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Samsung DLP rear projection HL-R4667W Green Screen of Death

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My parents' Samsung DLP rear projection TV HL-R4667WAX is about 2.5 years old and has video problems. The TV Guide menu screen, Setup menu screen and audio are perfect. The video from all analog RCA inputs (Air, DVD, VCR, AV3) are showing the "Samsung Green Screen of Death" mixed with kermit green vertical stripes, black screen, occassional flickers of video, blue screen, blue vertical stripes and rarely magenta screen, green/blue vertical striped screen. Does anybody know what component or circuit failed? Thank you!

Here's a 1 min video of the problem
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It's either a bad analog board ($170) or bad digital board ($470), add labor to that. If the hdmi is clear then it's the analog. You can check andrewselectronics.com for prices.
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Thanks for the ballpark quotes on the analog and digital boards.
I haven't tried a digital input on my parents TV, so I don't know about the digital board.

Interestingly, the PIP window displays perfectly (RCA analog input or Cable/Air). The main screen display is kermit green, kermit green with vertical stripes, black screen, flickers of the input sources, etc. See a 1 min YouTube video at >>> youtube /watch?v=9DSi3qCNvzM

From what I understand of how PIP works, there's actually two circuits, one for the main picture and one for PIP. So I think this still makes sense that the analog board has a bad main picture circuit.

I pulled out the input side of the Samsung HL-R4667W --
The analog board model is
Hurricane2 L64C HLR4266W -- hmm, guess the 42" part is ok with our 46" set.
REB No H2Analog V1.2 2005.04.12
Code No BP41-00214c
$129.95 online
Anyone know tricks to replacing this board? It seems pretty straightforward.
What's with the two glued multi-connectors on the back. I'm going to try to order it tomorrow. I'll keep you posted!
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I completely pulled out the Analog board on my parents' Samsung HL-R4667W last night. It had a couple circuits where the circuit board was brownish as if it had overheated. I checked them for looseness, then decided to reinstall it as a trial run for a replacement board. Reattached the multi-pin connectors (about 10-12), tightened the screws holding the board down (grounds?), tightened the dedicated ground wire. Reinstalled the rear panel.

It fired up fine and the picture now works!!!

Maybe I made a better ground, maybe I reset some circuit?
Maybe I fiddled with the bad circuit board connection and made it work?
My parents after 3-4 TV repair service calls are amazed. I hope it lasts
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Two nights ago, pulled the Analog board, found two brown spots suggesting overheating, reinstalled, picture returned. Well, we watched it for the whole day, and then the picture started going black and was getting vertical white lines. Now the symptoms are worse, there's no startup jingle, nor do the TV Guide menu or Setup menu display. The lamp is on. Did the Analog board go completely dead? VanceBaldwin had it for $150 plus $50 core and I ordered it.
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I swapped in a new Samsung analog input board BP94-02049E $150 tonight. The startup jingle came back, but the video was of poor quality with vertical stripes white and violet stripes. Powered down and restarted it. Now there's no startup jingle, the lamp lights, no video, no audio, no TV Guide menu, just a faint glow from the lamp, black screen and it powers down by itself after 1-2 minutes and tries to restart itself. Now I'm thinking it may be a bad digital board BP94-02084A, about $300 refurbished from PartSource.com, $400 new.

A one minute YouTube video of the original symptoms, all using RCA analog inputs -- kermit green video, kermit green with vertical stripes, good audio, good menu screens, good PIP.
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I have the same issue. Every input except HDMI has the vertical kermit colored lines. How hard was it to replace the analog board? Are instructions posted anywhere?

This is funny - I went into setup on the tv, and went to edit the name of the input I had a dvd hooked up. When I changed the input name to "GAME" the picture returned to normal.
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After replacing the analog board BP94-02049E, the television seemed to get stuck in a reboot cycle. The lamp lights, no startup jingle (indicates no bootup), black screen, the television then powers down to standby and tries to restart. You have to pull the power plug during the 5 second standby mode.

Then it works. Startup jingle, no blue light..., TV guide menu displays, no more kermit green vertical lines, and the analog inputs all work. Unfortunately, something goes wrong and the TV goes black again after a few hours. If you pull the plug during the power down standby mode, you can break the cycle and it will work again for a while.

I've read that the digital input board $300-400 (where the HDMI plugs in) and the analog input board $150-200 (where the RCA plugs are) should be replaced together. The analog input board feed it's signal to the digital input board and then through the DVI cable to the DMD (digital mirror device) board.

I had the digital input board BP94-02084A on order $300 refurbished, but it was on nationwide backorder from PartSource.com so I canceled the order. Now I'm back in California, 2000 miles from my parent's Samsung.
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I have a 4 year old hln567 dlp Samsung, when I use the DVI and Components inputs I get the green skin tones and magenta background colors. I am not sure if I would call it the green screen of death, picture quality is not what I would call HD quality, I also get lines of black dots on the screen. I have to run my satellite and DVD palyer thru the s-video inputs, the picture quality is good, been livin with it for 1 1/2 years now. Time to get to the bottom of the problem, obviously the analog board is working because the TV is fine, not wild about buying a digital board and then finding out it is not the problem. At this point it is not worth spending 500- 800 dollars to fix it when you can buy new one for 1500.00
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Saw this the other day. Good video, flickering, green screen with lines, black screen, good video, flickering, etc. The cycle lasted about a minute before repeating. Powered down unit. Turned it back on, issue resolved to this day. Had the unmistakable odor of burnt electronics for a while that evening. Noticed the remote (not the original) failed after this.
Assumed the remote section fried or something similar.
Picked up a new remote and was setting it up and it worked, the other remote works as well.

Guess I'm lucky.

Anyway, the TV was free. Still have issues with the cable signal quality on lower channels but that will be addressed at a later date.

Question? Does anybody know where I can find the discrete codes for this set?

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