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Nice..... I like the Sierra's, they have really done well in all of our speaker shootouts, with a number of different brands listed in this thread, I think the Bamboo cabinets are really something special.

Now, you just need to get rid of that Wicker thing in the corner and balance the whole thing out with Dual 15" subs, one on each side.... That would be the way to go IMO... HSU has a Mocha colored ULS-15 that would perfectly match your console....

You could put that wicker thing on one of the subs...

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Originally Posted by tpLouKY View Post

It's official. I'm sticking with the sierras. They just sound so good. For the price, I'm absolutely blown away. Watched Casino Royale on bluray and listened to some great music today. Thanks so much for all of your help guys. I really appreciate it. On my own, I would have been absolutely hopeless.


I think you made a wise choice by keeping the Sierras. I just bought a Piano Black pair and a matching center. Excellent sound and the cost is just unreal, I am very happy with mine. Nice looking room by the way.

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have you considered lowering the screen and placing the speakers above and to the side of the screen?

It would be more comfortable watching a movie without looking up so high and the vocals would seem to come more from the actors than from below them.
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you could also orientate the speakers vertically like they are supposed to be
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Originally Posted by Warpdrv View Post

Just a random question, with the center speaker on its side like in the above photo, is there a "correct" center alignment for them? I noticed it is now "centered" based on the dimensions of the speaker cabinet. However, the tweeters is way left of center, and the woofer crosses the "center" on both the left and right side, but not as "right" as the tweeter is "left".

Should the speaker be "centered" based on the "width" from the tweeter to the woofer rather than the speaker cabinet itself? And if not, how do you balance the importance of the tweeter with the woofer on which takes priority?

Or perhaps just place it vertically to eliminate these issues?
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