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Onkyo Vs.Yamaha vs. Pioneer Elite receivers? any preferences over the other?

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I have been noticing that most people are picking the Onkyo receivers over Yamaha and pioneer elite receivers. I'm in a market for a mid-range receiver that i can hook up a PS3 over HDMI, Xbox 360 20gb over component, and cablevision HD box over HDMI. I have PS3 60Gb, xbox 360 20GB, and cablevision HD box, all directly to my Samsung LNT5271F LCD TV. I would like for all to pass audio and video to the receiver, more over for the PS3 for the Blu-Ray movies. which will give me a better advantage over the others and y? Thank you for all that replying!

i want one that has all audio codecs! a must!
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No preferences. Too many happy owners of all brands. (disclaimer: onkyo user, but i do use many brands).

almost anything new, at least above bottom of the line, will handle audio codecs. However, you don't even need that with the PS3 that outputs as m-ch pcm, with audio no longer being a packed codec.

Onkyo has some issues with component conversion, unless you are using Reon (and even some videophiles will surely criticize). not sure which do it better, but surely always dependent on actual model.

then again, you can always run the component conn directly to display. outside of VP, you lose nothing except possibly the convenience of not hitting one more remote button. you might gain, otoh, more calibration flexibility per source input.

WT#% is your budget?
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Might be worth While to Sell your 360 and get a new one with hdmi. then you wont need to worry about the analog to digital conversion which steeply ramps up the cost of your receiver. You could then get away with an onkyo 606 or equivalent.
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my budget is around $300min to around $600-700. $1000 if is going to give me over the top features that should be future proof. Planning to have a Def Tech Speaker Package consisting of BP7004 package-http://*******.com/65s6cu or Mythos five system-http://*******.com/5nswkb.
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Plus am i suppose to look for THX Certified and AEQ as well or its alot more for a capable one? Is it Worth it?
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can anyone help me with this matter?
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why isn't anyone recommending the pioneer elite receivers?
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I personally own an Integra but have set up a friends Onkyo which was very similar in nature. That means it was easy and straighforward with good performance. Just last weekend I set up my 60 year old uncle's newly bought 663 Yamaha, it was a royal pain. That OSG was a mess and the front panel buttons aren't explained well in the manual. Why they would call mode select buttons "scenes" is beyond me. I don't have any expirience with Pioneer, Elite or otherwise.

All of the company's you listed will have models to do what you need. Some do it easier and some of us have preferences. I like what I bought because I feel that the amps are better. I'd have to believe that some of that quality makes it into their sister company's products: Onkyo. I recall reading something a while back that tested a manufacturers power ratings. The Yamahas missed the mark by the most. However in real world situations I'm sure they perform fine.
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In the last 5 years I've owned 6 receivers in the ~$1k price range (Sony 4ES, Pioneer Elite 43TX, Pioneer 1014TX, Yamaha RX-V1700, Pioneer Elite 82TXs, and now Onkyo SR805). Before that I owned a string of ~$300 receivers (Pioneer VSX-D810, VSX-D811, Denon AVR-1803). The only one I've been disappointed in was the V1700 due mainly to its HDMI implementation and fairly weak amp section given the sticker price. I also felt the YPAO was doing something funny to my center-speaker frequency response. Luckily it was a gift and I was able to exchange it for the Elite 82TXs. I would have been completely happy with it if it hadn't been hit by lightning. I now have an Onkyo SR805 and I'm elated with its sonic performance and feature set. My brother currently uses a Denon 2308ci purchased on my recommendation (while there was a lull in Onkyo refurb availability) and I'm extremely impressed with it as well. I think there are winners and losers in every brand, and the Onkyo line is currently a value leader with some caveats. The only brand I feel is currently a poor value proposition is Yamaha... you just have to go too far up the line (like all the way up to the 3900) to get a decent amp section. Sony ES is another that may not be a great value proposition currently... they jumped head-first into digital switching amplification but I still don't think they have all the kinks worked out. I like HK alot, but they've been having another string of quality issues which they are somewhat known for. All-in-all I think you really need to compare the specific models in your price range and go from there more than somewhat anecdotal information about the brands as a whole.
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i forgot to mention, I'm going to get either the Def Tech Trinity or the reference super cube sub! I need one to handle anyone of those subs!
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I need one to handle anyone of those subs!

AVRs do not power subs...the AVR simply has a Sub out connection that you use to connect to an external amp that drives your sub...either the sub is a passive sub and you have to buy an amp or the sub has an amp built it. The supercubes have an amp built it (I thought??).
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I have been researching this myself. My understanding is Pioneer offers the best sound whereas Onkyo offers the best value/features.

I never considered Yamaha.
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I'd question anyone who hears differences side-by-side in sound quality of level-matched amplifiers with the same processing modes selected in this price-segment.
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Originally Posted by Carlosmets2009 View Post

why isn't anyone recommending the pioneer elite receivers?

