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"Official" Olive Thread Opus 4, Opus 6, Melody 2, Olive 2, Olive 4/ 4HD, 06HD - Page 88

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It seems to me that all Olives but ONE have disappeared from Olive's site.
There is no trace of the past.

Is it over with the support for the 'old' Olives xxHD? is there ever coming a new app?

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this is disturbing: my contact with Olive has left the company
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My gut tells me that Olive is in dire straits financially, and will soon be history. Buyer beware.
As for the rest of us that bought into this pricey product, we are on our own.
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It's gonna really suck if they pull support for Maestro. Damn, I should have gone with the Sooloos . . .
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Yes, I've had that feeling for some time. This is why I've been so anxious to get my music off the Olive and find an alternative cost effective solution, which I could run in parallel to the Olive (while it lasted). I'd recommend everybody do the same.

I've also checked and the Australian stores which used to carry Olive no longer seem to be stocking them - Encel, Sydney Hi Fi, Len Wallis and Carlton audio visual. No reference to the One.

I was going to try to burn a recovery cd for my Olive to have one last go at saving it but I'm guessing that's gone from the website too. Might try emailing them. I don't suppose anyone here have the cd files?

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Hi Gareth,

I have all the files to burn cd-recovery disks for my two Olive 4's, but nothing for other models.

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Originally Posted by J.Mike Ferrara View Post

My gut tells me that Olive is in dire straits financially, and will soon be history. Buyer beware.
As for the rest of us that bought into this pricey product, we are on our own.

I had this feeling two years ago and sold my Olive units and replaced them with Squeezeboxes. Since then Logitech has discontinued the Squeezebox units and replaced them with Ultimate Ears products that don't serve the same purpose. At the same time, Logitech appears to be supporting the Squeezebox line (for the time being) and there is a huge user base. A used Squeezebox Touch is currently selling above the original retail price of $299. I can only hope that Logitech comes to its senses and realizes the value of the Squeezebox line, especially since the only alternative is Sonus, or they sell the Squeezebox line to another company. Unfortunately it's a no win situation for audiophiles. Meanwhile, I will be keeping my Squeezeboxes until they die, since they (almost) always just work like they are suppose to. Good luck out there.
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hello, you can pass me the files for a recovery in olive hd4 ,, Thanks

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hello, I'm looking for a file in my olive 4 recovery, you may send me the files,forgive my bad English,,,thanks

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Recovery files are about 600 MB. There is no way I will send them via email.
You should provide a better place for that.

BTW I believe Olive should provide them anyway.

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Hi All - I'm feeling a little desperate.


The presumed demise of Olive has me more than a little anxious.  I purchased an 04HD soon after it was released and have been slowly uploading favorite CDs these past years.  Presently, I have about 900 in the Olive with corrected metadata.  This needs to be prefaced by the fact that I'm quite ignorant about computer audio.  My experience is limited to the Olive and a download of dBpoweramp, which I've only tried a couple of times on my desktop.  


I called Olive about two years ago and asked if there was some way I could use the music files to play on some other device.  I did not totally comprehend the answer but was told something about "tarball" files being necessary to avoid copyright lawsuits and that, NO, I could not access the files through anything but the Olive.  This made me quite uncomfortable considering I had maybe 200 hours invested in the system, but I crossed my fingers and continued to upload CDs.  


Now things are different and I am desperate to "un-tarball" these files.  Is there some simple, straightforward system to get my work and music back in some universal format that can be used with most network players?  I'm looking at a Bryston Digital Media Player (which can be used with an external hard drive containing music files) as I do not have the ability to have a computer in the vicinity of my audio system and do not want to use wireless.


If this cannot be easily done, but someone can do it for payment then I am a very willing customer.  


Many, many thanks for any help.  


