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Originally Posted by Tulli View Post

As discussed previously in the thread I think this is due to Nvidia doing their own validation of certified displays. EDID overrides are ignored with latest drivers. Just in case you haven't already, read from this post:

Yeah, I was afraid of that.

I was going to post my passive 3DTV INF (output from the scan tool) in the nVidia thread and hope for future support. Is anyone else seeing nVidia adding such support after people add such INFs?
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Originally Posted by Tulli View Post

Did you reboot after installing the EDID override? OTOH an EDID override is generally not needed in a normal setup (HTPC - AVR - HDTV) because the AVR can perfectly replicate the TV video timings+ audio specs EDID. Thus you should get at most the correction of the display device ID, but nothing else.

I did. Shouldn't I see a change in device manager after this? I didn't see any change even though the inf was installed successfully. I'm being told that in order to get audio to work properly in XBMC I need to turn off any CEC options in my system but that leads to issues where my video card is not being detected properly or black screens when I wake my system up.

Given the comments earlier in this thread it seems like installing the inf would help with this sort of issue? That people shouldn't need something like HDMI Detective?

These are the entries that I used but not sure if you can really tell that something is off just by looking at the code. The below should be for a Sony HX850 TV and a Yamaha RX-V673 receiver. I used the app mentioned earlier in the thread to get the codes.


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The handshaking issues I can live with because it seems isolated to when I connect remotely using Teamviewer. I use teamviewer to do most of my htpc configuration.

But this is the last thing on a list of stuff I need to verify in trying to get xbmc to work properly.

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The EDID override should show up on device manager.

The extension block of the posted EDID is wrong. Post the real time EDID of your TV and I'll add a full audio block to it.
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Originally Posted by Tulli View Post

The EDID override should show up on device manager.

The extension block of the posted EDID is wrong. Post the real time EDID of your TV and I'll add a full audio block to it.

I used GetEDID for this...

.0.5.txt 1k .txt file

I don't have to worry about my receiver? It's just the TV?
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I only created the .inf file as the EDID already had a full audio block.

SonyTV+Full Audio.zip 1k .zip file
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Thank you! I'll give it a try tonight

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sorry for my bad english.

I have a Lg 42lm620S tv and 5.1 samsung hts e4500 with my MSI gt780dx (notebook gamer)

All hdmi are on the tv like that

pc => tv => optical => home theater

my tv support passthrough because when i play a game on my ps3 or my pc a dvd the tv show an icon like a D

my graphic card is a gtx 570M support 7.1 but the tv tell only 2 channel

my ps3 send 5.1 when i play a game and my notebook too when i play a dvd with vlc or media center but when i play battlefield 3 no sound in 5.1

Can you override EDID for when i play a game i can get 5.1 sound please ???

Thank you in advance for your response.

this is the inf file of my tv

LG TV 42LM620S.zip 1k .zip file
LG TV 42LM620S.txt 6k .txt file and this is the txt of moninfo
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You'll need a dolby digital live encoding card . Unless Battlefield 3 can be set to send a compressed DD audio stream. But most probably it is sending a multi-channel LPCM stream with Dolby certification. The S/PDIF bandwidth of your auido link is not enough for that, thus the 2 (LPCM) channels.
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ok well if i understand there is no way with my configuration to have 5.1 sound when i play a game ???
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Correct. The S/PDIF audio link only allows foir 2LPCM (uncompressed) and plain multichannel DD and DTS (compressed). Hence if the game cannot send a compressed DD or DTS audio stream (as e.g. VLC can do) you're stuck with 2 channels. The solution of course would be to use the full audio bandwidth of HDMI by connecting to an AVR and then to the TV.
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Originally Posted by Tulli View Post

I only created the .inf file as the EDID already had a full audio block.

SonyTV+Full Audio.zip 1k .zip file

I actually got an error saying that it didn't have a driver signature so the driver wasn't installed. Is there something else I need to do? I know I can boot my system to ignore that check but not sure if I should?
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Yes, do the boot procedure to disable driver signature.
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Yep, that did it. Now see the override. Let's see how it helps. Thanks for your help!
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Hi all.

Im getting some issue with my Dell Latitude E6510. It has an nVidia NVS 3100M with only Displayport.

After bought 2 adapters and obtained the same results, booth DP to HDMI, I did not got lucky
with its connect to a Sony AMP (STR DN1030) and to a Bravia HDTV (46HX855) to play the uncompressed audio
DTS-HD and Dolby TruHD. Booth Sony are recent models.

