I need to play it to end one time or will Fast Forward do the trick too?

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