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JVC JX-S777 component/firewire switcher  

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Is there any chance this thing would work to link up HDTV and a digital camcorder for recording purposes? Even if the recordings are NOT HD but are still improved resolution? Yes, I know it is a long shot- but that is why I am asking the experts. I don't have a clue.

Also, would this thing work as a switcher between an analog HDTV with component inputs and a set top box with the firewire port? Any thoughts?

I found it at the J&R sight. JVC's web site does not give much info.


Thanks for any opinions!
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No to both of your questions.

1) It is a firewire switcher. If you can plug the two devices in question together or through a hub and make them talk, then the switcher would work. But it can't make incompatable things talk to each other. Your camcorder and HDTV STB speak different protocols even though they both use firewire as the physical connection.

2) The analog switcher is seperate. It cannot convert analog to firewire or vise versa. There are devices that can convert NTSC video to firewire and back for camcorders and PC based editing systems. But these do not work with HDTV equipment.
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