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I called dalite a while back and they suggested this eraser sold at craft stores and it worked for me
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Originally Posted by toddhbailey View Post

any thoughts on 99% isopropyl ?

DA is quite spendy around these parts

Give it a try, I think it may evaporate faster but should still give good results. Neither is going to remove paint, that is going to probably be impossible to remove without dong more damage to the screen than the paint does..
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I think it is time I give the DA a try on my 133 HP screen. Just got a new HD Acer 3D projector and I really gotta fix these streaks, Will keep you posted.
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I cleaned a 108 inch wide 2.8 gain high power electrol screen today (before putting it up for sale).

I used a microfiber cloth a bucket of warm water and a big drop of dish soap. I very lightly "flooded" the screen...I.e. Made sure the entire surface I worked on (I did it in four strips) was completely wet and the water evenly absorbed...any oily spots are immediately noticed as they don't absorb the water/soap solution evenly. I tried to work the entire strip evenly keeping it wet. The dirty parts eventually became saturated and the oils were lifted. I took about 1.5 hrs to do this as I made certain to fight the urge to scrub hard. After doing 2 strips (half the screen) I washed the bucket and micro fiber cloth, ran fresh warm water , no soap) and went over the half just washed, ending with a fairly dry cloth and continuous stroke. Anyone who is fussy with rolling on paint will understand What I was trying to do...keep all finish strokes the same and the entire section evenly wetted.

I had tried spot cleaning one mark before...and I could notice the larger clean section...after an hour of drying...the screen looks great! I had maybe 5 or 6 spots and 2 streaks (don't ask...cause I have no idea ...perhaps beer?!). It appears only one small spot about the size of a pea is still visible and I will feel much better about selling it! I will report back in a day or so after watching a movie...but I am quite confident!
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What are you replacing it with?
Also it would be a good idea to wash the back of the screen to..
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Yup. I could easily have forgotten to wipe the back, its done. Looks great after drying still. Will likely test it out with the PJ tonight or tomorrow.

Replacement in the works:

I have a feeling I'm gonna miss the high power...especially on 3D... I guess that's why they make bright modes on these PJs...
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You sure you don't want to keep it .. drop it down for 3D.. I know I wouldn't get rid of till the new one was well tested... wait till you see it with the projector if it has been cleaned in a couple of years..
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