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Soundbar as a center speaker?

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Has anyone added a sound bar to their existing 5.1 or 7.1 set up. I want to replace my center speaker and use a sound bar from Sony or Polk.

Will it enhance or just disturb the imaging?



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If I am correct I think all you will be doing is buying an overpriced center channel because you will be using a speaker that is designed to handle the signal from 5 channels and you will only be running the center channel signal to it.You should just buy a matching center for your fronts it will be cheaper and sound better.
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Yes, absolutly. You can buy a sound bar from either of those companies and insert into your system as a center channel. Should you? Absolutly not!! A sound bar is designed to create the illusion of 5 speaker surround sound. It is not an enhanced center channel speaker. If you try to combine it with other speakers, you will only screw up the sound quality - especially if you try to pair it with different a brand of speakers.

Why do you ask?
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I wonder, can I connect ht-ct660 soundbar with bose acoustimass16 as central speaker?

or should I make connection between soundbar and amp directly

My goal is to get better sound volume control

Thanks for replay
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Active soundbars should be connected directly to your TV and/or sources. Passive soundbars can be used to replace the front 3 speakers in a HT setup.
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Most virtual surround systems use phase cancellation to manipulate the sound to feel wider than the speaker size would suggest. This means that when used in combination with other speakers the sound waves will combine destructively and cancel out. This means that you will literally have HOLES in the sound. You'll hear something, walk to another chair, and hear significantly less. There is literally no benefit to doing this.
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I've been doing it for years with my ZVOX HD-550. It sounds good to my old ears. I use Magnepan 10.1's for the L and R. I used to have a Magnepan center, but it was too big, and I couldn't appreciate the accuracy on vocals from the center channel anyway, so I gave it away. One drawback is that I have to use 2 remote controls, one for the B&K AVR 507, and one for the ZVOX. Once I get the volume adjusted properly, it sounds cohesive to me and my family though. I wouldn't go back to having all the same brand speakers now. When I don't want to watch a movie, I just use the ZVOX. It's that simple for me and my family.
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I am looking to replace the fronts and centers of my 6.2 sound system with a passive soundbar.  I have Polk RM10 speakers.  The reason is so I can up the system to a 9.2 with a single speaker in the front, to make the wife happy.


I was considering:




First, would it be recommended?  Second, what is the best match for my system?





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I would not recommend this.  A soundbar will be a massive downgrade compared to having real speakers L, R, and center.  Would be sorta like going from actual speakers to a bose system imo.


The Polk's that you have are itty bitty satellites that will already be giving up a lot of sound quality compared to even bookshelf speakers.  Normally, bookshelf speakers are considered to be high WAF, you are a big step down from bookshelves with your little satellites.  I say put your foot down and have her deal with it.  Show here some giant honking floorstanders and massive home theater sub you would like to get(not really), then maybe she will be happy with your itty bitty satellites.

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Thanks.  That was one of the things I was afraid of.  I will show her some enormous speakers and maybe something a little bigger than what I have to upgrade.

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