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AccesDTV or Hipix connection to HDTV  

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I have the AccessDTV PCI card in my PC and had been recording OTA hd programs and playing back on the PC, no problems, and in fact, fantastic picture. It's time to try to connect and play back on my RCA F38310. Understand I need a 15-pin VGA to component cable for the connection. This cable is hard to get, but I found a web site:

Anyone with an accessDTV or Hipix card who had played back on an HDTV care to share some insights before I venture into the unknown ?

Thanks. (also posted on the Hardware forum)
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Hi Andrew:
I live in Walnut Creek and also have an RCA 38310 HDTV set. When I use my HTPC (home-theater PC) with my HDTV, I have to convert the VGA output of my Radeon video card in the PC into component-video format. For that I use an Audio Authority transcoder which is compatible on the input with the RGBHV output of the Radeo video card, and on the output with the Y-Pb-Pr component-video inputs of the RCA 38310. The site you indicated shows a cable with a 15-pin connector on one end and 3 RCA plugs on the other end. This cable is just an electrical connection between the 15-pin VGA connector and the 3 RCA connectors!!! It does not transcode VGA to component-video formats! Are you aware of this? I am not familiar with the ACCESS-DTV card you have in your PC. Could it be that this card can be setup to deliver Y-Pb-Pr outputs on the VGA connector? If this is so, then the cable advertizes at that site should work without any problems. I sure would like to talk with you about the ACCESS-DTV card. If you are willing, my email address is fardo@ispwest.com, and my phone is 925-938-4929. I cannot tune in KQED on the east side of the Oakland Hills. I sure would like to record some of their travell shows in HD. Please, give a call or send me a short email. I would appreciate it very much.
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I am using an AccesDTV card which I have routed to
my Mitsubishi WS-65908. The audio and video work
great. I am using 5 RGBHV connectors. The video
card supports 3-connector component but I have not
tried this. If you are using the recording or
time-shifting capabilities of this product, my
experience is that it is buggy. For instance, I
have made dozens of recordings from local digital
channels but now it will not record. I have also
encountered problems where if I stop the recording
Windows 2K reboots and the recorded program has
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