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wtf. i want that terribly.
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Originally Posted by CarloBadalamenti View Post

Just seeing this thread for the first time and I have to say, this is awesome! Can't say I've ever heard of somebody using foam for a home race track before! Now comes the hard part - keeping it from taking over your entire home, which it sounds like you may be about to let happen biggrin.gif
I see the tape on the inside divider - do you anchor the outer ring with anything too, or is it rigid enough all pieced together to not be an issue?

Yeah, I put duct tape on all four sides, which is hooked to the foam, and then around to the backside of the track, just to keep it from moving when you slam into it at speed... The inside has tape as well, and is attached via the "start/finish" pvc. Which works really well to keep it from moving. I've since glued it together (except a few joints where I drilled a hole through both pieces, and ran a screw through to keep it together) That way it is more solid, but still tears down easily.

It is Christmas time, so it is time to get the track out again... I'll try to make a current video from this year, as the kids are getting REALLY good at driving after all these years...
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This is wonderful. Looking forward to the new vid.

I'm wondering if there are car available similar to xmods.
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Kyosho mini-z's are very similar but are "real" r/c cars so they are more expensive new. You can find them used as well, and pretty much the xmod was a copy of them at half the price...

I need to get out my track. I've been busy installing my new reef tank, and getting ready for my next paintball event. So much fun, so little time...

I made this video so I could turn my tablet into a fishtank. Just don't let you cats watch it...
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