Brian Elliottt

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Can someone please explain how to transferr the music from a 04 hd or a 06 hd to a computer/NAS? Can it then be transferred to another player, such as soolos? I have a 04 hd and a 06 hd, both of which are in fine working order, and both of which are backed up using external usb hard drives, but i am getting nervous after reading all the posts in this thread about failures of the olive units.
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HI folks,

could please anybody upload the ODB image, i missed to download it as we had the chance :-(

Olive O3HD/O4HD/O6HD (via USB stick)

NOTE: Only works for Olive O3HD/O4HD/O6HD. For Olive 4 do the CD-Recovery (see above).

Simply download both of the following files and copy them BOTH onto a USB stick. The USB stick must be formatted in standard DOS Format (FAT32). Simply copy the file from your download folder to the USB stick. Note that you should not double-click the downloaded file in your computer's download folder.

•USB Recovery Image for Olive3HD 4.3.0 | Date: 11/07/12 | Download
•USB Recovery Image for Olive4HD 4.3.0 | Date: 11/07/12 | Download
•USB Recovery Image for Olive6HD 4.3.0 | Date: 11/07/12 | Download
•ODB image version 1.3.2 | 10/21/09 | Please email us for download instructions.

As a next step please turn off your Olive O3HD/O4HD/O6HD, press BOTH the CENTER and the DOWN button simultaneously and turn it on. Once the message on the LCD prompts you to insert the USB stick, please do so. The Software Update will automatically install and your Olive O3HD/O4HD/O6HD will restart after this process is complete. This process may take up to 90 minutes to finalize. Once your Olive has progressed beyond the "System starting up" screen, the process is complete.

I dont need it at the moment, but i want to be prepared :-)
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The Olive HP is back online again, so don´t worry :-) !!
Anyway, does somebody has the ODB image?
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Originally Posted by Flo2984 View Post

The Olive HP is back online again, so don´t worry :-) !!
Anyway, does somebody has the ODB image?

great news smile.gif
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Originally Posted by markrubin View Post

Originally Posted by Flo2984 View Post

The Olive HP is back online again, so don´t worry :-) !!
Anyway, does somebody has the ODB image?

great news smile.gif
Agreed Mark. But this 'Scare' is just another validation that Olive's management is either insensitive or incompetent regarding customer support.
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Originally Posted by mumsoft View Post

The No-HD Olives don't know about WPA2, so, I'm curious to hear if that is better for the HD machines.
Another question I have: is the Philips able to play music in the Classical genre? Of course, if you don't have such music, that does not matter, but for me it's rather crucial (if i wanted to play the music in another room, that is)


Hi Marc and others,

I am a new comer here - first post.
I too, am an Olive 4 tragic. I have had mine now for a couple of years and wrestle with it constantly.
I recently swapped in a new Router (an Australian special - you would not have heard of it). I had previously had a Netgear which worked with Olive wireless perfectly.
I am completely unable to connect Olive to the new router despite having no issue connecting EVERY other device in the house. This includes various iPhones / iPods/ PCs running everything from XP to W8 and other devices such as a "Smart" TV. I got around the issue with Ethernet over Power adaptors which also worked effortlessly. THEN we moved house and in the new house, the Router and Olive are on separate circuits so the Ethernet over Power adaptors no longer work. Olive is 5.5 metres from the router with (almost) line of sight [but no brick walls between].

Thee are the settings on the router:

Olive will recognise the SSID, but comes back with an error message about "Waiting for DHCP server".
I have thought about attempting to manually enter in all of the settings required, but the bloody touchscreen barely works, and I have to use the remote, which is painful.

No wireless means no CD importing, and no internet radio, and life is very dull without those.

Can anyone please help?
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welcome to AVS smile.gif

if the router is so near the Olive, why not run an ethernet cable?

you might try an ethernet cable connection even as a temporary measure: that will at least ensure the DHCP settings are correct , then retry wireless
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I'm not quite sure, but I think that the Olive 4 doesn't understand WPA/WPA2-PSK, only WEP.
Anyway, I have tried to feed it my 64 character key, but it failed after a number of characters. As I don't want to change the key for all the other wireless gear in my house, let alone downgrade to WEP, I just removed the wireless card entirely... smile.gif Problem solved biggrin.gif

BTW I hate the ethernet over power adapters, they are bad for the music and bad for the current. They put a whole lot of rubbish in it.mad.gif
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Thanks guys.

