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Looking to buy and put in in-wall speakers for a 5.1 setup. I plan to do the L&R (front and surround) in wall, and the center and sub as stand-alone speakers. So far I have found lots of different brands of speakers on-line with little reviews and there are very few places that have reviewed the different brands. In particular, these are the speakers I am considering:

Jobsite LSW-6.5 (made by Niles, looks like a good speaker with adjustable bass/treble - can see it on their website)

Polk RC65i (this has some user reviews out there that say it is good for the money - which is the same price as the LSW6.5).

Energy EAS-6W (can't find anything about it, but energy seems to make good speakers).

I am also open to ther suggestions - I know Yamaha has a 3-way that is in the same price-point (about $100 per speaker).

If anyone has any comments, please pass them along - I would like some feedback before I permanently mount speakers in my wall.