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HTPC build suggestions please...

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Here is what I have from a week or so of searching the forums, I could definitely use the input. Am a total noob to AV stuff (but not system building).

Case: I'll decide on this after I decide on the rest of the components. I figure I'll just browse newegg which probably carries a vast majority of 'em. Or is there a site that has a better selection or a good comparison of the current ones?

Mobo/CPU: GA-MA780GPM-DS2H and AMD x2 5050e. Is there a better motherboard+igp solution out now? or even non-igp. want the video accel features. But possibly a faster solution for not much more power usage? I haven't bought a receiver yet, so not having lpcm over hdmi isn't an issue until then. But if there as a diff igp solution that offers same or better igp, might as well get that one. Or will a discrete video card that is similar speed but better audio solution give a similar total power consumption (when igp is disabled)?

Ram: Crucial Ballistix 2x1gb (pc6400) - have it laying around

video capture: Do they have tuner cards, or whatever, that will let me timeshift dish network programming? Actually it would only be about 6 or 7 international channels. Getting TivoHD for fios programming. Although I might end up not getting fios and getting Dish for all my tv. In that case I would just use dish's dvr. Still in the process of comparing the two, and hope to decide by tomorrow afternoon.

optical drive: ggc-h20l (possibly ggw-h20l). Are these drives quiet? when playing, hopefully they don't spin up to full speed and stay there. For most play back I figure they probably don't need to be spinning full speed. Or is there a better combo drive that is quieter?

software: will be running vista. Will be playing audio/video content streamed from other PC(s). probably use mpc-hc and wmc or mediaportal. does wmc/mediaportal do timeshifting in the case of dish network above?

remote/keyboard: another thing I'll not worry about till after I get the rest of the components (case might come with a remote etc. so I might not have to worry about till I get a receiver).

Oh, btw I have a wd-73736 mitsubishi dlp (that I got early this week).

Anyway, Thanks a lot for reading and/or responding...

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I think I will go with the GA-MA78GPM-DS2H. Any other Igp solution I find seems to have some problems etc. Not having lpcm audio, is it going to hinder me from some blue-ray movies etc.? or will just audio be compressed etc. instead?
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You might want to take a look at this board if you want to do it without a receiver.

Read about it here.
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Thanks zzyckz. But I'm actually going to get a receiver, just haven't yet. I just want to make sure audio that I won't have issues with audio coming out of the htpc. Ideally surround lpcm but I can live without it if atleast 5.1 dts won't sound too bad. Will mostly depending on what quality of speakers I get.

Only issue I had with the gigabyte was that its been out for a while, and was curious if a better solution existed, something with lpcm surround so I don't have to fix it later when I get a receiver. I guess I could get a lpcm audio card or discrete video card later on. Or even replace the motherboard when I learn more about this stuff.
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The only boards that can handle LPCM 8 channel audio are the GF8200/8300 AMD, GF9300/9400 Intel.
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