In the properties of the AVAMP connected, Windows 7 says it supports only DTS, Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus.
XMBC can play, for ex., TRON 3D only in Coax/Opt audio option, because with the HDMI option, the DTS Master audio
blinks in the Receivers Panel but, playing a chopping video, no sound at all.
It can be EDID issue?

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That Dolby DIgital Plus is listed means that there is no EDID detection problem and that the nVidia NVC 3100M can't bitstream HD audio, only multichannel LPCM.
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Oh, how quickly! Thank you for your reply, Mr. Tulli.
I think this specs can explain my mistake: http://www.nvidia.com.br/object/nvs_techspecs.html
The 7.1 hd audio support are not the same that uncompressed, so is that it?
Thanks anyway, I will not spend my time with HD Master setup if my notebook needs a new GPU.
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Hi Mr. Tulli,

Like many others on this forum, I too have been struggeling with the EDID override for my Sony TV. I've tried doing it myself, and after 2 days of generating .inf's with Monitor Asset Manager, I'm still unsuccessfull.
That why I turn to you, with the question to help me.

The info that was extracted from my TV:

;Base EDID
;Extension bloc #1, e.g., CEA-EXT, DID-EXT, etc.

More info about my setup:

Windows 8 HTPC ==HDMI==> Sony Bravia KDL-40HX800 ==OPTICAL==> Yamaha BRX-610 (5.1 - Dolby TrueHD - DTS-HD Master Audio - LPCM)

More info:
http://www.gigabyte.co.nl/products/product-page.aspx?pid=4143#ov (With Windows 8 as OS)

The actual problem I was experiencing before even realizing that it was EDID-related is this:
My Windows 8 HTPC does not output 5.1 audio trough my TV to the Yamaha receiver.
When I check the Sound device under windows, it only detects a 2-channel setup.

Because my xbox360, configured like above (XBOX360===>SonyBravia===>Yamaha BRX610) successfully outputs 5.1 audio, I started to think about a driver issue, which led me to this forum, and the EDID-problems...

I tried to create an EDID override myself, but everytime I install it (I did apply the windows8 "signed drivers" boot), it still keeps seeing 2 channels.
Moreover, when I start MonInfo and check the "Registry-Active" display, I notice the following. That occured everytime I attempted another EDID override file:

Report information
Date generated........... 11/05/2013
Software revision........
Data source.............. Registry-Active - NB: improperly installed
Operating system......... 6.2.9200.2

Because none of my efforts succeeded, I now reverted to the standard driver, "Generic Pnp Display". I will attach the full INF to this post. monitor_inf_and_dspinfo_bin.zip 2k .zip file

Would you, or anyone else be so kind to help me resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance!!!
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No need of an EDID override (check first post of thread linked in my sig. and countless discussions on this subject in both EDID override threads). The native EDID of your Sony TV already has a 6AC3 descriptor (AC3 should therefore be listed as a supported format for the HDMI audio device).
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Damn it you are completely right. Feeling pretty stupid that I did not test it in XBMC first...
Thank you for the response, I consider my problem solved!
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Does this override help with resolution changes after system goes to sleep? I've been having issues where WMC has changed in resolution after my system wakes. If I close the app, the resolution changes back.

I have the override installed but it doesn't seem to help with this. Not to say it should but just wondering.
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No, it doesn't. Try manually setting WMC to 1080p.
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Still haven't been able to get more than stereo sound out of this setup. Any advice on an EDID override?

I have my AMD Radeon 7870 video card connected via HDMI to my LG HT904SA 5.1 AV receiver which is then connected via HDMI to my Sony KDL55EX620 TV. I'm using Windows 8. Video and stereo audio works fine.

[Radeon 7870 video card] --- HDMI --- [LG 5.1 Receiver] --- HDMI --- [Sony LCD TV]

Moninfo doesn't seem to pick up any sound info that I can see, though Windows sees my "LGHomeTheatre" audio device with 2 channels and successfully outputs 2 channels of sound to it.

Here's the only EDID_OVERRIDE line in my inf file, which identifies itself as the LG:


There's nothing starting with HKR,EDID_OVERRIDE,"1" which I would expect to have the sound info.

When I unplug my TV and refresh the Moninfo screen (blind - I have no other monitor), the info doesn't change from the above.

I successfully copied/pasted an EDID_OVERRIDE,"1" line from a 7.1 receiver earlier in this thread, installed it successfully, and got Windows showing 8 channels, and let me configure the 7.1 speakers. Of course, this didn't work since I only have a 5.1 setup, and only the front L and R speakers worked, even when I chose 5.1 output.