Firstly running an Ethernet cable across the room is not an alternative for me.
Marc, if you removed the wireless card, then I presume you connect directly with your router via cable, or did you buy a "Wireless Extender" type module and plug a cable into that?
Last night I was able to connect manually via wireless to the router, but am unable to get out to the internet.
I get the infamous yellow wireless strength logo on the screen, but not white.
This also means that Olive is not visible in the DHCP table of the router or using the iPhone / iPod app.

Steve mad.gifmad.gifmad.gif
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No internet does not mean that your local devices are unable to connect to your Olive. They only should know the manually provided ip address which must be in the range of the mask.
Anyway it is a good idea to give your Olive a fixed address, either manually or via DHCP.
For your Olive to reach the internet a valid gateway address is needed.
Can you tell the details of your ip setup?

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I have had some advice from a trusted colleague who understands networking more than I. (Nothing much to boast about there!!)
I have also had a suggestion from Markrubin which I will also try.
I am also going to dig Olive out of the stereo cabinet and place it right next to the router.
The other thing I am going to try is to limit the router to 802.11g, which is the limit of Olive's capability, and the router is set to auto b/g/n.
Re WEP / WPA I found this in the tech specs on the Olive website (still accessible):
Networking Wired Gigabit Ethernet • Fast bandwidth for seamless multi-room audio streaming
Wireless 54 Mbit/s (802.11g)
Encryption WEP + WPA, 64- and 128-bit • Ultimate security.
I will keep you informed. Also I will buy a 1Tb disk and back up the beast. Whilst I only have 80Gb on the drive, I don't want to lose it.

BTW Can I back up Olive to a disk with other info on it? ie I have a 1Tb drive already, does Olive recognise the fact that it doesn't want to own the entire drive??
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WPA <> WPA2, but I don't know enough of the wireless stuff to be sure.
For strong passwords I rely on GRC: https://www.grc.com/passwords.htm
But enrtering such passwords in the Olive seems impossible. I have to admit that I never tried again after the first failure, now long ago and with an old version of the Olive.

For backups the Olive will own and need the complete disk that you provide. It needs to be formatted with FAT32, but there are several people that have reported problems with the darn thing.
Anyway, 80 GB is peanuts and should not take much time to backup.

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Had another frustrating night trying a hundred things on the router and Olive4.
No joy there at all.
Haven't run the cable yet Mark, but will do soon.
I tried limiting my router to 802.11g only, but this didn't help.

Did I see somewhere on here that someone limited their Olive to a particular wireless channel? I have looked through many pages on this forum, but cant see the particular entry.

My current thoughts now are:

1. Get the Telephone cable run to the wall behind the Olive and reposition the router there and connect to Olive by cable. OR
2. Buy and install a wireless extender such as Netgear WN3500RP Dual Band WiFi Range Extender - Wall-plug Edition.
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Again, what are the local adresses at your place?
Did you try without encryption?
Is your dhcp server restricting access for certain devices?

With a cable you have at least one problem less.
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Maybe the Olive does not support PSK...
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I found I could connect only with WEP. My Olive would not work with WPA or without security (it will continue to ask for a password even though none is required.)

Setting a manual IP also helps.

I eventually purchased a wireless bridge and run an Ethernet cable to the Olive from the Bridge. The Bridge was easy to set up and the Olive is happy with a hardwire connection.

Good luck!
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I've had issues with the Olive and signal strength from my wireless router. I believe I've fixed the situation by providing a wireless range extender. The Olive is very particular with wireless setups, more so than any other wireless device I have.
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