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Yes I noticed they charge $10 a month for HD, do they also charge for the DVR every month like TW does? It's a game, they try to get as much of our money as they can while we try to get their service as cheaply as possible!

The reason why I said I'm happy with Time Warner for the most part is the install is less than stellar. They did it late in the day and just wanted to get home for the night I guess. They installed a phone junction box outside that does nothing. They have 3 short cables that go under the house but are not long enough to go anywhere. They installed an inside phone jack where they modem is and it feeds the other jacks in the house. My phone wires in the house are a bit buggy and need to be redone so I'll fix it all myself when I feel like crawling around under the house. Anyone know where I can get a telephone punch down tool? Might as well use the TW dummy phone box they installed. It's a small house so we have been getting by with just a cordless phone hooked to the back of the modem. Sometimes I wonder why I have a land line at all.