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Epson 6500 UB Post

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Soon to be released Epson 6500 UB... Looking forward to it's release. I have never owned a projector before, and decided to go ALL OUT on my first one... been patiently (very difficult) waiting for the Epson.

I would like to get this post rolling with customer reviews, first impressions when the 6500 UB releases.
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Specs in link 3 below...
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Sorry for the wasted links in this same Forum... I was unable to post a URL until after I had made 3 posts, so here you go for those who haven't seen it yet... the following is the Epson Web Page with all information/manuals for the 6500 UB projector.


Mine is on pre-order from Projector People and I can barely stand the wait!
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There's a TW4000 thread (Japanese version of 6500UB), RS10 Vs. 6500 thread, 6500 preorder thread and several other threads that are quite active in the 3K forum, so if you're looking for more info, I'd suggest looking there.

Edit: There's also now a 6500UB Owners thread there as well.
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I just purchased the Espon 6500UB. My old projector did not have component connections so I had to use a 3-rca component to a 15 pin d-sub cable to get HD. I bought an expensive 35 foot cable and I would like to use it. I connected the d-sub to the "PC" connection on the 6500 and the picture is mostly green. Is there anyway to use this "PC" connection on the 6500 to use component? Thanks -
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I think the best thing would be to get an adaptor or cable that converts dsub back to component.

Like this maybe

or maybe this
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^ You might want to delete the part about the price...
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hi there just wondering if the seymore acoustic cloth for screen is better then the wilson art designer white screen ?

my center is exposed

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There is a forum for screens where you will probably get a better response to your question. I have a 6500UB projector, but I do not know about the materials you mentioned.
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