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Downloading DVR recordings

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I am wanting to download my saved recordings from my Dish non-HD DVR to my computer. I have seen older posts that this is not possible. Ultimately
I would like to reload them into a newer HD DVR. Has this become possible with newer technology by chance? Also, if I stay with Dish will they be willing to do this?
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I don't think so caz your computer probably can't see the contents of your DVR, and this I believe is completely intentional on cable/satellite campanies part. The only way to go is perhaps video-capturing the saved shows to your computer. Hauppauge and Pinnacle etc have video capture devices. Alternatively, you can hook up a DVD recorder (not one for computers but a recorder for your television) and record DVR's contents onto DVD disks that way. Lastly, this is really risky but if your DVR has a firewire or e-sata port, you may be able to hook up an external hard drive (the same kind that people use to backup their computers) and record FUTURE shows (not the ones that you already have on your DVR) . Then when you get a new DVR, you may or may not be able to hook up the external HDD to your new DVR and and gain access to what's in the external HDD. BUT whether you have access to the saved shows in the external drive would depend on whether the old and new DVRs have the same drivers etc. so yeah that's why this is risky. If the two DVRs don't have the same or compatible drivers, then you'd have to reformat the external HD to use it with your new DVR, so that means everything in it would be lost. I highly recommend video capturing to your computer if you have very little to save, or a DVD recorder if you have a lot to save.
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Dish Network does not allow you to 'download' recordings from their DVR. In fact, no DVR from either satellite provider allows you to download recordings.

The TivoHD/Series3 for cable is the only DVR that lets you login to the DVR and download recordings to your computer, as seen here and here.

With the Motorola DVR offered by many cable companies, you can also use a PC to record content from local channels via Firewire, as it is played. Instructions for that can be found this thread.
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