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I wasn't sure which forum to post this, but since my main concern was speaker choices, I posted here.

I have looked on a couple of loudspeaker websites, and I wanted the forum's opinion on two manufacturers I have identified for home theater use, 5.1 speaker systems, in a medium sized bedroom. Obviously I would also like good musical sound, but the system will be used 80-90% for HT. My budget is about $1500 to $2500. Feel free to recommend other speaker setsit seems there are so many choices, I was hoping you guys could help me get the best bang for the buck.

First some background

SPACE: Master bedroom, not square, has a small sitting area to one side (trapezoid shape 5' x 10' roughly), the main area is about 17' x 17'. Ceiling height is 10', for a total volume of about 3400 cubic feet. Room has wood floors, with area rug.

AV CABINET: My cabinet is tucked away inside of a raised recessed area, at a 45 degree angle to the main room. There is no space for freestanding fronts, or in-wall speakers, however there is a 60 W x 10.5 H x 17.5 D box built into the cabinet above the TV (about 6 foot elevation). I intend to use this box (it has an acoustically neutral mesh cover) to house the center channel, and two fronts, laid on their sides. For the surrounds, I would like pedestal mount speakers (not in-wall, or in-ceiling.

Now.your opinions on these.

Okay, two speaker manufacturers I know from perusing the AV magazines a few years back are Atlantic Technology, and Energy. Atlantic Technology has a combined front/left-center-front/right all in the same cabinet, the FS-5000-GLB. It is 50 wide, so it fits my AV box. They also have a smaller one, the FS-4000-GLB, which I might consider to save some bucks (for my room sizewhich is better?). For a sub, they recommend a 10e CSB, 180 W, 10 driver. For surrounds I was considering a pair of 2200SR, for a total system (retail) of $2890 using the FS5000, or $2390 using the FS4000.

Energy has a couple of packaged systems, the Take 5.1 LCR for $2050 list, or the Take 5.1 FPS at $2550 list. Only the Take 5.1 LCR will fit in my AV box, so that would be my likely choice for this manufacturer. Sensitivity for the speakers are similar to the Atlantic Technolgy's in the high 88-89-90%, maybe a little better, and the rated wattage is a bit higher, and the sub is a 200 W, vs. AT's 180W.

Anyone tried on these speaker systems?
Is this good value for my money?
Good balance between HT and music?
Good for my room size?
Other manufacturers at this price point, that I should consider?

One other pointI will probably drive them with my existing Denon AVR-3801, or if I get a new receiver, I would probably go with another Denon AVR-2808, or similar.

One final option is to go home-theater-in-a-boxthat is, if I get frustrated trying to make separate choices. I might consider a Denon DHT-789BA 5.1 ($999 list) or an Onkyo HT-S9100THX 7.1 ($999 on Amazon). Talk me out of it??!!

All comments are welcome. Thanks in advance.