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Seat Hunting

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After looking at and sitting on a lot of seats, Berkline, Coaster and some off brands, I am leaning toward a chair/ottoman I found at Ikea.

I just installed a hardwood floor in there, and now I'm starting to dislike the idea of big motorized recliners. I went to a guy's house and he has eight theater seats and an old 65" rear proj. DLP. It all loooked so heavy. Even though I'm going with only three or four, moving them doesn't look easy, and I'd like to keep my back in shape. The Ikea item doesn't recline, has a leather surface, wood arms, and can be moved around by one person pretty easily. With the ottoman it is a firm seat, but pretty comfortable.

The only thing I really need to do is to make some cup holder units for in between the chairs. With $300 total for the chair/ottoman, I'll have enough in my budget to fabricate some cup holder stands to fit between the seats.

Before I go ahead, I'm trying to find the "cup" units, which I would like to be made out of some kind of metal - like stainless or aluminum.

Does anyone know where I can find the drink/popcorn receptacles? I don't like to just go ahead and hope I can find items. If I can find them, I'm probably going for 3 or four Ikea chairs with two ottomans.

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Try some of the marine supply stores for drink holders. Such as SEACHOICE STAINLESS STEEL DRINK HOLDER from discount marine supply. Sorry can't link from here.
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I agree, check with some marine stores, boater's world, west marine, etc. They are typically fairly expensive, but you can get some ideas and then look for a cheaper alternative online.

I face similar dilemna choosing chairs and opted to go with the Ashley Director seats. Plus I had a chance to actually sit in them at a local store. Check them out too. http://www.ashleyfurniture.com/Showr...yword=director
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