Probably because of your budget. Elites, in general are going to cost more than $300.

However, you might want to give a gander at the Pioneer 1018, or Elite 01. Those would qualify at the top of your budget.
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I had an Onkyo 805 but gave it to my parents and I purchased a Pioneer Elite 94TXH. To my ears the Pioneer sounds a bit more cleaner in the high range versus the Onkyo. I also noticed the Pioneer runs alot cooler than the Onkyo. However, bang for the $, the Onkyo is the way to go. I didnt have any problems mentioned with my Onkyo 805 (built in Japan versus Malaysia).
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my budget is really near the $1000 range. I'm thinking if i got the def tech BP7004 package i would need a heavy duty receiver. Is THX Certified receiver an important feature and what sources i can experience that Codec? by the way thanks for the replies!!!! keep on going!
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what is the receiver in the HT-S9100 HTIB ONkYO's?
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is it a good receiver ?
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I know this is a bit off topic, but if you plan to drop the cash on a Supercube Ref I would put that money toward an SVS 13 Ultra.
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Oh and I have an Elite VSX 94. Its great.
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I had a Pioneer Elite 82TXs, it was great. I now have an Onkyo SR805 and it is great as well. The SR805 does have more real-world power, but the Elite was no slouch. I also like Audyssey MultiEQ XT better than Auto-MCACC... I think it has more effect in my room, especially for the sub. If my 82TXs hadn't died an untimely death I would not have replaced it.
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so you think the onyko 805 is a better machine than the pioneer elite. I was considering Pioneer elite because at best buy at the magnolia home theater section i demoed it to listen it and it was beautiful! I just want the best receiver $1000 can buy with all the required codec to play my blyray movies from the PS3.
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I'm not sure if it's a better machine (it's definitely not worse), but it's definitely a better value. Elite refurbs and discounts are fewer and further between, and the Elite supply-chain is controlled much more tightly. The Onkyo is just more machine for the money. I personally wouldn't be looking at Elites below the SC05, being as that's where the ICE amps start and those are some interesting units. Under $1k, Onkyo is tough to beat... you can essentially get a $1200 - $1600 machine with tons of power and features, for anywhere from $450 (SR805) - $650 (SR875) with the help of live.com cash back on eBay (through accessories4less, an authorized dealer). The deals just don't stack-up like that for the Elites right now.
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Aside from obvious features differences, each brands I think do exhibit their own signature sound characteristic even when using direct or straight mode. I personally can't stand Yamaha sound, and have tried Denon, Sony, Onkyo, and some others. Onkyo seems to be the best one so far however I'm into slim receivers and their only one which happens to be Class D is the non-HDMI TX-L55. I'm still keeping my Panny XR57 and Sony Pro-Master receivers as well. But I'm a Class D nut.
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thanks for the input! I will check on those right now to see pricing structure and see a comparison. I just worried that these receivers will give out with the Def Tech package and reference sub!
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The sub won't have any affect on the receiver... it is supplying its own power. I also don't think any of these will have any problems driving your speakers to reference levels in any medium-largish room baring cathedral ceilings and pre-existing partial hearing loss.
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I currently own a Pioneer Elite VSX-92TXH and am very happy with it. I am running Def Techs (5.1) all around (Mythos One - CLR2002 - SM350 and Prosub 80). I compared to the Yamaha (RXV-1800 and 2800) but found the Yamaha to be somewhat brighter overall. I briefly considered Onkyo (805) but was turned off by reliability issues but maybe I was just being paranoid. I also have an older Pioneer Elite VSX-24 and an even older Pioneer (VSX-5600) still going strong in music only systems. I think Pioneer gives a nice feature set for the money, sounds good and is pretty reliable. There are still some good deals to be had on the VSX-91's, 92's and 94's which was the prior generation to the ones currently out now.
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I definitely see that Onkyo's give a lot of features for less money but like you mention is reliability sacrificed? that is my biggest concern! something that would last me like 5-10 years with no problems.
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can anyone confirm the reliability of Onkyo's vs. Pioneer Elite's?
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Originally Posted by Carlosmets2009 View Post

I definitely see that Onkyo's give a lot of features for less money but like you mention is reliability sacrificed? that is my biggest concern! something that would last me like 5-10 years with no problems.

Yes, it is. There have been more problem threads about recent Onkyos than Pioneers and Yamahas combined. And even if they have fixed the reliability issues in the xx6 series of Onkyos (over the xx5), they still run hotter which means they are less efficient. I want a receiver, not a heater. I bought a Hallowell Acadia to heat my house.

I run a Pioneer Elite VSX-91TXH and a Denon AVR-988. Both run fairly cool.
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