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Comcast remote codes for Samsung DVD

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I need an advanced code to enter into my Comcast 3-in-1 remote so the menu button on the Comcast remote functions the same as the menu button on the Samsung DVD-HD841 player remote. The Comcast remote is able to control the basic functions of the DVD player. However, there is no way to go to the disk menu to select Play, Setup, Bonus Features or Select Scenes.
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What is the model number of the DVD player, and what setup code in the remote are you using for the player?
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The DVD player is a Samsung DVD-HD841 and I used 0573 as the code to operate it per the list of devices that came with the Comcast 3-in-1 remote. There were two more codes listed that I did not try since the first one worked.
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Here are the list of some of the advanced codes for the player on setup code DVD/0573 from this file:

00010 = 0
00006 = 1
00008 = 2
00004 = 3
00011 = 4
00007 = 5
00009 = 6
00005 = 7
00138 = 8
00134 = 9
00237 = DVI select
00240 = Video select
00133 = Info
00074 = subtitle
00072 = angle
00070 = power
00229 = enter
00185 = tv/vcr
00199 = repeat
00132 = menu
00075 = disc menu
00069 = up arrow
00202 = down arrow
00200 = left arrow
00198 = right arrow
00196 = select
00102 = bookmark
00107 = zoom
00101 = s.fit
00104 = I.replay
00105 = I.skip
00234 = play
00234 = pause
00203 = rewind
00201 = fast fwd
00232 = stop
00137 = audio
00071 = return
00065 = SACD
00101 = EZ View
00230 = next track
00197 = prev track
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Thanks very much. These codes worked perfectly.
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I am posting this because Comcast lied to me. Hopefully, the next fool can just Google this information.
For a Samsung BD-P1500 Blu-Ray player, you can use comcast remote code 0199.
Depending on your remote that might be input as 10199 or 20199.
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Originally Posted by Kupakai View Post

Here are the list of some of the advanced codes for the player on setup code DVD/0573 from:

00010 = 0
00006 = 1
00008 = 2
00004 = 3

Hi I am trying to program an old shaw Millenium 4 remote for my Samsung HD870 DVD player. I used the 0573 code and my remote can use the pause, play, stop, rwd, ffwd etc keys BUT it cannot use the arrows keys to select different menus and .avi's for my DivX dvds. I am really tired of skipping through movies to get to the next one. How can I input these advanced codes so that the arrow keys on the Millenium 4 work on the DVD player? I wish I hadn't lost my Samsung remote but maybe someone can help!
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The Millenium 4 is a remote made by Universal Electronics, and the advanced codes posted above are typical of Samsung DVDs. The HD850, HD841, and HD960 all use the above advanced codes (frequently referred to as Extended Function Codes.) Most UEI remotes respond to numerically entered programming commands. Probably your remote will work with the following.

To simply try an EFC, make sure you have the correct device button selected, then press setup, and then enter the 3 digit EFC you wish to try. Do this first with an EFC from the above listing for a key that already works. That way you'll know that the test procedure works correctly.

Once you've found an EFC that has the desired functionality, you can assign the EFC to a remote key by using the 994 command, as described in this link: http://www.hifi-remote.com/forums/dl...b39c291246887b.

In case you don't have it, here's a link to the Millenium 4 manual:http://www.urcsupport.com/html.php?page_id=75

Please report the outcome. That's how the community learns!
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Hello. I'm trying to get a Comcast/Xfinity remote to work with my parents Samsung BD-P1500 Blu-Ray player. The code 20199 worked for every button on the Samsung remote except enter, which poses a big problem when it comes to starting the Blue-Rays from the main menu. I've tried manually assigning the following codes to the Comcast remotes Ok/Select button without receiving the desired results (everything is under the AUX mode of course):
00229 = enter
00196 = select
00071 = return
The only noticeable difference after applying these advanced codes is that the the Aux button now blinks when I press OK/Select on the Comcast remote instead of the Cable button.

Any ideas or guidance would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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Where did you get those codes? As you've found, they are incorrect. These are the correct codes:
0 00140
1 00016
2 00012
3 00019
4 00015
5 00017
6 00013
7 00146
8 00142
9 00144
scene search 00147
cancel 00205
title menu 00242
slow forward 00082
slow reverse 00141
power 00018
disc menu 00207
menu 00081
display/info 00209
return 00077
up arrow 00210
down arrow 00206
left arrow 00204
right arrow 00208
select 00211
marker 00110
input select 00145
repeat 00237
play 00083
zoom 00112
rewind 00080
fast fwd 00079
stop 00076
open/close 00014
f.fwd/next track 00078
f.rew/prev track 00143
subtitle 00241
audio 00239
repeat a-b 00114
A 00238
B 00240
C 00236
D 00243
bonus view 00044
pause 00048
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Thanks! Worked like a charm. I got the bad codes from earlier in the thread. Didn't notice until now the additional model. Where did you find the correct codes?

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I recently purchased a Samsung BD-D5100 as an open item from best buy and it didn't have a remote with it. So I'm trying to set up my comcast remote to run the BD player. The device code works and I have everything working with the exception of the "Select" button.

So, probably a stupid question given that most people in this forum seem to know what to do with these advanced codes, but how do I enter the advanced codes to get certain keys to respond properly?

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There are quite a few commands to customize UEI remotes, although not all of the commands work with the Comcast remote.

Use "Assign Advanced Code 994 - EFC (one device mode)".
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I am having trouble finding the codes to a my 3d sony blu ray, anyone know where I can find them?
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All sony blu-ray players use the same codes, but none of them are in comcast remotes. So you can either get a JP1.3 cable or a different remote like the RCA RCRP05B and use DVD code 1516.
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I have a samsung DVD player BD-ES300 which I connected to my Comcast Xfinity remote thanks to this information. I now want to clear that code because I don't want when I press "all on or off" to activate the player. How can I remove the code.
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There's a couple of ways.
A) To simply remove the Samsung setup code, assign the setup code 20503 to AUX. That's the default setup code that the remote ships with.

B) You can also disable only the Power button, while retaining the ability to control the rest of the Samsung DVD player. To do that, assign a different IR signal to the Power button:
1) Press AUX
2) Press Setup until 2 blinks
3) Enter 994 (2 blinks)
4) Press Setup briefly
5) Enter 00190
6) Press Power (not the red All On button)
The remote should blink twice

I chose 00190 because I expect the DVD player will not recognize it and will ignore it.
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Thank you for the information. I will try it. Thanks again!
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