I tried another 5.1 copy/paste and it made the video stop working. Through a safe mode system restore, I'm back to where I started.

Can anyone determine what EDID values I can use to get 5.1 audio to my receiver with this setup?

Many thanks in advance.
Contents of my INF file (Click to show)
; INF file generated by Monitor Asset Manager (, 2013-04-19
; Copyright (c) EnTech Taiwan, 1995-2011.
; Internet: http://www.entechtaiwan.com

Signature="$WINDOWS NT$"











;Base EDID





;YourColorProfileFile.icm for non-sRGB displays

MFG="EnTech Taiwan"
DISC="Monitor EDID Override Installation Disk"
PRODUCTID="LGE LGHomeTheater (LGE0000 EDID Override)"

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Have you set the AVR HDMI to not pass-through the TV audio? If the AVR is replicating the TV audio it will only output stereo. Also check cables. You should get a full 256-bytes EDID with moninfo (unless the EDID data is broken in the AVR).
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Originally Posted by Tulli View Post

Have you set the AVR HDMI to not pass-through the TV audio? If the AVR is replicating the TV audio it will only output stereo. Also check cables. You should get a full 256-bytes EDID with moninfo (unless the EDID data is broken in the AVR).

Thanks Tulli. I think you might be on to something with the AVR EDID being broken somehow.

I've tested now without the TV in the picture for audio. The setup is now:

Radeon 7870 --- DVI-to-HDMI Adapter --- HDMI --- Sony TV (no audio capabilities)
Radeon 7870 --- HDMI --- LG AVR

I also rolled back drivers and updated them to (I think) get rid of the EDID overrides I had tried before and restarted the computer, but now I'm in more of a mess than before. The TV is displaying video, with no audio, as expected, but the AVR is now showing up as accepting only stereo audio (like before) but the audio is actually all coming out of the Right channel. This setup also seems to require me to have the two "displays" mirroring each other. I don't know if this is an issue; I wonder if it might affect video performance. If I disable the LG "display", I lose the audio too.

I'm not committed to any particular setup, so long as something works to get 5.1 audio for gaming. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

The thing that puzzles me is that all other devices seem to have no problem outputting 5.1 audio through this receiver.

Is there an EDID override I can use that simply tells the computer to output 5.1 audio regardless of what it sees on the other end?

EDIT: I swapped cables and now the stereo audio is coming out of the AVR speakers on the correct sides.
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Capture and post the real-time EDID of your TV (256-bytes) and I'll add a 5.1 audio descriptor with HD audio.
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Originally Posted by Tulli View Post

Capture and post the real-time EDID of your TV (256-bytes) and I'll add a 5.1 audio descriptor with HD audio.

Thanks Tulli!

Here's the 256-byte BIN file created by moninfo, and in case it's needed, the INF file too. Let me know if neither of these are the right file.

sonytv.zip 1k .zip file
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The EDID is only 128-bytes (the base block only). I need the full EDID (256-bytes). Just pick the real-time EDID. What is the model of your Sony TV? Perhaps I have it in my DB.
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Originally Posted by Tulli View Post

The EDID is only 128-bytes (the base block only). I need the full EDID (256-bytes). Just pick the real-time EDID. What is the model of your Sony TV? Perhaps I have it in my DB.

Ah, I was afraid something was missing. I don't see anything that says "real-time" on screen. When I open moninfo, it displays what's attached. screenshot.png 301k .png file

Searching around a bit more, it looks like moninfo is definitely missing something. I've tried explicitly running it with administrative privileges but got the same result. EDIT: Also tried with different cables. And my TV is the only thing connected to the computer right now.

My TV is a Sony KDL55EX620 - if you have anything in your database that would work, that would be fantastic.
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Looks like nVidia 314.xx does the job (allegedly anything 313+ does) with my Panasonic 34LM series, and most other Active/Passive TVs these days.

At first, I had "ghosting." But then I realized I still had an EDID override INF installed. I recognized this in the 3DTV Play configuration, as it listed "Acer."

So what I basically did was ...
  1. Uninstall 3DTV Play
  2. Remove all "oem*.inf" files under \windows\inf or similar that had the "Moninfo" strings (ones I had loaded prior)
  3. Remove my display from "Device Manager" so there was no display
  4. Re-install (or upgrade) the nVidia drivers, "clean" (remove all settings)
  5. Reboot
  6. Re-install 3DTV Play

It will re-detect your display and you can re-setup 3DTV Play with the correct monitor.
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