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Matt L: If so perhaps we'll get a bit of Jeri Ryan back..

7 of 9 would be a nice change of pace. wink.gif
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I liked the two episodes, but I thought the placing of the episodes was curious. The painting episode seemed like the kind of show they could have led with and used the first DC episode to finish the summer season. I thought the pacing of the first episode made for a better "finale". I figured it was Sophie in the painting when the son said you look familiar which was also a tip off he was involved in whatever was going on.
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I have thought that Leverage had been losing a step since 2009 but found just enough redeeming virtue in the show to stick around until this summer. In July, though, I gave up and deleted my season pass. I hadn't said anything until now because there were no posts to the thread between July and yesterday. Anyway, there it is. In order not to rain on anyone's parade, I am unsubscribing from the thread. In the unlikely event there is a Season 6, best of luck to you who decide to stick with it and the showrunners.
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It's a good way to waste an hour on Sunday nite. wink.gif
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I enjoy the show most of the time... I agree that the first hour was better (if more implausible) than the second. This is one of those shows, though, that while I like it... I don't find there's much "water cooler" talk to say about it the next day.
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