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Projector to use with console (PS3/Xbox) gaming

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Hi Folks,

I'm new to home theatre and thought I'd get your opinions. I'm looking to set up a projector in a 15' x 30' room in the basement (good light control. I'll be using it for gaming on my xbox 360 and PS3 (40%), watching movies (30%) and watching HD TV (30%). The projector has to be LCD as I do see rainbow effect of DLP projectors.

Here are my questions:
- Is gaming on a projector a problem? I heard older projectors showed some flickering. If you are a heavy gamer would a LCD panel TV be better then a LCD projector?
- Is watching TV on a big screen (thinking of somewhere between 96' and 106') a problem. My wife thinks the large size of the screen might make the experience of watching TV less enjoyable.
- I'm considering one of the following 2 projectors: Sanyo Z700 or the Panasonic Panasonic PT-AE3000. I know the Panasonic is better but I have to consider price as I do need to buy seats, screen, mounts and surround sound system (Thinking JBL).

Any advice would be appreciate. Thanks.
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As for the projectors you mentioned - I can't comment too much as I have not used them.

However, I have my Wii and 360 connected to a Toshiba TDP-S20U (yes, it's old!) and I find it works just fine. The 360 doesn't look as good as it did when it was connected to a 720P LCD, but the 100" screen certainly makes UT3 interesting!

Lag shouldn't be an issue - at least, I haven't noticed on mine. I would think that network lag would be a bigger issue.

Anyhow, this is one gamer saying that even my old POS works well!
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Originally Posted by hayneskr View Post

Lag shouldn't be an issue - at least, I haven't noticed on mine. I would think that network lag would be a bigger issue.

It is, but it's also impossible to control the signal once it leaves your hous...where has you have full control over the display you use. (And the display you use affects all your non-online gaming as well.)

My TW4000 (Epson 6500) showed up today, and it is unbelievable, and I mean that for gaming as well. I am very underwhelmed by the Z700 and TW3000, as the organic panels do not have the black levels you would want.

Panasonic's AE3000 has "game mode" because their projectors have so much more image lag than Sanyos and Epsons. The AE2000 would have been a horrible gaming projector, but as long as you remember to game in game mode, the AE3000 should be okay. I would definitely consider both the Sanyo Z3000 and Epson 6500, as they both use PixelWorks chips (quite fast) and should be excellent projector for both videos/movies and video games. (While no one's tested it yet, I'd guess that the AE3000 is roughly as fast in game mode as the Sanyo Z3000 and Epson 6500 are with uncessary processing turned off.)

I understand they may be pricey, but the black levels are unbelievable.

(Also, if you go to the +3K forum, there are recently updated threads on image lag and gaming and my review of my TW4000 if you're interested.)
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Epson Home Cinema Power-Lite 1080UB (LCD) w/ 120" screen at a 10' viewing distance
HD Movies,Games and HDTV about an even split for all three.
This is my very first projector so it took my G/F and I a couple weeks to adjust to the size, but now we wont settle for anything less.

PS3, XBOX Elite, Toshiba HD-A2, Motorola HD-DVR all connected via HDMI to my Yamaha RX-V3900 (9.2 surround sound)
with Two HDMI outs, One goes to my Kuro plasma (behind the drop down screen) the other one to my Epson 1080UB (Ultra Black).

Casino Royale bluray (PS3)

Pirates' bluray (PS3)

Sunshine on Bluray:

The Black levels in this scene are Absolutely SICK!

The Very Dark underwater cave from the PS3 game TombRaider Underworld

Same scene as above but with Lara highlighted using Photoshop because the scene was too dark for my camera to pick her up

Gears of War II (XBOX 360)

I Lost my original GamerTag when my last 360 got the dreaded RROD

Resistance II (PS3)

I very rarely even turn the plasma on anymore,
just if I want to watch the news or some SD TV for an hour or less.
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Very nice Pio...I must say, Lara's rear looks better than ever...

Planar Pd 7060, here...originally purchased for a downstairs theater, still watch movies, but it has turned in to more of a game/media center (Xbox 360). (Probably 70 % gaming over family theater, due to Gears 2...) Recently upgraded to Directv HD service, and am in the process of getting everything ready to plug in to the projector, so I imagine more regular viewing will take place. I absolutely LOVE it. Prior to this all my theater equipment has gone to waste. If my wife was not asking me to turn it down she was doing so herself.
I have noticed no lag, although I am experiencing a big learning curve with Gears 2...not sure why...I mean, I usually suck on live, but I do game with a group of older gamers, of which I am mediocre at best. But now I am bottom of the barrell...There is no "game mode" with the Planar, but you can turn off the processing...which I have...
I do not experience RBE, so I am good there, I do not see any SDE until I get like 6 feet away, at seating distance, everything is crystal clear.
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Originally Posted by kevin g. View Post

Very nice Pio...I must say, Lara's rear looks better than ever...

Lara Croft my #1 guilty pleasure
...the games not that bad either

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Gamed on Sanyo Z4, Mits HC5000, Pana AE3000 and Sony VW60. Never had any problem. HC5000 and AE3000 are the only ones out of the 4 that take 1080 over VGA and component. VW60 only accepts 1080 over HDMI. So if you are going to use VGA or component input you better double check the user manual for accepted resolution for each input.
There is nothing like gaming on a 100+ screen. The bigger the better, a much more immersive experience.
Depend on which kind of TV signal you are talking about. HDTV signal will look absolutely fantastic. SD tv on the other hand will not look good. AE3000 seems not to do as good a job with upscaling/deinterlacing standard tv signal as the HC5000.
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